Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Want to create the most magical Christmas Tree?! Then read this guide first!

The first and most fundamental step in decorating your home for Christmas is to choose a theme. From full-blown maximalism to minimalist styles and everything in between, having a sense of what you want your Christmas decor to look like will help anchor your style and focus you on the festive task ahead! So, to get you inspired to decorate your Christmas Tree as soon as December 1st rolls around, we have come up with 6 dazzling Christmas Tree Theme Ideas that will transform your home in a matter of minutes!



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Rock on!!! At Rockett St George we go full-on glitz, so the Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Tree Theme just had to be our first Christmas tree decorating idea that we would share with you. Check out our Top 3 Decorating Tips Below.

Tip No.1 - Famous Faces

Curate a collection of famous faces on your Christmas Tree. From Bowie to Freddie our new collection of rock 'n' roll Christmas decorations will add eclecticism and personality to your tree.

Tip No.2 - Be Naughty!

From colourful Chill Pills to Smoking Lips Decorations, at Rockett St George we like to go wild with our ornaments and our sweary tree decs! Great fun, these naughty decs are guaranteed to add a rock 'n' roll edge to your tree.

Tip No.3 - Dim The Lights & Get The Booze Out

To really create a cool Christmas vibe in the home, don't just stop at the tree! Dim the lights and opt for fairy lights instead of traditional mains light. Stock up your drinks trolley with boozy cocktails and let the party begin!



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If you're a glamour god and love the timeless and classic combo of blacks and gold then this look is for you! With a focus on sophisticated Christmas decorations that add timeless class to your home this December, keep on reading to get inspired by our top three tips.

Tip No.1 - Keep it simple.

A refined and tailored look Glittering Metallics will really make your interiors sing when it comes to this glamorous theme. So, opt for dark backgrounds with Midas touches, such as Faux Black Christmas Tree dressed from head to toe in golden accessories.

Tip No.2. - Fairy Lights. 

A great hack for this theme that saves time and money is to adorn your home in golden fairy lights. Not only does it create a wonderfully relaxing and festive feel in your home but it is also a timeless decoration that you keep up all year long. What's not to love?!

Tip No.3. Play with Dimensions & Scale.

If you want to put a creative spin on this refined look then why not hang paper decorations and fairy lights from the ceilings?! Ensure that your decorations are all hanging down at different levels and add interest by mixing up the shapes such as mixing honeycomb balls with paper stars. The effect is really magical and will make a great selfie spot at your Christmas Party!



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Create a badass Christmas Tree dripping in jewels!

An utterly unique decorating idea for your Christmas Tree we are of the opinion that the more out-there you can be with your Christmas Tree Decorating the better! A recent Christmas Trend that we've seen in the likes of Living Etc is a jewelled tree and we just love the idea! Check out our three quick tricks below to get inspired.

Tip 1 - Make Your House Guests Smile!

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? Dress your tree in quirky and eclectic jewelled decorations such as our Gold Rhinestone Decorative Grasshopper or Queen Tree Decoration which will bounce off your tree lights and demand the eye as soon as you walk into the room.

Tip 2 - Glitter Me Up!

Creating a rich jewelled look is completed by the addition of glittery pieces that oozes festivity! So, search for glittery jewel decorations or take it one step further and spray glitter onto your tree!

Tip 3 -Embellish.

The great thing about Jewel Tones is that they are only enhanced by metallics! So, it's likely that you already have a ton of decorations that will blend seamlessly with these gorgeous rich tones. They also look great on a traditional Red and Green tree to add another dimension so don't be afraid of mixing things up.



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If you're a maximalist at heart and love bright and beautiful colours then this Christmas Tree decorating style is for you! The emphasis, in this case, is on creating a technicolour haven in your home and although this is not a traditional decor choice it is absolutely guaranteed to create dazzling drama and wow factor in your home. Check out our top 3 tree decorating tricks below:

Tip 1 - Layers upon Layers!

Layer your colour tones for a magical maximalist effect! Starting with a neutral base colour such as black, white, silvers or gold baubles build your colour scheme with colourful and quirky decorations. It will create a really full Christmas Tree that turns heads and demands the eye.

Tip 2 - Symmetry is your friend! 

When it comes to Christmas Tree Decorating symmetry is your friend. Try to be imaginative at this point and create intrigue with colours and symmetry. So, build from the larger baubles at the base of the tree to the more delicate decorations on the top of the tree.

Tip 3 - Complement Your Colours 

To create a flow between your maximalist and colourful tree with the rest of your home, hang colourful paper honeycomb balls from the staircase, bright stars from the ceilings, rainbow garlands from the fireplace and so on! The finishing effect will really wow, particularly on Christmas Day!




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The great thing about Christmas decor is that it can be adapted to whatever your interior style is! If you love a neutral interior style then a Classic Christmas Tree Look is for you! The emphasis in this situation is on neutral colours such as white and silver that will blend and flow with your interior style effortlessly. So for our final theme here are our three top tips for creating a Classic silver and white Christmas scene in your home.

Tip 1 - Silver & Whites

Stick to white and silver baubles, ornaments, light chains and classic Christmas icons. It will create a wintery feel in your home and works particularly well if you favour scandi or boho interior styles.

Tip 2 - Let It, Snow!

If you really want to create a snow/winter effect in your home, then consider a frosted Christmas tree. A great alternative to the traditional pine needle tree, you could even get yourself some artificial snow spray and create a gorgeous wintery tree look!

Tip 3 - Disco Baby!

Just because you're opting for a classic look, doesn't mean that you can't have fun! So follow the call of the disco ball and add some mirrored ball fabulousness to your decor scheme! From classic disco balls to disco ball wreaths these shimmering pieces will bring the party to life!



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To get even more inspired by our Christmas Tree Theme Ideas, check out our Pinterest Board Here.

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