5 Top Tips for Your Summer Table

Make the most of the heatwave with our top 5 summer table decorating tips.

Nothing quite beats a long summer evening spent dining alfresco, and with summer nearly upon us, it's time to start styling up your sun-spot and garden ready for lazy afternoons in the sun! So to help you create a summer soiree tablescape that will surprise and delight your guests (and instagram followers!) we have compiled our Top 5 Tips to style your summer table...

#1 - Glorious Glassware

image of three glass goblets

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When it comes to styling a beautiful summer tablescape, little details such as glassware can make all the difference. We recommend styling a few glasses such as water glasses, wine goblets and champagne saucers around your plates and bowls and fill jugs with your favourite cocktail mixtures for your guests to enjoy. In our opinion glassware is under-rated when it comes to table styling - glasses reflect light which can be particularly magical when you are enjoying a sunset dinner.

#2 - Platters, Breadboards and Serving Dishes

Image of a dark dining room with large circular mirror, green plants, wooden table and white dining chairs.

Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. The home of Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar

You don't need to be a Michelin chef to make your food look and taste good! We've found that an easy way to make your food look and taste delicious is to serve it up on breadboards, platters, serving bowls, lazy susans and sharing bowls. It's great for your guests because they can pick and choose what food they want to eat and the colours and smells of the food really draw the eye - after all, you do eat with your eyes!

#3 - Build layers of interest

Layer your table with textures, patterns and objects of heights to add layers of interest to your summer table. An interior design trick that will create an instant focal point on your table, layer plates and bowls, fill vases with flowers or greenery, add napkins, quirky objects or ornaments and layer candlesticks and tealights. All of which is guaranteed to add that wow-factor!

#4 - Summer Table Lighting

image of a table with a mixture of candlesticks.

Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. The 2017 home of Jane Rockett. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographers: Debi Treloar

Lighting is key! We simply cannot stress the importance of how lighting can affect mood. Natural lighting is KING, so if you're hosting a soiree on a summer evening then you've got to get your lighting right.

If you want to create an intimate setting, then the beautiful flicker of candlelight is hard to beat. Mix tealights, pillar candles and candlesticks to create different layers of height. This is guaranteed to add drama. To top it off why not scatter lanterns around your table to add a cosy glow to your summer table?

If you're eating indoors or you simply want to keep it easy, then we recommend snaking fairy lights down the centre of the table or wrapping them around the back of your chairs. Alternatively, you could source a statement table light like our Antique Silver Palm Leaf Table Lamp, which is wonderfully unique, impactful and not forgetting the fact that it's super easy to style.


image of a dining room with a wooden table. The dining chairs are decorated with sheepskins.

Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. The home of Jane Learmonth. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographers Debi Treloar

If you're dining alfresco, then you'll want to add cosy textures to your chairs, particularly if you are dining at night! Layer sheepskins, throws and blankets over natural textures such as rattan chairs for a laid-back boho vibe. Alternatively, forget the chairs and create a Moroccan look with low tables such as your coffee tables or pallets. You can then dress it up with rugs, blankets and cushions for your guests to sit on. A fun and inspired way to dine alfresco!

Looking for more summer table inspiration? Then check out our Pinterest board.


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