Before the days of RSG, co-founder Lucy St George worked as a florist in London. Every year she would be asked to create beautiful Christmas Wreaths for her customers who loved the quirky edge she added to them with the use of sparkly decorations and lights.

We asked Lucy to show us how to make a quick and easy wreath for Christmas, that saves on time but does not compromise on style. Here is her 4-step-guide with the items you need and her Top Tips! (Watch the video HERE).


What you will need:

  1. Forage for your foliage! We used a few sprigs of holly and pine, which gives an instant Christmassy feel. You could use anything from your own garden or visit your local florist if you want something more fancy, like Eucalyptus.
  2. Choose a few of your favourite decorations and lights to add sparkle to your wreath!
  3. Tools! You will need scissors and some string, but green garden wire can be really useful too, if you have some handy.
  4. A Basic Wreath. We decided to use our RSG boxwood wreath to save time and add greenery, but you can create you're own structure if you prefer by using twigs tied with wire and string to form a circular shape.

Step 1.

Trim your greenery. Create smaller bunches to push into the base of your wreath.




Top Tip: Always use odd numbers - they look better! Use 3 or 5 (depending on the size of your wreath) and distribute evenly around your wreath. The boxwood wreath held our sprigs firmly in place, but you may need to secure yours with some garden wire or twine.

Step 2.

Time to decorate! Tie on your favourite decorations using garden wire or twine. Lucy used some sparkly vintage style decorations from our current collection to create a more glamorous look.




Step 3.

Light it up! Wind a string of fairy lights around your wreath to enhance the sparkle and create warmth. Lucy has used battery powered lights to avoid any messy wires.



Step 4.

Ta-Daaahh. And you are ready to style...



Get the look:

Boxwood Wreath - Large £31.00,  Large Diamond Snowflake Decoration £6.00, Artisan Dove Decoration £6.50, Large Pearl Snowflake Decoration £6.50, Snowdrop Pearl Decoration £6.00, Smoked Glass Bauble Light Chain £24.00, (Set Of 6 Beautiful Black Tea Light Holders £32.00, Ornate Crown Decoration £7.50, Circle of Stars Decoration £5.00, Giant Glitter Bauble - Gold £2.50).



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