I am a little obsessed with picture walls, you only have to look at our Instagram to see that.

We are frequently asked for advice on how to create a display using new and old works of art, and of course, this depends entirely on the piece itself and the home it is going to, but we do have a number of rules that we like to follow.


1. Curate your Collection.

The first task is to ensure that you are creating a coherent collection. By this we mean collate your artwork and edit by taking away anything that doesn't fit in. This will make choosing the format in which you want to display (i.e. walls, shelf or mantle, etc.) much easier. The items you take away may go to a different area in the house with more suited objects, ready to transform another space.

2. Be a Little Odd!

Another tip we always try to stick to when styling is to use odd quantities, it just looks better. Straight lines also make your display look slick. If creating a picture wall make sure you have a spirit level and tape measure to hand - it will really pay off.


3. Choose Your Position Carefully (+ Creatively!).

Another point to consider is whether you'd like to make a feature out of the display itself, as well as the artwork. A collection of prints hung on a corner wall can create an interesting perspective, as does mixing objects with prints, mirrors, photographs and shelves, for a more eclectic feel. If you'd like to create a picture wall, come up with a plan first using masking tape before you start banging in any nails - it could get messy!





4. Be Out of The Ordinary.

We recently stumbled upon a great blog post by apetyczne wnetrze. Writer Ola explores instruments as works of art for display. You can do something different by making an ordinary object really very beautiful. A rug, a violin, a cactus... Experiment with what you have. The world is your oyster!



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For tonnes more inspiration click here for my Favourite Art Work gallery on Pinterest and try the look at home.

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