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How To Display Your Art Work

We are a little obsessed with picture walls, you only have to look at our Instagram to see that...

We are frequently asked for advice on how to create a display using new and old works of art, and of course, this depends entirely on your personal style, but we do have a number of rules that we like to follow. See below to discover five of our top tips when it comes to displaying your amazing art.

1. Curate Your Collection.


Lucy St George's kitchen from Extraordinary Interiors In Colour featuring the After The Disco Art Print

The first task is to ensure that you are creating a coherent collection. You can do this by laying out your key pieces on the floor and seeing which art work looks best together. This will make choosing the positioning in which you want to display (i.e. walls, shelf or mantle, etc.) much easier. Moreover, don't be afraid to go quirky and eclectic with your display. Mixing old with new and personal with contemporary art can create something ultra-fabulous amongst your interior. So think about pairing things that you really love and then the rest will become easy!

2. Be a Little Odd!


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Whether it's striking designs or maximalist styling, there are so many ways to make your art work look eclectic and wonderful. So, when trying out your display, it's okay to be a little odd! By using the rule of three, sleek straight lines or scattered arrangements, these are all great techniques when curating a quirky corner. However, you choose to style your art wall, remember that you can add to or change as time goes on. Finally, don't forget to play with scale, using different shapes and frame sizes to keep your art looking all-out eccentric.

3. Choose Your Position Carefully (+ Creatively!).

Another point to consider is whether you'd like to make a feature out of the display itself, as well as the artwork. A collection of prints hung on a corner wall can create an interesting perspective, as does mixing objects with prints, mirrors, photographs and shelves, for a more eclectic feel. If you'd like to create a picture wall, come up with a plan first using masking tape to visualise how it will come out.

4. Be Out of The Ordinary.

At Rockett St George, we love art prints that inject humour and a quirky edge into any corner. So, if you have a plain wall, there is so much you can do to seamlessly transform it. Hanging your art at a low height next to your coffee table may seem strange, but it's actually the perfect way to curate an inviting area. As such, you can mix your wall art with additional wall hanging ornaments to bring together an extraordinary display that commands attention in any space.

For more inspiration click here for our ALL IS PRETTY...ART DISPLAY Pinterest board.

5. Make It Personal


Jane Rockett's Shelfie Styling from Extraordinary Interiors

Whether you are surrounding your art work with personal treasures or adding marvellous memories to a shelf, we feel that the best display always involves a touch of you. So, don't be afraid to go wild with key adornments that make you smile. After all, it's the things that are meaningful to you that tell a story amongst your scheme.

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