When it comes to planning your next interior design… Don’t neglect your ceilings! If you want to create impact in your home then statement ceilings are definitely the way to go. Otherwise known as the fifth wall; painted, patterned, or textured ceilings create drama from the ceiling downwards. Up by 310% on Pinterest and set to be a hot interior trend in 2018, statement ceilings are most definitely in vogue. Interestingly, statement ceilings have a tradition of grandeur and luxury in the 19th and early 20th century, disappearing from our ceilings until now! So to inspire you to give a statement ceiling a go in your own home, we’ve taken a look at the many ways in which you can turn your ceilings into art…


Photography Credit: Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99). The home of Jane Rockett. Photography by Debi Treloar.
Photography Credit: The Creativity Exchange (left) and Home Design Ideas (right)

Only for the bold; graphic patterns, geometric schemes, stencils and murals on the ceiling are drop dead dramatic! It's the kind of awe-inspiring effect that we all yearn to create in our homes and when done right, it's hard to compete.
A great idea for both maximalist and contemporary decors; you can really go to town with how you decorate your ceiling. For maximalist interiors - the sky is your limit (quite literally!)… Go for bold wallpaper prints such as Banana Leaves, Butterflies or Bibana Pattern. For contemporary schemes - opt for geometric or deco fabulous designs such as luxe gold or metallic detailing! We think our Cole & Son Geometric wallpaper or our amazing Holy Mandala Stencil would look particularly striking on the ceiling!


Photography Credit: Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99). The home of Michael Minns. Photography by Debi Treloar.
Photography Credit: Domino (left) and Apartment Therapy (right)

Whether you want to create a colour pop or a dramatic impact in your living room, bedroom or hallway then a painted ceiling is the way to make a statement. We just love how it adds an element of opulence and luxury to the room whilst actually being incredibly affordable to create.
Colourful ceilings such as green, pink, or blue creates a fabulously unusual colour pop but it's not for the faint-hearted... We'd recommend that you keep this look for the bathroom, hallway, or dining room as it can be a little overbearing - particularly if you want to relax in that room.
Alternatively, you can create a cocooning feel with dark ceilings and don’t worry, it won’t make the room feel small and oppressive. In fact, it will have the complete opposite effect! Dark ceilings open up the room and it feels as though you are looking at the night sky that goes on forever.
Wild card ... why not opt for High gloss paint and create a mirror-like effect on your ceilings?! It looks amazing, especially when paired with a statement light or chandelier. Check out our Pinterest Board: Statement Ceilings to see an example of this.

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Photography Credit: Bar Stools Furniture
Photography Credit: Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99). The home of Michael Minns. Photography by Debi Treloar (right) and Pinterest 

Wooden beams, Tin Ceilings Tiles, coving and cornices ... textured ceilings create a WOW-factor that's hard to beat. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a period property with out-of-this-world architectural ceilings, then don't despair this is so many ways to add textural interest to the so often neglected ceilings!
Firstly, you could fake it with cornices and coving! With so many polystyrene/plaster options available from most DIY shops you can really go to town creating the period features that you so desire! You can then design and embellish the fake cornices and coving with your favourite choice of paint colour or alternatively opt for an Anaglypta Wallpaper. If you want a wooden beam look then consider stripping back your ceilings to expose those beautiful wooden beams or opt for a Timber wallpaper. But, our favourite way to create a textural impact on our ceilings has got to be a tin tile ceiling! Working beautifully with a variety of decor choices including industrial, you could even spray paint the tiles black or gold for an ultra glam and sophisticated look.

Check out our Tin Ceiling Guide for installation tips.


Photography Credit: Pinterest Image
Photography Credit: Interior Design (right) and Bathroom Plans (left)

Mirror, mirror on the... ceiling?! We love mirrors at RSG as they reflect light and create a feeling of space in the home. But darlings, you don't just have to hang a mirror on the wall! Oh no, mirrors can look just as impactful on the ceiling and will be a real talking point in your home.
Now for the disclaimer, we're not talking about hanging giant mirrors above your bed which has rather naughty connotations. We're talking about mirrors that are placed over your dining tables, in the hallways and living spaces that look like art. You can create patterns with tile shape art of go for beautifully framed or convex mirrors - just make sure you safely secure it to the ceiling!! Alternatively, opt for a high gloss paint as mentioned earlier which will create a mirror-like effect on the ceiling.
A gorgeous and unusual feature, we guarantee that a mirrored ceiling will make your home totally instagrammable!


Photography Credit: This Is Glamorous
Photography Credit: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework (right) and Swoonworthy (left)

One of our favourite life motto's is to be brave and be unique! Go all the way and push boundaries in everything you do - including your Interiors. Your home is an expression of you, after all. Create something unexpected by wallpapering the entire room, including the ceiling!! Feature walls can look great, but we have a lot of respect for those who go all the way and wallpaper the entire room … it’s incredibly difficult to pull off, but if you can do it we salute your creative magic!

Check out our Pinterest Board: Statement Ceilings for more inspiration!

Psst... At our next RSG Event, we will be discussing Statement Ceilings with Acting Deputy Editor of Living Etc, Busola Evans!

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