Podcasts are a fantastic way to pass time on your commute or relax in the evening. We have come up with our Top 10 Podcasts that everyone should listen to! From spin-tingling thrillers to comedy's - there are so many to suit every taste.


Serial - If you fancy yourself as a detective then you'll LOVE the Serial Podcast. Serial follows the case of a young boy charged with the murder of a high school girl. Since the podcast aired this Summer a retrial has been called after crucial facts were uncovered by the podcast team.


The Adam Buxton Podcast - Filled with off-beat British humour, this is an interview based podcast that offers more in-depth and insightful personal stories from his guests. Episodes 10 and 29 featuring Louis Theroux are certainly worth a listen!


Ted Talk (audio) - The world's most prominent figures hit the stage at TED Talks, spreading 'ideas worth talking about'. Ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour, each episode features a different speaker ranging from doctors and business owners to scientists and many other fields of expertise. One of the most insightful podcasts out there and perfect food for thought.


This American Life - Hosted by Ira Glass this is a classic podcast that offers a personalised perspective on current events across America and the world, producing an intimate and thought-provoking listen each episode. A great podcast for an in-depth, personal analysis of current events.


My Dad Wrote A Porno - Jamie Morton hosts this laugh-out-loud podcast. Morton hilariously narrates the excerpts and chapters from his fathers erotic novel. Accompanied by co-worker James Cooper and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine this fantastic 13-episode podcast is a must listen.


WTF with Marc Maron - With more than 6 million downloads a year stand-up comedian Marc Maron's sit-down conversation with iconic figures is another comedy podcast bound to make you laugh out loud. His show is a world wide success and he has played host to well known figures such as Barack Obama, Robin Williams and Ben Stiller.


Stuff You Should Know - Looking at a vast array of topics from 'How the Gender Pay Gap Works' to 'The Dark Origins of Fairy Tales', no topic is off limits. This insightful podcast fills any knowledge gap that you may have in a non-judgmental and interesting way.


The Inquiry -  A BBC podcast that is thoroughly researched and insightful, The Inquiry looks into the most cutting-edge issues that face us. A fantastic listen to keep you up-to-date with world issues.


Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews - An engaging and witty podcast that reviews the top 10 films to hit the box office. Film reviews aside, the podcasts biggest selling point is Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo themselves. Their conversation and witty remarks keeps the podcast fresh and fast paced.


Sleep With Me - For those of us that struggle to sleep at night this ingenious little podcast quite literally bores you to sleep! Each night choose a silly, boring story to fall asleep to - its a comical idea that actually works!

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