5 DIY ideas to do with the kids

Schools out and the kids are having some much deserved time off to enjoy the summer months.

With so much time out it can sometimes be hard to keep them entertained, especially when you are trying to keep them away from devices. We love creative activities at RSG and so to help you keep them entertained we've come up with our top DIY ideas for you to do with the kids this summer...

1. Make A Tipi

Tipi Image From Pinterest
A tipi is a great idea to create a little escape for the little ones. Whether your kids love to build forts or play in imaginary castles this is a really fun and super simple idea that guarantees hours of fun!
To create, you will need to source four poles that are the same size. Then drill a hole in each pole around 15 -20 cm down ( a job for a responsible adult). Fashion a tripod or pyramid shape with the poles and then securely weave the rope through the holes and tie the poles together. A clove hitch knot or a figure 8 knot is recommended to keep it secure - if you don't know how to do this then search it on YouTube for step-by-step tutorials. Next, for the canvas - source a large piece of fabric or reuse and recycle linen bedding or material for the covers. If you're good at sewing we recommend measuring up the erected tipi poles and then cutting 3/4 triangle-shaped pieces and sewing it together. This would create a more snug, fitted tipi - but if you're not into spending hours bent over the sewing machine then grab an old sheet and drape it over the tipi and tie it to the top using an elastic band ... easy!
Tipi Inspiration From Pinterest

 Then for the fun part ... accessorise! Fill the teepee with sheepskins for the kids to lie on along with some comfy cushions and throws. You could even create a pom pom garland to hang from the top or alternatively drape fairy lights down the sides. Psst ... Pinterest is a great resource for creative decorative ideas.

2. Get them involved with their bedroom makeover!

The House That Bloggers Built - Room Designed by blogger Kate Peers
 This is a great one for the kids and the adults too! Revamping your kid's bedroom can be a lot of fun and is a great thing to do when your kids want to transition into a bedroom that is a little bit older or a room that better reflects their likes and interests.
One of our favourite bloggers, Lisa Dawson, recently wrote a blog about how she completely revamped her teenager's room (read it here) and we were really inspired by the outcome. Lisa started from scratch with her teenager's room by pulling up carpets, wallpapering the walls and throwing out everything that her son no longer used.
Kids Decor Inspiration from Pinterest
 Whilst this is a really great idea, especially if you kids are now teenagers and have grown out of their childhood bedroom, you don't have to completely overhaul their bedroom to make a difference. Simply moving the furniture around can change the feeling of the room. We especially love the idea of upcycling a piece of furniture in the room to give it an updated look which can work wonders. Why not up-cycle an old chest of draws or a wardrobe with quirky wallpaper, magazine cuttings or paint?! You can easily get your kids involved by letting them choose their favourite prints, magazine cut outs and postcards and they can even help to up-cycle the furniture. It's a great way to get your kids involved with the whole process and make the room theirs own.

3. Make Crayon Art

Crayon Art From Pinterest


Once our nemesis - crayons can actually look great on the wall... Melted, not scribbled! We saw this idea on Pinterest and OH WOW ... the result is unreal.
Really easy to do, all you will need is your favourite unwrapped colour crayons (make sure you choose your colours wisely), some glue, a blank canvas, a heat tool (or hair dryer) and a stencil of your chosen, animal, person or scene. If you're a natural artist, then go freehand, but for the rest of us, a stencil may be the better option!
Paste glue to the top of your canvas and then create a neat line of unwrapped crayons in the colour formation that you desire. Next for the fun part, ensuring that all of the crayons are properly stuck down, gently prop your canvas at an angle. If you want to create a special effect such as a colour spray spouting from a whale then you will need to take this into consideration when deciding upon what angle to prop your canvas! Then using a heat tool or hair dryer at a low heat setting (make sure you use a diffuser if you are using a hair dryer as the crayon will go everywhere if not) begin to slowly direct the heat on the crayons which will quickly start to decompose and drip down the canvas.
Crayon Art From Pinterest
Once you are happy with the crayon effects, allow the canvas to dry and there you have it! A beautiful work of art!

4. DIY Chalkboard With Colourful Chalk Twists

Image From Pinterest
 If your kids love to draw on everything including the walls and furniture then this one if for you! A super savvy and creative idea, why not use one wall in your kid's bedrooms or playroom and make it into a giant chalkboard? In our opinion, it's the perfect solution as it gives your kids the creative space to go wild and make beautiful pictures without absolutely destroying the rest of your house!
To get your kids super inspired you can also make colourful chalk twists in interesting shapes and designs. Chalk is incredibly easy to make, so all you will need is Pottery Plaster, water, food colouring and a mould (or a lolly pop stick or ice tray). In a bowl mix around three tablespoons of pottery plaster with two tablespoons of water. Then add the colour of child's choice - around 5 -10 drops of food colouring should work depending on the shade you desire. Then mix it all together and repeat the process in separate bowls to make different colours. Remember, The consistency of the chalk should be thick, not runny and thin, so adjust the measurements accordingly to accommodate this.
Image From Pinterest

Once you and your child are happy with the mixtures spoon the colours into the moulds, lolly pop sticks or ice trays and then add a final amount of runny pottery plaster to the mixtures to fill in any gaps between the colours. Let the chalk set for 24 hours and there we have it - beautiful chalk for your kid's chalkboards!

5. Make A Dream Catcher

Image From Pinterest
Capture those nightmares and unwanted dreams in a beautiful dream catcher! Dream catchers are really beautiful and visual pieces and what's more, they are incredibly simple to make!
To create, source a circular hoop, fabric, string, ribbons, beads and feathers. A local craft shop should have all of these items or alternatively have a look online - you can find everything online! Once you've sourced the pieces, get to work wrapping the hoop with fabric - to seal the fabric to the hoop simply tie the ends. It creates an imperfect effect which only adds more character.
Next, use the string to create the web. Tie the string to one end of the hoop and then wrap the string across and around the hoop until you've created the perfect web. Then to create the embellishments tie a ribbon to the bottom of the hoop and accessorise with beads, feathers and glitter. And... there we are a beautiful dream catcher!

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