DIY Christmas Wreaths

There's nothing like a creative activity to get you into the festive spirit! At RSG we love to decorate and spruce up our interiors all year-round, but Christmas time is the perfect excuse to deck the halls! Never to leave any space untouched including your front door, why not have a go at making your own DIY Christmas wreath.

The best part about creating your own wreath is that it's super simple to create and you can accessorise and decorate it with foliage and decorations that suit your style or your Christmas decorating theme. So looking for Wreath Making inspiration we called upon our friends at The Real Flower Company who are experts at creating beautiful flower bouquets and Christmas flower arrangements and asked them for their Top 5 Tips to create a Christmas Wreath...

Note: the decorations featured are from a couple of years ago and no longer available.

You will need...

  • A selection of Decorative Pieces. Collect pine cones, feathers, Christmas decorations, ribbon - whatever you like, just be mindful of the weight!
  • Foliage - Go outside and foliage pieces such as Yew, Box, Spruce and Fir, Eucalyptus, Silver Lavender, Rosemary Berried Ivy. Alternatively, you could visit your local florist/garden centre.
  • Wreath Frame. You can source a wire wreath frame from most craft stores or Amazon. If you are confident with your DIY skills, then you could even create your own structure by using twigs tied with wire and string to form a circular shape.
  • Tools. Scissors and wire string will come in handy, especially when you start to accessorise your wreath.

The Real Flower Company's Top 5 DIY Christmas Wreath Making Tips...

1."Gather treasures throughout the year such as feathers, pine cones, interesting sticks, dried flowers (we love dried hydrangeas) and seed heads to add interest and make your wreath unique and personal."

2. "The hedgerows are a wonderful place to look for foliage for your wreath. As well as traditional Yew, Box, Spruce and Fir we love using scented Eucalyptus, Silver Lavender, Rosemary, Berried Ivy, Vibernum Tinus and Phillyrea (Mock Olive).  Dogwood berries and Rosehips are great for adding colour and texture."
3. "Wiring moss to a metal base is a great natural alternative to florist’s foam. The moisture in the moss helps keep the wreath fresh (it can be messy though!)."

DIY Christmas Wreaths

4. "Think in three’s or odd numbers when adding adornments such as pinecones or slices of dried fruit to your wreath as it's more pleasing to the eye."


DIY Christmas Wreaths


5. "As well as being a traditional symbol of strength and flourishing through the barren winter, the low structure of a wreath also makes the perfect table centrepiece. Choose a wreath with aromatic herbs such as our Lavender and Lime table wreath and place a candle in the centre to create the perfect elegant and welcoming Christmas table."



RSG Bonus Tip: If you love a twist on the traditional, then we recommend mixing it up and decorating your wreath with Christmas decorations such as a Golden Foot With Wings Decoration or a Red Lips  Decoration... the quirkier the better in our opinion!
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