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The nest is empty (well, between 9am - 3pm) and the kids are back to school. Whilst you may be missing the hustle and bustle and the chaos that ensues the school holidays, there really is no better time than NOW to get everything organised! At Rockett St George we love a good declutter because of its transformative effects on not only your home but on the way you feel. So to help you get organised we have come up with our Top 5 Organisation Hacks...

No.1 Colour Code

bookshelf of books in a blue colourwayImage from Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar. Available to pre-order from RSG. Image features Alexandra and Nicholas Vallas’ home.

Colour coding is a super easy and quick organisation hack that is visually pleasing and if done right can enhance your interiors too! Whilst we would not recommend this for all areas in the home, we do think it is a great idea for your bookshelves and wardrobes (disclaimer ... if your wardrobe features only one colour, namely black, then this may not be the system for you).

A really easy task that can be easily completed whilst the kids are at school you can arrange your wardrobe into colour coded sections creating an eye pleasing display, which is particularly suited to open wardrobes, clothing rails and shoe racks too. By colour coding your wardrobe, you'll find it so much easier to find your clothes in the morning and hopefully, it will make the 'what shall I wear' dilemma a little easier.

bookshelf of books in a white colourway
Image from Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar. Available to pre-order from RSG. Image features Cowboy Kate's' and Tina Boulton's homes.

As for your bookshelf, we love colour coordinating simply because it looks so much better than organising your bookshelf by size. What's more, you can have a little fun and display only a trio of coloured books or magazines, hiding the book/ magazine colours that you don't like in closed storage. Alternatively, why not organise your books like Cowboy Kate? Cowboy Kate home is featured in the RSG book, Extraordinary Interiors written by RSG Co-founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Cowboy Kate has turned all of the books the other way on her bookshelf so that you can only see the pages - it's a super quirky twist that we really love and what's more it doesn't detract from her beyond amazing interiors.

RSG Top Tip: Opt for quirky bookends to add a little personality to your bookshelf display. 

A selection of RSG bookends Rhino Bookends £42.00 |White Artemis Bookends £100.00 | Gold Octopus Bookends £50.00

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No.2 Dedicated Hooks and Hangers

Dragonfly hook Brass Dragonfly Hook £8.50

We saw this idea on Pinterest and just LOVED it!

We've all had that pre-morning chaos when you are frantically scrambling around looking for that missing shoe, book bag or other school related item. To help avoid this stressful situation why not create dedicated hooks and hangers for the kids? By the door or in your coat cupboard you can create a dedicated hook, along with a hanging/floor basket that your kids can hang their coats up in and drop their book bags in each day. It's brilliant because it avoids clutter accumulating around the home and with a bit of luck will prevent any pre-school chaos!

RSG Top Tip: To style it up and to allow the kids to get creative why not let the kids choose a quirky animal hook?! At RSG we have a huge range of hangers and hooks that will serve this purpose!

RSG animal coat hooks Zoo Dear Animals Coat Hooks / Knobs - White Ram £10.95 | White Elephant £10.95 | White Deer £10.95

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No.3 Utilise displays

kitchen scene Jane Rockett's Kitchen as seen on the @rockettstgeorge Instagram account

Not everything needs to be hidden away. In fact, we love open storage display units in the home as it can create the illusion of space and encourages more light into the room. We love it when we visit homes, where people have opted for free standing shelves in the kitchen or use storage ladders instead of kitchen cabinets which we think can be a bit claustrophobic.

Industrial brass storage rack Standing Industrial Brass Storage Rack £215.00

Whether you love marble display shelves or a more industrial interior, there is so much choice out there for open display shelves and because it is on display you are more likely to keep it neat and tidy, making it the ultimate organisation hack! For something a little bit different, why not use a ladder as a storage solution? Super versatile you hang pots and pans off of it in the kitchen, display accessories, ornaments and memories on it in the living room and all of your lotions and potions on it in the kitchen!

RSG Top Tip: Create a style spot when you put your items on display. It's super eye-catching and it has the added bonus of being a great organisation hack!

ShelvesHanging Zinc Framed Glass Display Box £24.95| Makrana Marble Drinks Trolley £290.00 | Black Wire 3 Tier Magazine Rack £26.00

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4. Stylish Storage

Traditional apothecary cabinet Image from Rockett St George book: Extraordinary Interiors, available to pre-order from RSG from the 11th of September. Image features Shelley Carline’s home Photography: Debi Treloar.

If keeping your kid's rooms tidy is an endless cycle of mess then why not invest in some storage baskets and under bed storage? When it comes to easy hideaway storage, baskets and boxes are the ultimate organisation hacks you just cannot beat.

It goes without saying that your storage solutions need not be boring! Oh no, there are so many interesting, fun and inventive ways to add storage to your kid's bedrooms. We particularly love free standing shelves, that the kids can display their favourite books and toys on. You could create a little reading nook that will not only keep the books organised, but will encourage the kids to read - a WIN: WIN in our opinion!

What's more, by investing in baskets and under bed storage, the kids are free to play and have fun, whilst making it easier for them to pack it all away at the end of the day. Look out for our NEW super cute Elephant and Kangaroo wicker baskets which could be used to store toys or would make a handy laundry basket... popping up on the RSG website very soon!

Home storage solutionsSeagrass Laundry Basket With Handles £40.00 | Hudson 9 Drawer Wooden Storage Chest Of Drawers £395.00 | Rattan Laundry Basket With Lid £110.00

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No.5 Wabi Sabi It

Tealight in a teacup

Whilst we think a good declutter is essential from time to time, we also believe that recycling, upcycling and repairing what is broken is a great way of conserving what you really need and it prevents wastefulness. Wabi Sabi is a Japenese concept based on imperfections and embracing what would normally be thought of in Western culture as clutter and junk. So if there is anything in your home that you really love, that is broken and/or no longer serving its purpose consider revamping it instead. It's a fun creative project and will really help move the organisational process along.

Do note, that what should be thrown out / recycled/sold and what you should keep is a very fine balance and so to help you in your organisation endeavour we've come up with five essential questions to ask yourself when deciding what to clear:

  1. Have I used/worn this item in the last year?
  2. Does this piece reflect my personal style?
  3. Does this piece serve a function / have a purpose?
  4. Do I have or use a similar item that serves the same purpose?
  5. Does this item/clothing have sentimental value?

If your answer to all of the questions is 'no' then recycle it or make some money from the item by selling it.

Read more about Wabi Sabi in our blog: #RSGLOVES: THE ART OF WABI SABI

And there we have it - 5 organisational hacks that will help you to put your home back into its pre-summer holiday condition!  We hope it helps you out.

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