How To Wrap A Christmas Present

With Christmas not far away, we are here to help with 3 easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas that will dazzle and wow your family and friends.

Full of creative DIY tips and tricks; Pinterest has exposed us all and forced us into upping our gift-wrapping game! To save you the time and stress of poring over millions of ideas online, we've curated a simple formula that you can keep and use again and again.

 What You Will Need

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Decorate your gifts with tree ornaments like our Gold & Leopard Print Stiletto Heel, Red Lips & Silver & Gold Shooting Star.

- Some Glitzy Gift Wrap & Stickers
- Your Favourite Sparkling Decorations
- Some Ribbon or Twine, Scissors, and a little creativity.
Check out our Christmas 2020 collection for all your festive needs. Now read on for our tips on how to wrap a Christmas present.

Christmas Gift Wrapping - The Basics

Christmas Gift Wrapping

  1. Place your gift in the middle of your gift wrap. Top Tip: If your gift is an odd shape - try to find a box for it to go in. Straight edges will save you time and stress!
  2. Fold one side across your gift and fold the other open edge inwards before closing, to give a nice neat edge.
  3. Fold the ends of your wrap inwards into a triangle shape and fold the pointed end back in towards the edge of your gift.
  4. Then pull your flattened point back across and tape into place. Repeat on the other side... Et Voila! You're ready to add some sparkle!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea No.1.

Add Some Sparkle

Christmas Gift Wrap Guide

  1. Using enough twine to go around your gift, tie on one of your fabulous decorations and secure at the back.
  2. Next, add two more decorations that fit with your theme. We love to be imaginative and opt for quirky and cool Christmas decorations.
  3. The bolder you can be the more likely you will be to wow your friends and family on Christmas day.

RSG Top Tip: Always use odd numbers - Three items look tres chic! 

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea No.2.

Go Traditional With Mistletoe

For something a little different surprise your loved ones with a little Christmas foliage like our Fern leaf With Gold Glitter Tips!  Simply secure mistletoe or a festive plant down with twine and ribbon. It's a fantastic festive idea that will make your Christmas presents totally Instagram-able!

RSG Top Tip: Faux Mistletoe works best, especially if you are super organised and wrap your presents before Christmas Eve!


Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea No.3.

If Simplicity Is Your Thing...

  1. Remember, three is the magic number so tie on three mini baubles or mini decorations onto twine.
  2. Wrap your twine or ribbon around your gift three times.
  3. Add your gift tag and you're done!

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