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How To Make Your Lighting Work Through The Seasons

How To Make Your Lighting Work Through The Seasons

Lighting is a fundamental aspect to creating a home that you want. A key player in interior design - if you get your lighting wrong; your home interiors are unlikely to flow as well as they could and the atmosphere and mood in your home could end up feeling a little flat. Now we all know that when it comes to lighting, natural light is QUEEN (so, if you've got it, flaunt it, baby!), but one important factor about lighting in the home that is often overlooked is that natural light changes throughout the day and from season to season – so you can’t always rely on it alone, it needs a few friends…!

Glass chandelier

At RSG we think that it's important to be mindful of these seasonal changes to keep your home a happy home. So whether you are re-decorating or simply want to make sure that your lighting is working to its fullest potential, we have come up with some easy ways to help you make your lighting work all-year round...


When the first spring sunshine starts to pour into our homes our moods instantly lift and the optimism of summer brightens the home. Of course, natural light is at its peak at this time of year, so really do your best to enhance it in the home. Remove any heavy curtains and avoid stark overhead or spotlights that wash the room in bright white light. The easiest time of year to style lighting; spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with bold statement lighting, neon and outdoor lighting. Here are our three light choices that we think you should emphasise during this season...


Neon Glow: Shelfie

The suns out and all we want to do is have some FUN! The neon lighting revival has seen the traditional dodgy diner lighting become a household hit, injecting humour, playfulness and a bit of good old fun into the home! Although neon is brilliant lighting choice year-round (because who wouldn't want to inject a little fun into their interiors?) neon is a particularly good choice during the summer months when you are hosting your summer soirees!

Hello light up sign

A selection of Rockett St George LED Neon Lights

1.LED Neon Light - Lips - Red £225.00| 2. LED Neon Light - Heart - Pink £225.00 | 3. Oculus Eye LED Neon Wall Art £149.00 | 4.LED Neon Light - Flamingo - Pink £225.00 |
5. Yellow Hello Neon Light £55.00 | 6. Kiss Me LED Neon Light - White With Backing Board £270.00 | 7Cocktails Neon Light £75.00 | 8.  LED Neon Light - 'You Are Loved' - Pink £399.00 



Make A Statement: Palm Tree Floor Lamp

Dare to be bold! Dazzle your guests with statement lighting that stops you in your tracks! An excellent way to upgrade your interiors and add wow-factor to your home, statement lighting will never fail to add personality and that extra panache to your home! At RSG we love, love, love the unexpected so in our opinion, exceptionally quirky pendant, wall, and table lights are always a winner - but equally, a striking molecular ceiling light or giant lanterns will never fail to turn heads. In the summer months, you won't need to turn on your statement light and instead, the statement lighting can act as a work of art but be sure to install a dimmer switch to avoid washing the room in bright white light when you do switch it on.

Palm Tree Table Lamps on a sideboard

A selection of Rockett St George chandeliers and table lamps


1.  Traditional Japanese Lantern Ceiling Light - Cream Cylinder £540.00 and Traditional Japanese Lantern Ceiling Light - Terracotta Globe £685.00 | 2. Leather Tassel Chandelier - Grey £220.00 |
3. Gold Fern Leaf Pendant Light £285.00 | 4. Three-Tier Fringe Chandelier - Gold £165.00 | 5. Triple Leaf Midas Forna Floor Lamp £325.00  | 6. Midas Flora Floor Lamp £595.00 | 
7. Single Leaf Midas Forna Floor Lamp £195.00 | 8. Black Parrots Large Smoky Black Cheese Plant Wall Light £190.00


Moonlight Magic: fairy lights

Of course, we couldn't talk about the best lighting for Spring/Summer without mentioning outdoor lighting! The perfect accompaniment to alfresco dining, we really love spending our long summer evenings outdoors with good food, good company and good lighting! What we love about evening meals outside is that you will be enjoying the most magical times of the day ... namely, the golden hour. Coined by photographers as one of the most beautiful times of the day to shoot; when the sun goes down, your outdoor space will be awash with glowing orange and red sunlight and as the sun goes in you can create a magical moonlight glow with light chains, candlelight and accent lighting.

Dining tablescape with white candleholders

A selection of Rockett St George lights

1.Clear Festoon Lighting £46.00 | 2. Barn Lamp - For Outside Use - Charcoal £50.00| 
3. Ice Queen' Outdoor LED Garden Chandelier £1,454.40 | 4. Galvanised Outdoor Harbour Wall Light (Or Indoor If You Wish) £40.00 | 5. Set Of 2 Rhiad Blue Lanterns £115.00
6. Set Of 2 Rhiad Blue Lanterns £115.00   | 7.  Hot Dipped Down Wall Light £28.00 | 8. Black Rattan Lantern - 2 Sizes Available £28.00


During our darker months, purposeful and well thought out lighting is absolutely essential! We love homes that cleverly use lighting sources to create a cosy and warm vibe that carries you through the winter months. The key to great lighting in the winter is to light up nooks, corners and cosy spots that get no natural light and so create warming glows and beautiful shadows throughout the room ... the perfect cosy winter feel. Although there is less natural light during autumn and winter, we still think that you can create a happy home particularly if you rely on lighting from candles, fairy lights and task lights...


Lift The Mood: Flower fairy lights on a mirror

The ultimate mood enhancer; candles, tealights and light chains will create a cosy and comforting glow in the home during the winter months. A great way to set the mood, the trick is to scatter your candles and fairy lights throughout your home taking time to dress what you already have. We love it when we see mirrors, dining tables, the backs of chairs and headboards dressed up to the nines with fairy lights and light chains. For candles and tealights we, of course, love to see coffee tables, side tables, dining tables and bedside tables accessorised with our favourite naked lighting source, but we also think that candlelight looks particularly beautiful when styled in gorgeous votives, tealight holders, and candle holders which will look beautiful when unlit or lit!

Pillar candles in a fireplace


A selection of Rockett St George fairy lights and candles 1. Sparkling Beaded Light Chain £22.00 | 2. Pretty Flower Light Chain £22.95 | 3. Decorative White Light Chain - Large Maroq £39.50 | 4. Disco Ball LED Light Chain £12.00
5. Bella Freud 1970 Candle £50.00 | 6. Gold Clamp Candle Holder £19.00| 7. Fabulous Gold Banana Candle £34.00, 
Fabulous Gold Apple Candle £39.00, Fabulous Gold Lemon Candle £34.00 | 8.


Set The Task: Large floor lamp above a traditional tufted armchair

Although we'd all love to hibernate throughout the winter months, we still need to be productive. So, it's important to invest in some brilliant task lighting to help you get to work! Whether you are working from home, want to create a cosy reading nook to enjoy your favourite book or glossy mag, or need accent lighting to do your make-up or prepare the evening meal, it all goes without saying that you need to see what you are doing! Task lighting was designed for exactly this, so is genius for articulating your lighting and will illuminate your work spot, artwork or style spots without casting the room in a singular white blanket. For the rooms that you want to relax in we recommend at least three light sources of different heights to really create a cosy and inviting living space.

Desk lamp on a side table

A selection of Rockett St George lighting

1. Peeled Banana Table Lamp £195.00 | 2. Industrial Film Floor Lamp With Red Shade £200.00 | 3. Molecular Ceiling Light £220.00 | 4. Angled Brass Dome Floor Lamp £250.00 |
5. Flame Table Lamp £175.00 | 6. Perfect Wall Light £59.00 | 7. Matt Brass Contrast Directional Wall Light With Rectangle Back Plate £195.00 | 8. Beautiful Brass Wall Light £65.00



Throw Some Shade: Black fringe lampshade

Throw some shade ... in a good way! Don't forget that great lighting can easily be achieved by using a great shade which will accessorise and complement your room. Now, we all love how bare exposed bulbs add an industrial-chic feel to our interiors, but what we love about shades is how it can soften a room and add textural interest to your interiors - particularly essential during those stark, cold winter months. What's more, with so many fabulous lampshades to choose from you can transform even the most unimaginative lamp base into something extraordinary!

Fireplace in a living room


A selection of Rockett St George lamp shades

1. Classic Cloche Enamel Lamp Shade - White £54.00 | 2. Anna Hayman Designs DecoFabulous Gold & Black Bibana Lamp Shade £395.00 | 3. Handmade Moroccan Natural Straw Lamp Shade - 45cm Cone £35.00 |
4. Bell Lamp Shade With Fringing - 3 Sizes Available From: £50.00 | 5. Handmade Moroccan Black Straw Lamp Shade - 30cm Cone £30.00 | 6. Angled Cloche Enamel Shade - Black £60.00 |
7. Sapphire Blue Sumptuous Velvet Lamp Shade - Available In 3 Sizes From: £30.00 | 8. Anna Hayman Designs DecoFabulous Green Dianne Lamp Shade £345.00

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