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Darlings, why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?!

Last week, the fabulous duo, Tamara and Julia, who together make up the successful interior design company, Alex and Bro, visited RSG for a morning of styling! Super talented, Alex and Bro, initially began with the purpose of making interior design accessible to all ... we salute you sisters! We couldn't agree with Alex and Bro more and in fact, this was one of the reasons why our co-founders, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George wrote their book: Extraordinary Interiors, to empower homeowners to create magical, inviting and imaginative homes. We learnt so much over the course of the morning and it was a great opportunity to share our ideas, get inspired and create styling magic! One such thing that we particularly love about Alex and Bro is their ability to take ordinary or everyday objects and use them in unexpected ways. It's a fantastic way of adding an element of surprise to your home and something that we touch upon regularly in our blogs (check out The Art of Display in particular), our book 'Extraordinary Interiors', and also in all of our product descriptions to help you get the most from your purchase. So to share with you a little bit of what we learnt as well as mix in a few of our own tips we have come up with 5 ways to use everyday objects in different ways...


Natural jute printed rug with hand shaped gold chair Natural Jute Printed Rug

Repurpose your rugs! Contrary to popular belief rugs are not just for your floors! There is so much that you can do with your rugs in the home to add textural interest and that added element of surprise. As we discussed with Alex and Bro using unexpected pieces in different ways gives your home or space a personality of its own. It creates a flow and focus and pulls together the central look or theme that you are looking to create.

There are so many imaginative ways to repurpose your rugs. Why not hang the rug from your walls? This is something that we have discussed in our blogs #RSGCREATIVE: 10 TIPS TO TRANSFORM YOUR RENTED OR NEW HOME and #RSGCREATIVE: HOW TO ADD TEXTURE TO YOUR HOME and it's a great way of framing a bed without actually having a headboard. In their styling workshop, Alex and Bros folded our new Natural Jute Printed Rug - Red onto the Om Mudra Hand Chair which adds texture and warmth to a room in a very unexpected way. Other ideas include draping rugs, such as sheepskin rugs on sofas and armchairs or alternatively you could even style your favourite rug on your bed as an alternative throw.


Lazy Rabbit Cupcake Plates stacked on top of each otherLazy Rabbit Cupcake Plate £12.00

Quirky pieces should be styled in creative and imaginative ways! The goal is to turn heads and really add that extra wow-factor into your home, so the more inventive you can be the better! The great thing about display pieces and accessories such as bookends, plates, door knockers and other accessories is that you can easily re-purpose them on your display shelves, your coffee table style spot or anywhere in the home that you want to create a style spot.

Alex and Bros curated the quirky bunny plate tower in the image above during their styling workshop. It's a quirky way to add interest to your tablescape and just goes to show how easy it can be to repurpose your everyday pieces. Other ideas include using your door handles as napkin holders, a quirky door knocker as a clothes hanger, cheeky monkey bookends as a placemat storage holder and the list goes on!

Cobra snake door handle and monkey bookendsCobra Snake Door Handle £32.00 | Cheeky Monkey Bookends £120.00 | Natural Wicker Placemat With Black Tassels £7.00 | Phoenix Candle Holder £145.00 | Gold Metal Kitchen Stand £21.60

"RSG has a variety of beautiful busts and animal heads - they add character as they are, but they could also display headphones, a hat, or even sunglasses/glasses."

- Alex and Bro. 

Check out our blog: #RSGCREATIVE: THE ART OF DISPLAY for tips on how to curate and display your home accessories.



large round gold and black mirror with artwork in the background

We love seeing examples of artwork and mirrors used in unexpected ways. If you take a good look around your home, you'll start to spot empty corners, nooks and spaces that could do with livening up, which can be easily achieved with beautiful artwork.

Empty wall space under your stairs is the ideal style spot for a picture or gallery wall and if you don’t have stairs then look to places that would often be left ordinary. If you're unsure it's going to look good, then lay each print out on the floor before hanging to avoid disappointment! This is a foolproof way to ensure a beautiful arrangement.

Corridors and spaces around door frames are also surprisingly effective areas for making your art and mirrors look incredible, as is artwork and mirrors hung in traditional places such as on a mantlepiece or over the bed, but hung slightly off centre for an alternative and striking look, particularly when illuminated by accent lighting. For renters or for those of you who simply like to do it a little bit differently then leaning your prints and mirrors against the wall or on a shelving display is also pretty unique, especially when teamed with eclectic objects of desire!

A final top tip for using artwork and mirrors in unexpected ways is to position a mirror in such a way that it reflects a style spot such as your coffee table style spot or statement chair arrangement. It's a fabulously unexpected way of repurposing your mirrors.



brown bamboo storage cabinet

Storage has a bad rep - often thought of as boring and functional utility piece, let us tell you first that storage can in actual fact be stylish and sexy! The key thing to remember about your storage pieces is that it can have more than one purpose, i.e. it can store your pieces and enhance your interior design at the same time.

"Think about using an object in contrast to its original function which adds an element of surprise and creates drama. For example, a simple storage box could be a shelf on a wall either vertically or horizontally, stacked as a side table, or placed upside down to display interesting objects." - Alex and Bro

You can be as inventive as you like here and it needn't blow your budget either! Take baskets, line them with cloth and use them as planters, use kitchen jugs as vases, repurpose old wooden ladders as towel rails, use old wine bottles as candle holders and make shelves from wooden pallets! The list could go on forever, so take a look at your storage pieces in the home and see what magic you can create from it!

For 10 alternative ideas to repurpose your wooden pallets check out our blog: #RSGCREATIVE: 10 EASY THINGS TO MAKE OUT OF PALLETS


bathroom sceneThe home of Michael Minns as featured in Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar.

Get creative with your lighting! With so much choice out there, table lamps, floor lights, pendant ceiling lights, fairy lights ... you can really get creative with your lighting and use it in different ways.

Co-founders, Jane and Lucy, discuss this in depth in Chapter 5 of their book, Extraordinary Interiors, (check out the blog here for more detail) and believe that statement lights can excel at creating impact in the home. A fantastic interior design trick that will take your interior design up a level we encourage you to hang your statement lighting in an unexpected place such as putting a chandelier in the kitchen or hang one over the bath (you definitely would not be able to wire it to the main electricity supply if you did this), but as Jane and Lucy point out in the book statement lighting is about the light, not the fitting and so it doesn't really matter if you can light it or not! Think of it as repurposing your lighting as art rather than functional lighting for the room.


The fabulous duo - Alex and Bro! Thank you for coming down to visit us at RSG HQ... until next time! xAlex and Bro cheersing with teacups

 For more inspo on how to use everyday objects in different ways, check out our Pinterest Board.

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