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'More is more and less is a bore'

- Iris Apfel -

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Impactful, texturally pleasing and guaranteed to add drama to your interiors, tactile textures should never be underrated when it comes to your home interiors! In fact, when planning your next decoration project or if you simply want to update and revitalise your home we would be bold enough to say that different textures such as rugs, throws, cushions including unexpected pieces such as Leather Tassel Chandeliers and 3D wall art should be your top decorating priority! Whether you are a maximalist like our co-founder, Lucy St George, or you prefer a more refined and understated look, in our opinion, a home simply isn't a home without those cosy elements and finishing touches. So to help you create a textural wow-factor we've included our top 10 tips along with some inspirational mood boards, to help you get the look...

Leather Tassel Chandelier - Black | Tassel Cotton Cushion - Paprika | Bell Lamp Shade With Fringing - 3 Sizes Available | Authentic Tamegroute Salad Bowl - 28cm | Luxe Edition Cotton Pom Pom Blanket 200x300cm - Black With Ivory Pom Poms

1.Keep it cosy

Deep pile rugs, ethnic rugs, sheepskin rugs ... whatever you choose rugs are one of the easiest ways to add texture to the home and can have the biggest impact too! Our go-to solution to add cosiness to the home, adorning your floors with rugs will never fail to create comfort and warmth in the home. On our co-founders, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George's recent travels to Morocco they sourced some beautiful, handmade and traditional Berber Rugs in the RSG signature monochrome colours. The deep pile and luxurious textures of these rugs, which are woven by hand by the Berber tribes in Morocco makes these rugs soft to touch and can help to soften your home decor.

If you love to break the rules, then we recommend going for the unexpected when it comes to creating textural interest with rugs. Source rugs with unexpected features like pom poms or vibrant colour patterns, layer sheepskins on sofas, chairs and beds or alternatively you could even hang your rugs on the wall - a spectacularly bold display that will WOW!

Original Moroccan Berber Rug - Marrakesh - 240cm X 170cm

2. Add an extra dimension

A stop you in your tracks display feature, 3D wall art or sculptures will add layers of unexpected texture to the home. There is so much that you can do to add textural interest to your walls, layer rugs, wall hangings, art sculptures such as our new Set Of 7 Flower Wall Sculptures or if you love eclectic and quirky pieces, why not create a bug display on your wall?! Our Gold Plant Beetle Wall Decoration and Gold Atlas Beetle Wall Decoration are on display at our pop-up shop on the fourth floor of Liberty London and make an eye-catching focal point. For extra impact we recommend, adding 3D or sculptured art pieces to your picture or gallery wall or hanging next to your statement chair. But remember darlings, if you really want to create an impact... the quirkier the pieces the better!

Gold Plant Beetle Wall Decoration |Gold Atlas Beetle Wall Decoration Seagrass Basket With Lid

3. Lighting ... with personality!

Lighting is so key in creating a mood in the home. It can help you create a calm and tranquil environment in your living room and bedrooms and a more task-focused and productive feel in the office or kitchen. Whilst lighting is perfectly functional, it needn't be boring darlings! Full of personality, textural lighting features such as a fringed three-tier chandelier, leather tassel light or velvet lampshade with tassels will demand the eye and add interest to your ceilings which are so often neglected.

One such textural light shade is our new hairy lampshades that have just arrived at RSG! An own-design piece and part of the Moroccan Collection, these brilliantly bold and quirky lampshades will never cease to be boring. Woven in a natural wicker, the texture of the lighting will soften your interior design, whilst also creating an oh so dramatic look!

4. Contrasting Textures

Our beds, sofas and armchairs all add textural elements to our home interiors, but to really create textural impact you've got to contrast your textures. By this, we mean layering your velvet armchair with a silk cushion or mixing linen bedding with soft cotton pom pom throws and cushions. The more adventurous you can be the more impactful it will be, so we recommend playing around with your favourite textiles to see what works. The beauty of throws, cushions and blankets is that they can easily be removed if it doesn't work ... so go to town with your textures!

5. Layer up your table

You eat with your eyes and so to make your spread even more appealing you've got to create a tablescape that is totally insta-worthy! Starting with your base (the table), layer it with tablecloths or placemats and then decorate with wooden chopping boards, vases filled with flowers and of course plenty of food which can all add textural impact to the table.

Another interesting way to add texture to your table or shelves is handmade ceramics, such as our authentic Tamegroute pottery. The handmade tableware has beautiful lumps, bumps and imperfections that only add to its natural beauty... an interesting twist on chain-store offerings.

Natural Wicker Placemat With White Tassels | Wooden Plate | Sugar & Spice Spoon | Authentic Tamegroute Small Bowl - 11cm |

6. Rattan Revival 

Rattan is wonderful for creating a relaxed vibe and textural interest in the home. Transcending trends, the classic style of rattan pieces such as armchairs, lampshades and home accessories will pop beautifully against most decor styles, but looks incredibly impactful when the natural textures of rattan are contrasted against dark charcoal walls. For added textural interest, layer your rattan dining and armchairs with sheepskins and throws.

7. Tassel Cushions

Tasteful tassel cushions are hard to beat! Visually appealing and texturally pleasing, no home should be without cushions! To add texture to the home we recommend creating a statement cushion display on your bed and sofa with different cushions such as our Pom Pom Cushions or Tassel Cushion. Layer in colourful cushions for that added wow factor!

8. Sexy storage

Storage baskets, hampers, boxes and trunks all add texture to the home as well as being incredibly useful. We love our new  Wicker Basket With Leather Handles from Morocco that could be used as a laundry basket, log basket or a perfect storage place for your kid's toys. The contrasting leather handles add structure to the storage basket which really draws the eye.

Rockett St George Products Featured: Traditional Japanese Lantern Ceiling Light - Cream Cylinder | Nicole's Wicker Basket With Leather Handles | Genuine Icelandic Long Wool Sheepskin - Silver | Natural Wicker Placemat With Pink Tassels | Copenhagen Natural Cotton Rug - 170cm X 240cm | Natural Hairy Lamp Shade - 45cm Dome | Set Of 7 Flower Wall Sculpture

9. Back to nature

Nature is so beautiful because it is full of contrasting and vibrant textures that catch the eye and tantalise the senses. You can add natural beauty and texture to the home by filling vases and plant pots with flowers and greenery. We love how gorgeous vases contrast against our favourite flowers and the best part is that you don't have to opt for real plants and flowers ... faux plants look just as beautiful and with so much life-like faux flowers and plants out there you are spoiled for choice!

10. Strip It Back

Keep it raw with exposed brick walls, wooden surfaces, tin tile ceilings and concrete floors. Natural materials are wonderful ways to add texture and contrast to your home interiors. A wonderful backdrop to the home, the natural beauty of these pieces will stand the test of time and can be softened with soft furnishings such as rugs, throws and cushions.









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