How To Decorate Candles For Christmas

Candles are a fabulous way to bring a bit of magic to the festive season. So, why not elevate the look of your dining table, living room or bedroom by learning how to decorate candles for Christmas?! Read below to discover our unique ideas for candle decorating...


A fabulous antique bronze mantelpiece display using a dinner candle | Rockett St George

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Whether it's pillar candles or dinner candles, embellishing the candle itself is such a fabulous way to add character. Moreover, for the Christmas season, we have some beautiful candle decorations that make for a charming festive table setting. So, see below for our lovely candle ornaments...

These glorious gold candle decorations are the perfect way to create an ultra-festive look for your Christmas dinner. Simply press the metal pin into your candle of choice and you have a wonderfully quirky look that will stand out from the rest! Additionally, if you want to shop candles to pair with these gorgeous gold decorations, see more in our Candles and Candle Holders Department.


One of our favourite ways to add interest to a table, shelf or sideboard, Candle Holders are not only essential, but they will add drama to any space! On top of this, Rockett St George are delighted to offer a dazzling range of Candle Holders that will create a boldly beautiful Christmas for any interior.

So, if you want to curate an eclectic Christmas display this year, you must think about your Candle Holders! Extraordinary and irresistibly cool, our marvellous collection of Candle Holders are designed to impress your dinner guests and loved ones alike. Moreover, it's these little details that will set your Christmas styling apart from the rest. Keep reading to find out how you can bring a festive allure to your space by accessorising your candles.


Styling around your candles is a divine way to decorate them, seamlessly transforming the look of any corner! By styling alongside a tray, fairy lights, decorative treasures and more, this will create a stunning style spot where your candles can become the star of the show. Read on to find out how to achieve this lovely look...

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How To Style Your Candles:

  1. Firstly, you must choose where you would like to display your candles. Are they going to be on the mantelpiece, dining table or shelf?
  2. Next, if you are styling a table, consider using a chic tray to place your pillar or dinner candles onto. This will zone your accessories adding interest to your display.
  3. After that, start intertwining your fairy lights around the base of the candles or candle holders. Fairy lights and candles are such a harmonious pairing at Christmas. Indeed, the luminous candlelit glow and twinkling allure go hand in hand!
  4. Lastly, to elevate the whimsical wonder of your display, consider adding some fabulous adornments. Our favourite ornaments to use alongside candles are the Gold Finish Angel Ornament, Gold Cherub With Sunglasses, Gold Peace Hand Ornament, Heart Hands Ornament, Antique Bronze Broken Statue Ornament, Lime Green Flocked Ancient Goddess Bust, Lime Green Flocked Venus De Milo Figure, Champagne Gold Glitter Christmas Tree Decorations & the Antique Gold Christmas Tree Table Decoration.

Finally, if you want to go for something ultra-fabulous and all-out eccentric, why not use our Clamp-On Table Stand for a festive display of dreams!

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