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Our New Sofa Collection In SS21’s Hottest Colour Trends


lifestyle image of green velvet armchair

Perfect Velvet Armchair In Moss Green Velvet: £950.00

Having rediscovered the simple pleasures of staying home lately, we’ve learnt that there is something extra special about home comforts. For example, the humble sofa! Whilst this hero piece has always been a focal point of living spaces, the extended time at home has highlighted its importance. From WFH, to hiding from the weather and curling up with a glass of wine, the sofa takes centre stage and there’s huge comfort in retreating to the sofa at the end of the day. Therefore, as probably the largest piece of furniture in any room, your sofa needs to combine comfort with statement colour trends.

We’re big advocates of the central role that a statement sofa can play in creating that all-important feeling of home. So, this year we’ve launched a collection of sofas & armchairs that introduce fabulous flair and irresistible comfort. Made and manufactured in the UK, the collection is handcrafted with the utmost attention to quality.  Most importantly of all, these designs introduce an elegant investment piece that will last for years to come. We are always looking at ways we can help make more conscious and considered decisions at home. As a result, the ‘buy once, buy well’ ethos is a big inspiration behind the collection.

With 5 individual design styles and 30 colour options, there is a design to suit every scheme. For example, the beautiful boucle & woven fabrics are available in a range of neutral tones that will wow. Alternatively, for a luxe look, opt for velvet in a beautifully bright hue to make a statement. In celebration of the new collection, we’ve curated an edit of four of our favourite sofa colour trends for Spring Summer 2021. From glorious greens to sunshine shades, these palettes prove the magic that happens when comfort and colour combine...



lifestyle images of rose & terracotta sofas

Left: Suave Large 3-Seater Sofa In Rose Pink Velvet - £1795.00. Right: Beautiful Large 3-Seater Sofa in Umber Rust Velvet - £1695.00.

The enduring allure for rust, amber, terracotta and pink clay colours in our homes shows no sign of stopping. As one of our favourite colour trends, these rich, sunset tones continue to command attention. In addition, these colours are a beautiful way to introduce welcoming warmth and cosy comfort to any interior. Inspired by the souks of Marrakesh and unique displays of the setting sun, this colour palette is designed to be show-stopping. So, within our upholstered sofa and armchair collection, we’ve chosen velvets that range from Burnt Orange to Umber, Rose and Pale Pink to highlight the beauty and tactility of this palette. Set against chalk wash walls, rich natural woods or dark painted backgrounds, these rose-tinted pink and sunset shades come alive.

cut out images of rose pink and terracotta products for sofa colour trends

Fabulous Small 2-Seater Sofa In Rose Pink Velvet: £1695.00. Blush Pink Birds Print Velvet Cushion: £55.00.  Beautiful Armchair In Burnt Orange Velvet: £950.00.
Set of 2 Rose Pink & Gold Champagne Couples: £21.95. Fabulous Velvet Snuggler Chair In Pale Pink Velvet: £1350.00.  Faux Coral Ornament: £25.00.



lifestyle image of Suave Green Sofa In Vine Green Velvet

Suave Extra-Large 4-Seater Sofa in Vine Green Velvet: £1895.00

No colour connects us to the natural world quite like green. In short, green may be on trend but the reflection of mother nature ensures a timeless sense of tranquillity. From retro teal tints to layered moss greens that take inspiration from forests across the globe, green is glorious! Therefore, when choosing the colours of the new collection, we looked the enduring beauty of evergreen foliage for inspiration. Cool and calm, green is incredibly versatile and is a key colour trend for a sofa that will suits any setting imaginable.

cut out images of green products for sofa colour trends

Riviera Olive Green Plate: £17.00. Perfect Loveseat In Vine Green Velvet: £1150.00. Handmade Quirky Green Drip Decorative Jug: £24.00.
Fabulous Small 2-Seater Sofa in Kingfisher Teal Velvet: £1695.00. Faux Hydrangea Stem In Sage Green: £15.00. Suave Small 2-Seater Sofa In Aqua Velvet: £1695.00.



Lifestyle images of Fabulous Armchair In Natural Taupe Velvet & Perfect Medium 3-Seater Sofa In Caramel Gold

Left: Fabulous Armchair In Natural Taupe Velvet: £950.00. Right: Perfect Medium 3-Seater Sofa In Caramel Gold: £1695.00

With a palette of pared-back tones that promote mindfulness, neutral colours are far from boring. Instead, the simple beauty of these pale hues blends effortlessly with any architectural age or individual style identity. And replacing cool greys with more grounded tones introduces calm, quiet elegance to the designs of our new sofa collection. For example, you can choose from warm honey and caramel colours, to sand, alabaster and timeless taupes within the collection. Bringing back holiday memories, sofas in these on  trend neutral colours remind us of the beautiful beaches, architecture and landscapes of the Mediterranean.

cut out images of neutral products for sofa colour trends

Fabulous Snuggler Chaise In Caramel Gold Velvet: £1350.00. Faux Elkhorn Coral Display Ornament With Base: £65.00. Suave Armchair In Natural Taupe Velvet: £950.00.
Beige Stripe Linen Cushion: £38.00. Beautiful Large 3-Seater Sofa in Blush Boucle: £1695.00. Small Ombre Brown Vase & Candleholder: £25.00.



Lifestyle image of Perfect Loveseat In Turmeric Gold Velvet:

Perfect Loveseat In Turmeric Gold Velvet: £1150.00

Associated with joy, yellow is a mood-boosting megastar of a colour that brings a ray of sunshine into your life. Yellow has often been overlooked and considered with caution in the past. However, with a new level of colour confidence evident across interiors, yellow is starting to step into the spotlight. Channelling the warmth and optimism of the sun, a splash of yellow promises to catch the eye. Most importantly of all, it will also bring a smile to your face on even the greyest of days. So, pair your sunshine shades with accents liquid gold to introduce a glamorous glow to any corner of the home.

cut out images of yellow & gold products for sofa colour trends

Gold Drip Side Table: £215.00. Beautiful Armchair In Turmeric Gold Velvet: £950.00. Coldharbour Lights Fabulous Feather Light Shade: £420.00.
Suave 2-Seater Sofa In Turmeric Gold Velvet: £1695.00. Peace Sign Art Print: £45.00. Fabulous Small 2-Seater Sofa In Turmeric Gold Velvet: £1695.00.


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