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How to create your own Lacroix Playing Card Picture Frame Art

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Jane and her partner Toby got inspired to create a beautiful art piece out of Lacroix Playing Cards.

With a stick of glue and a little creativity, Jane and Toby created a beautiful Picture frame that now is beautifully propped in a cosy corner in her living room. Proud of her efforts Jane posted the picture of her Instagram @rockettstgeorge and all of sudden we were inundated with questions of how she made such a beautiful piece! So to help you create a Lacroix Playing Card picture frame we have come up with a step-by-step guide to help you make your own masterpiece...

Framed Lacroix playing cardsJane's work of art in her living room

What you will need:

Step 1. Lay it all out.

Have a little think about how big you want your DIY artwork to be. We suggest picking your favourite cards and laying them out on your dining room table or floor and deciding how many cards you would like to use - remember, you don't have to use all 104 cards!

Lacroix playing cards organised randomly on a table

Step 2. Measure it up

Once you have decided on how many cards you would like to use, measure the length and width leaving room for a border on either side. Once you're happy with the measurements get moving and source a beautiful frame. Bespoke frames can be expensive so if your budget is tight consider finding a standard frame size and adjusting the number of cards that you use.Lacroix playing cards next to a tape measure


Step 3. Get stuck in

Now for the part that requires the most precision and concentration! With a ruler or measuring tape in hand lightly pencil the lines on the card to get everything straight. Once you are satisfied that it is all in order use a little glue on the back of each card and stick it in place.

Lacroix playing cards being glued onto a black canvas

Step 4. Let it dry

Take 15 minutes out and have a cup of tea or read a mag and let the glue settle.

stacked magazines next to Lacroix playing cards


Step 5. Frame it, baby!

Slot your DIY artwork into place and stand back and admire your masterpiece!

Lacroix playing cards in a black frame

Step 6. Hang it up high for all to see!

Prop it against the wall like Jane, make it a stunning feature piece or as part of an epic picture wall ... the options are endless. If you are in need of tips to help you make the most of your art we totally recommend checking out our blog #RSGSTYLE: Make The Most of Your Art, for top tips and ideas to make your walls beautiful!

Jane's framed Lacroix Playing Card Picture Frame in her living roomJane's framed Lacroix Playing Card Picture Frame in her living room

Spotted on Instagram ....

Lacroix playing cards in a black frame with white background leaning against a wall. Credit to @Meet_My_Home for creating her very own beautiful art

Don't forget to Instagram us with your creation - @rockettstgeorge / #rockettstgeorge.

To purchase your own set of Maison De Jeu by Christian Lacroix Playing Cards head over to the Rockett St George website.



  1. Michelle
    Hi interested to know which frame Jane used please. Was it custom framed of off the shelf and if so where was it purchased from. Thanks
    1. rockettstgeorge
      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your message. The frame Jane used was not custom framed, she used an old frame to create the Lacroix Playing Card Art. I believe the measurements for this frame is 150cm in height by 70cm width.

      I hope that helps, do let me know if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,

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