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Sofa Colour Guide

Choosing the right colour scheme to go with your sofa can sometimes be tricky. But with this easy to follow Sofa Colour Guide, it really needn't be! So, if you can't decide what colours go with a grey sofa, what colours go with a brown sofa, or any other colour for that matter, this guide will help you every step of the way.


Beautiful Large 3 Seater Sofa Umber Rust Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection | Click To Shop

A Summary Of The Guide

There are many ways to add colour to your living space. Whether you want to accessorise around a neutral scheme or go for a striking sofa colour, curating a harmonious palette is crucial. If you are looking for what colours go with your grey sofa, then look no further. Moreover, if you feel that your existing scheme needs help, this guide will help you to make those all-important decisions. 

Taking you through some key points, this sofa colour guide will answer questions focused on all things colour related. We will be discussing topics such as stylish colour choices, how colour makes you feel, curating your scheme and accessorising in colour. With these points in mind, you will be able to master a show-stopping interior alongside your sofa that you can adore year after year!

So without further ado, let’s get started on a guide for every style in mind. 

Stylish Colour Choices


Perfect Large 4 Seater Sofa Rose Pink Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection | Click To Shop

There is so much to think about when choosing an investment piece which is why you’ll want to get the colour just right! In this section, we will elaborate on some glorious colours that we have carefully chosen to feature in our marvellous sofa range. 

The Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Range 

From calming neutrals to pretty pastels and bold colours alike, The Rockett St George Sofa Collection showcases a brilliant array of colourways. We are thrilled to introduce our new bespoke range of sofas that bring captivating colour to the forefront of our designs. Showcasing five different sofa styles, three fabric choices and thirty colourways, there is plenty of room to get creative. 

From the 5-seater Gorgeous Corner Sofa that is a dream for family film nights to the luxe contemporary curves of the Beautiful range, each sofa uses traditional, chic and modern design influences. Pair these styles with one of the unique colourways and you have a stunning sofa of dreams for any room! 

Using fabrics that radiate timeless elegance and colours that encapsulate an unforgettable charm, you can really stand with your sofa. On top of this, with effortless style at the forefront, these plush colours have been carefully chosen so that you can inject a luxurious look into your home. For lovers of calm neutrals, playful pastels or bold modern tones, these colours are guaranteed to add delight to any scheme. 

Featuring colours that command attention, here are some of our favourites:

  • Rose Pink
  • Umber Rust
  • Indigo Blue
  • Turmeric Gold 
  • Hunter Green 

How Colour Makes You Feel 


Fabulous Small 2 Seater Sofa Indigo Blue Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection | Click To Shop

Colour is a great way of expressing your personal style and evoking an emotion within a room. This means that the colours you choose will affect the mood of your space instantly. On top of this, with your sofa being such a statement feature amongst your decor, it is crucial that you choose a colour that you will adore for years to come.    

A key point to remember if you are new to styling with colour or you are thinking about what colour goes with your grey sofa is don’t be afraid to be bold. Often, people think that a statement colour will overpower the room. In fact, a striking colour choice for a sofa doesn’t always have to scream eccentricity. Moreover, colour can be used to evoke a sense of emotion. When choosing the right colour for your space, this can make your interior come together in the most magnificent way! 

See below to explore some key colours that you can consider for your sofa or living area styling.


Evoking a calming feeling, blue is known to clear the mind and bring a sense of serenity to a room. Moreover, blue will introduce an ultra-refreshing look into your space that is brilliant to lounge in. Light, airy and inspiring in pale variations or sophisticated in darker tones, blue is a playful colour that radiates positivity. A blue-toned sofa will invite guests in and bring the feeling of calmness to your space, a great all-rounder.


Brightening the mood and increasing the feeling of energy, yellow is a joyful colour that encapsulates an uplifting allure. On top of this, different tones of yellow will catch the evening light and bring glorious golden hues to a room, especially on a charming velvet sofa. A lively colour that you can’t help but love, yellow is hopeful and fresh. A bright yellow is perfect for modern interiors whereas a toned down mustard gold looks fabulous amongst traditional schemes.

Natural / White

Bringing the feeling of open space to any room, white and neutral tones are a calming happy medium for any interior. A peaceful colour that will blend beautifully with any pattern, texture and tone, natural whites and beiges are ultra relaxing. Above all, a white sofa is a chance to experiment with additional accessories for a harmonious scheme that exudes tranquillity.


Green is another colour that will radiate positivity within your interior. Stimulating thoughts of balance and harmony, green is refreshing and simply glorious! On top of this, green is a colour from nature that feels like bringing the outdoors into your home and is paired beautifully with plush plants. In a range of attractive shades, green is a gorgeous choice for walls, accessories and even your sofa!


Helping to relieve feelings of anger, pink is a chic and ultra calming colour. Giving the opposite effect to its primary colour, red, pink promotes feelings of love and kindness. Furthermore, being a popular colour in dusky tones, pink is simply divine in any hue for your walls and sumptuous sofas alike. Bringing instant wow factor, choosing pink as your statement sofa colour will introduce an elegant charm to your decor instantly. 


Taking on a range of personalities, grey is calm, composed and sophisticated. Depending on the hue, grey can be soft and delicate or strong and confident, an eye-catching colour that is boldly beautiful in style. Moreover, grey is a fabulously striking colour for your sofa that can be effortlessly paired with any chic accent colour. A firm favourite at Rockett St George, a striking charcoal grey gives a fabulously moody character to any space. 

For an in-depth look at how colours make us feel with the ultimate styling advice, you must read Extraordinary Interiors In Colour By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. You will not regret it! 

Curating Your Scheme


Fabulous Medium 3 Seater Sofa Aqua Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection | Click To Shop

When curating your scheme, you must consider pairing elements of your space with the focal feature, your stunning sofa. Even if you haven’t gone for a bold colour choice for your sofa, there are some questions that you may need answering. We will go through key tips on curating a look tailored to the colours of the room. Moreover, we are going to discuss what you could pair with the most popular sofa colourways, grey and brown.

The decor paired with your sofa can be expressed through paint on the walls, soft furnishings and ornamental treasures. Furthermore, by using these elements, you will be able to bring together a look that is simply bursting with character. 

Before looking at the colour of your sofa, you should visualise a palette that will work within the space. Above all, you want everything in the room to look perfectly placed and the colours to complement one another. Above all, choosing a palette is imperative to a glorious space that exudes joy within your interior. 

See below to decipher what colours you’ll want to incorporate into your space depending on your sofa colour.

Picking A Colour For You


The Beautiful Small 2 Seater Sofa In Hunter Green Velvet | Click To Shop

With each colour in our new sofa range being ultra-fabulous, it is quite hard to go wrong! If you are thinking of going all out with your sofa choice, consider what feeling you want to portray. Is it peaceful and chic, sexy and luxe or sumptuous and sophisticated?

By using a pop of colour, you can introduce a playful edge into your home. In addition, by featuring divine neutral tones, you can bring a sophisticated allure to your space. Aside from this, we know that your colour scheme is down to personal preference. But sometimes going outside of your comfort zone will result in something even more marvellous!

From delightfully dark interiors to uplifting tones, consider which colours will invite you into the zone you go to relax. If your sofa is a statement piece for occasional sitting, perhaps you could go for something more daring? If there’s a colour that is meaningful to you, this may be perfect for a living area that you go for quiet time. Consequently, you must pick a colour that you adore, something that brings you joy from the moment you enter the room!

What Colours Go With A Grey Sofa


Gorgeous Chaise 3 Seater Sofa Asphalt Grey Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection | Click To Shop

When thinking about what colours go with a grey sofa, you will want to consider how eye-catching you would like the space to be. It is important to add colours that you feel fit in with your space to curate a peaceful or ultra-striking look. 

Firstly, marvellous monochromes are a fabulous way of curating an eye-catching scheme without going all out with your colour choice. Moreover, black and white accessories are easy to style and will always look effortlessly stylish paired with a grey sofa. If you prefer traditional interiors or ultra-modern designs, monochrome details will bring character to your decor whilst being the perfect pairing with any interior.

With the question in mind being what colours go with a grey sofa, you should consider glorious greens. An amazing pairing with tall plush plants, deep green tones or attractive olive hues will bring life to your space instantly. Furthermore, as this is such a wonderfully versatile colour, little hints of green around the room are the perfect way to complement your grey furnishings. In addition to this, green wallpaper, paint or cushions will inject personality into your sofa area, a hue that will uplift the grey tones so beautifully. 

What Colours Go With A Brown Sofa 

When looking at what colours go with a brown sofa, you can explore the world of eccentric or neutral colourways. Brown can sometimes be seen as old fashioned, but we are here to tell you that you can make brown tones look ultra-modern with the help of additional stylish tones. 

Stealing the show amongst any decor, chic mustard yellows are a great way of creating the wow factor. Yellow accessories are perfect for seamlessly transforming a brown leather sofa. Moreover yellow provides a vintage meets a contemporary character that will stand out beautifully! As mentioned before, yellow is a colour that has the ability to bring joy to your interior. This means that without a doubt, a daring yellow is also going to complement a darker colour tone such as brown. 

Whether it is a pale dusky colour or a gorgeous pastel, pretty pink tones will instantly elevate the look of your interior. Pairing pink with brown may seem like a bold move but here lies an opportunity to experiment with plush and bright tones alike. Moreover, Pink will look ultra marvellous in pattern or as a plain colour on your soft furnishing and walls alike. Undoubtedly, to add interest to your brown sofa, this versatile colour will bring an unforgettable charm to the room instantly.

Accessorising In Colour 

Our new colourful sofa range is perfect for a room that needs an interior refresh. Injecting a new lease of life into any space, the way you accessorise around your sofa is also ultra important. 

There are many ways to introduce colour into your scheme whether that be through a new piece of furniture or your surrounding adornments. For this reason, accessorising in colour will uplift the look of any decor. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to get creative with what colours you would like to pair with your new sofa.

Soft Furnishings 

Soft furnishings are the perfect way to bring new colours into your scheme. Using cushions, throws and curtains alike, soft furnishings will provide colour, pattern and texture to your sofa zone. A divine way to make your decor come together, colourful cushions will bring a plush allure to your space. Mixing practical use with dazzling design, cushions are a must-have for ultimate comfort and a beautiful eye-catching feel. 

Outstanding Walls

Adding interest to your walls is a fabulous way to bring new colours into your home. When accessorising around your sofa, a pop of colour can be used to make your sofa area stand out from the rest. Striking wallpaper or a feature wall of art prints is another way to bring new colours into your living area. Moreover, these features are ideal for curating a dreamy scheme that brings the wow factor to your space where your charming sofa will be placed. 

Amazing Ornaments

At Rockett St George, we simply love a quirky ornament. There is no better way to add interest to your living area than with a dazzling decorative piece. So when choosing accessories for your space, consider what divine colourways you would introduce through the use of amazing ornaments. Moreover, a stunning style spot using decorative accessories will seamlessly transform your living area. Whether it be in a cabinet of curiosities or on a console, a pop of colour will elevate any corner. On top of this, this is a chance to add memories you hold dear and meaningful treasures for that personal touch. 

To really make your sofa space come together, we have put together a sofa colour edit to show you how to accessorise in colour in your living area. This will help you to think about what colours go with a grey sofa if your existing scheme is very neutral-toned for example. Furthermore, this edit is here to help you to style in colour to uplift a room that may lack colour!

Colourful Living Space - Get The Look


Image Featuring The Suave Extra Large 4 Seater Sofa In Pale Pink Velvet | Click To Shop

Products Featured: 

  1. Gold Palm Leaf Tree Floor Lamp
  2. Suave Extra Large 4 Seater Sofa In Pale Pink Velvet 
  3. Black Lovers Art Print
  4. Lips Neon Art Print 
  5. An Arundel Tomb Art Print
  6. Rebellion Metal Sign Wall Art
  7. Rockett St George Chalky Emulsion Paint - Juniper Leaf 

For more inspiration on styling in colour, check out our fabulous Pinterest.

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