Eager eyes zipped across the office this week after the latest (and highly anticipated) addition to the RSG library arrived...


In The Mood for Colour by Hans Blomquist is our favourite new interior design book. A bold statement maybe, but so is the book and when you get the chance to lay your mitts on a copy for yourself, we know you won't be disappointed!


Providing the perfect palletes for creatives; In The Mood for Colour is Hans Blomquist's third book where he reveals his passion for colour and how it can affect our emotions. Divided into five sections - Dark, Pale, Natural, Soft and Bold; Hans will help you see colour in a completely different light and encourage you to be more adventurous with your home decor.



Ever been enchanted by a room but not been able to recreate it quite as well as you'd hoped? It can be hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that made the room feel so special. Represented by moods, Hans cleverly picks out feelings and emotions and captures them with a colour palette and wraps it all up in an inspiring and easy-to-digest way with handy tips and tricks, so you can nail down the look and feel that you want.



The aim of the game is to build confidence and enable you to be more adventurous, putting what you love at the forefront of the choices you make for your decor. This book isn't about following trends - whether you're into cool/calming/uplifting/relaxing/moody/scandi interiors we always say that your home is an extension of who your are, and at the end of the day, you have to live there - so it's important to make it your kind of beautiful.

The stunning photography and thought-provoking ideas are also a fantastic source of inspiration for any budding stylist. We're totally hooked - invest in this book and use it as your blueprint for every re-decoration or photo shoot you do!

Available online here. Follow Hans Blomquist on Instagram here.

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