How to Revamp Your Garden (Part 2)

In the next part of our 2-part blog series, we are discussing our tips for accessorising and adding detail to your garden or outdoor living spaces.

Details and accessories are the golden finishing touch that will tie together your garden landscape. So keep on reading below for our 5 tips and if you've missed out on reading Part 1 of our blog series on How To Revamp Your Garden, then check it out here.


MAIN IMAGE: The garden of co-founder, Lucy St George, featuring the Boho Umbrella - available in black from RSG!
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Sunning ourselves in the backyard has got to be one of our favourite 'me-time' activities and it's a great way to recuperate, relax and enjoy a little downtime. Our garden spaces double as social spaces so it's important to have as much seating as you can fit; such as day beds, chairs, benches, outdoor swings, stools, bar stools or sun loungers so that you can sit amongst nature in your outdoor lounge.

Nowadays there is so much choice out there for seating style and so you can really go to town with it all! If you prefer a natural look that flows seamlessly with your outdoor setting then we recommend opting for chairs made from natural materials such as wicker and rattan. Rattan is currently having a bit of a revival (although we feel that it's a timeless material) and it looks really beautiful and welcoming with not much effort required! Add extra comfort by styling rattan seating with cushions and throws, which will result in a textural feast for the eyes.

Alternatively, if you prefer standout statement seating, then opt for something a little bit unusual such as our Chesterfield Concrete Sofa or our Lyon Beton Concrete Armchairs - both of which are perfect for outdoor settings and don't need to be brought in during the wetter days like a rattan piece would. Styling rattan and wicker with concrete furniture or accessories makes an interesting juxtaposition and the cool grey concrete is also a beautiful backdrop to your green plants, living walls and beautiful blooms so you don't have to worry about it ruining your garden decor style too!




MAIN IMAGE: Pinterest
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Courtyard, patio and concrete spaces are raw and cooler than gardens that benefit from luscious green grass, trees and plants and so these concrete spaces could all do with an added touch of texture. If you're not a fan of faux grass and living walls or simply prefer a Moroccan medina vibe, then why not style your spot with rugs? A large Berber Rug, colourful patterned rug or runner and sheepskin rugs all add a touch of comfort, cosiness and boho chic to a space. Take it one step further and style your outdoor sofa, chairs and benches with beautiful cushions and throws which will maximise on textural interest in your outdoor space, but is also perfect for when the temperature drops in the evenings.

Another way to maximise on texture and pattern in your outdoor space is to utilise shade! When the midday heat is beaming down on you we could all do with a little respite from the sun and so consider investing in a lovely parasol or umbrella for your seating area to create a makeshift outdoor lounge area. There are some really lovely garden umbrellas out there that will enhance rather than detract from your garden style ... just make sure you store them away when it rains.

Alternatively, if you really want to create a spectacular outdoor space, why not create a loggia?! They are fantastic for large garden spaces and we think that they are particularly brilliant coverage for your garden dining table. Even better, they are great fun to style! Wrap green plants and jasmine around the loggia to create gorgeous smells and hang heat lamps and outdoor lighting from the wooden beams for a wonderous and inviting textural effect that the whole family will love to spend time in.



MAIN IMAGE: The home of Jane Rockett as featured in Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99). Photography by Debi Treloar.
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Natural light is hands down the ultimate lighting source, but when the sun goes down and the stars come out, we need the help of an extra lighting source to enjoy this magical time of the day.

The trick to styling your outdoor space with beautiful lighting features is to treat it like you were styling a room indoors. There are so many garden lights out there that can withstand the elements, so consider fixing outdoor wall lights to your house's exterior which will case beautiful accent shadows on your wall, illuminating your flower beds, garden accessories and seating area. Then for added magical effect, style lanterns around your seating area, tealights and candles on your side tables, and wrap festoon lights over your garden plants and trees. If you really want to create a wow-factor, then invest in an outdoor chandelier or alternatively style a disused (and unwired) chandelier in the garden and wrap fairy lights around it to create a magical, glowing effect.



MAIN IMAGE: Tenniswood Inspiration
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Expanding on the theme of bringing the indoors out, why stop at lighting, seating and cosy accessories?! Now it's time to accessorise darling! Accessories and display pieces will always complete the look irrespective of whether you are styling indoors or out and is the perfect way to put your unique stamp on your outdoor space, be inventive and imaginative as you like.

Beauty really is in the detail, so when curating your courtyard or garden space it bodes well not forget about the little things ... without it, you may feel like the space is incomplete. So why not lean or hang artwork on the walls, stencil patterns on the ground and walls, hang outdoor swings from the trees , style quirky ornaments on your outdoor tables, dot lanterns or disco balls down the steps, layer sheepskins on the back of your rattan chairs, place potted plants around your seating area for added green lusciousness and hang pretty chains up high which will add extra dimensions and heights to your outdoor space ... a dramatic feast for the eyes! For an added wow effect, why not build an outdoor fireplace in your garden or courtyard space and make a focal point or style spot the draws the eye and makes your heart skip a beat?!



MAIN IMAGE: Pinterest Image via DearKeaton
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Alfresco dining is without a doubt one of our favourite summertime treats and if you love to entertain or simply want to maximise the amount of time that you spend in the garden then you've got to have an outdoor dining table. For smaller spaces coffee and side tables look fabulous outside, just be sure that they are weather-proof or bring them in during the bad weather to avoid any unnecessary weathering of the pieces. For larger courtyard, patio or garden spaces we think that beautiful, large and inviting tables never fail to take our breath away... plus there is the added bonus of being able to host a soiree or party!

Then for the fun part! For those special evenings or dinner parties, create a stunning tablescape that is totally insta-worthy with a mixture of beautiful glassware and plates and create a foodie arrangement on breadboards, platters, serving bowls, tamegroute pottery, lazy susans and sharing bowls! It's an easy way to make your food look and taste good (even if your cooking skills aren't Michelin chef standard) and it's great for your guests because they can pick and choose what food they want to eat and the colours and smells of the food really draw the eye - after all, you do eat with your eyes! Then you can accessorise the table with tablecloths, a mixture of tea lights, votives and scented candles, colourful napkins, beautiful vases with buds and blooms and the odd quirky ornament to make you smile! For more helpful tips, check out our blog - #RSGCREATIVE: 5 TOP TIPS FOR YOUR SUMMER TABLE  or #RSGCREATIVE: 10 EASY THINGS TO MAKE OUT OF PALLETS to create your very own pallet coffee table!


Check out our Pinterest board OUTDOOR LIVING for more outdoor inspiration!


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