New Years Resolutions ... often a futile gimmick that is abandoned in the first few weeks of January. Not this year!

In 2017, why not decide to develop a life skill that you can stick to longer than the first few weeks of the year? Recently, we were sent the new White IM Pen from PARKER Pens and it really got us thinking about our organisational skills. Learning a new skill does take a little dedication but having excellent organisation can transform your work and family life. To help you along, we have come up with our top 5 tips for introducing a more organised routine in your life.

1. It starts with a pen...


If you're a stationary geek like us, then you'll understand the importance of having the perfect pen and why this is our number one tip. Our go-to place for stylish stationery is always the sophisticated PARKER Pen Company. Their designs are always timeless and there is just something about an ink fountain pen, isn't there? You can feel your IQ increase as soon as the lid comes off! Choose from a variety of styles and colours and you're well on your way!

RSG Top Tip: With an iconic collection to choose from, a PARKER Pen would make an extra special Christmas gift for your loved ones! Our fave is the White IM, kindly sent to us by PARKER Pens for this shoot.

2. Lists, Lists, Lists! 


Once you've got your PARKER Pen sorted, you'll need a notebook. Part of the Rockett St George Exclusive Collection, our RSG Notebooks are the refined accessory to add to your Parker Pen stationary collection. We recommend creating your to-do list every week. Pick a day each week and dedicate 10 mins to updating your list and checking off the items that have been completed.

RSG Top Tip: We recommend keeping your to-do list insight so that you can review it each day!

3. Tidy Space is a Tidy Mind


The best way to motivate yourself to set aside a little time each week to organise your life is to make sure you have a tidy workspace. This really is key to better organisation. Create an area that is chaos free and fill it with sophisticated stationery pieces such as your PARKER IM and your RSG Notebook.

Remember, the more organised your space is, the easier it will be to have a clear head! 

4. Get in the Zone 


Set aside some time. It doesn't have to be long, just 10 mins dedicated to writing a to-do list will make a huge difference to your everyday life. We would recommend choosing a time when you are least likely to be disturbed, such as after the kids have gone to sleep. Make sure you switch off all of your devices as undisturbed planning time can make you feel calmer and in control - especially when you feel a little overwhelmed! Ensuring that you are undisturbed will also prevent any messy, illegible handwriting!

RSG Top Tip: Set aside 10 - 15 minutes on a Sunday evening to get yourself prepared for the week ahead. 

5. Priority is Key


It's essential to know how to prioritise. The most important tasks should always be tackled first. We would recommend naming your top three priorities for the week and tackling those tasks first. This will dramatically reduce long-term stress if you always tackle these jobs first. Then set a medium priority task that you can complete after you have tackled your top three priorities and low priority tasks that can easily be put off until you have the time.


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