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Sometimes, completely unbeknown to you, you may find yourself feeling just not quite right for no reason at all. If the emotion is negative this can be particularly disconcerting and what we may fail to consider is that our interior design and decor is affecting our mood.

A dark dining room tablescape. Photography Credit: Hans Blomquist and Debi Treloar

In fact, interiors can have a powerful effect on your mood and in our opinion when redecorating or designing a room, the function of the room and the way you want it to make you feel should always be your top priority. So to help you create the mood that you want, we have come up with our top 5 tips ...

No.1 Consider The Purpose of Each Room

Jane Rockett's home work space. Jane Rockett's Home Work Space

It goes without saying that not every room in the home serves the same purpose. The living room is the chill-out zone, whilst the bedroom is a place to escape, be in peace and relax.

So with that in mind, write down the activities and purpose of the room along with feelings and emotions that you want to create and then decide on the decor that would best suit this purpose. For example, the kitchen is one of the most social rooms of the home. It is a place where the family comes together to hang out and eat. The particular feelings that we think this room creates is a laid-back, welcoming feel and so the decor should reflect that. A great idea would be to install a hob in the kitchen island so that the family member cooking can face the family and join in the conversation.

For the home office, you want to create the very opposite of a hang out zone and create a room to get s**t done. The atmosphere should be peaceful, but also inspiring. So why not create a picture wall / pinboard filled with inspiring photos, quotes, memories - anything that gets your creative juices flowing! Jane, co-founder of Rockett St George, does this to help get her inspired and along with her warming, accent lighting she has created the perfect work spot.

A collage of images from Pinterest showcasing dark interiors.  Images from Pinterest. Bottom right: Cowboy Kate. Bottom Left: Rockett St George Linen Bedding

No.2 Choose Your Colour Wisely

Hans Blomquist_colourPhotography Credit: Hans Blomquist and Debi Treloar

Colour can have a very powerful effect on mood. If you get it right, your interiors will feel welcoming and inviting, get it wrong and it can have a detrimental effect on the atmosphere of your home.

When painting and decorating a room one crucial aspect to consider is whether the room is north or south facing. For those of us who have darker rooms, perhaps north facing, the key is to opt for warming tones that will create a feeling of cosiness rather than cooler colours which can create a stark, impersonal feel. Whilst in lighter, south-facing rooms golden and brighter colours work with a dazzling effect.

The super talented and leading art director and stylist, Hans Bloomquist, is the author of the book: In the Mood for Colour. An absolute must if you are thinking of redecorating, Hans guides you through five different shades – Dark, Pale, Natural, Soft and Bold - and shows you how to style the pallets with confidence. Top tips include mixing whites to 'add some tactile layers so the result doesn't feel stark or cold' and using dark and moody colours to create impact and drama. According to Han's, this can give the home a 'cocooning' feel.

A collage of images from Pinterest of colourful interior schemes. Images from: Pinterest 


No.3 Spacial Awareness is key

An image from Pinterest of a dark living room scheme. Image from: Pinterest 

How you position your furniture and where you store your things can all have an effect on your mood. For most of us, cluttered homes create a feeling of overwhelm and at worst: chaos. That's why stylish storage solutions are an absolute must for the home. You need to be able to hide away the things that cause you stress or that are simply not beautiful. Keep your files and admin in stylish boxes, hide away day-to-day functional pieces like your lotions and potions in the bathroom and let the feeling of relaxation wash over you.

This is a principle practised in minimalism and whilst we are not suggesting that you go that far there is value in clearing away things out of sight and even having a good clear out. You can sell the items and pieces that you don't want in car boot sales or alternatively give it to charity. Seriously ... having a good clear out can be really transformative in changing the atmosphere at home!

A collage of images from Pinterest of quirky storage shelving units for the home. Images from: Pinterest 

No.4 Bring The Outdoors In

An image from Pinterest of a green tiled kitchen scheme. Images from: Pinterest

Bringing a little of the outside in can work wonders in transforming the mood of the room. Whats more, you can have so much fun creating a tropical paradise or a room full of greenery.

We are big fans of pops of green and you don't just have to stick to house plants to get your greenery fix. Why not wallpaper the walls with a fun banana leaf or palm leaf wallpaper?! Whilst this would not be suitable for all of the rooms in the home it would work particularly well in the bathroom or hallway - rooms that you do not spend long periods of time in. Whilst big, bold prints can look absolutely amazing, they can sometimes create an overwhelming feeling, so limiting the big prints to your hallways and bathrooms means that you can still enjoy the patterns without it having an effect on your mood!

A collage of images from Pinterest of green inspired interiors. Images from: Pinterest, Top Far Right Mind The Gap Banana Leaves from Rockett St George.

No.5 Light it baby!

Rockett St George Miniature Bell Industrial Ceiling LightImage From: Rockett St George - Miniature Bell Industrial Ceiling Light

Natural lighting is KING when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming feeling in the home - so if you've got it, flaunt it, baby!

For those of you with north-facing rooms or less natural light good lighting can be absolutely crucial in creating the atmosphere you want. We've said it before, but installing a dimmer switch is a great way of creating a peaceful mood in the home. Alternatively, in the living room, you could stop using the overhead lights and instead use table and floor lamps as your main source of light. Opt for a low wattage light bulb and viola - a cosy and welcoming atmosphere has been created.

Of course, it may not be suitable to use low lighting in every room - particularly the kitchen where you actually have to be able to see what you are chopping! In the kitchen, we are big fans of wall and ceiling lights that will highlight your work zones. In our last interiors event, the amazing blogger and journalist, Kate Watson-Smyth, told us that when using spot lights cluster them over the work space rather than creating a runway strip across the kitchen. Focusing the lights on your workspace will create wonderful shadows in the room creating a warming and chilled atmosphere.

A collage of images from Pinterest of cool toned living room schemes. Images from: Pinterest. Bottom Left: Palm Tree Floor Lamp by Rockett St George

For Interior Inspiration check out the RSG Pinterest Page.

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