Creating a welcoming home for the festive season is integral for keeping everyone merry and happy throughout the Christmas period.

This year Christmas is going to be more important than ever for us all. With only a short time till the big day, we have called upon our fabulous co-founder, Jane Rockett to offer her top ideas to Create A Welcoming Home This Christmas. Keep on reading to create a festive and welcoming home that you will love.



“Follow your nose. Smells are really important in the home, especially at Christmas because they connect us to our memories and emotions.

I like to put a Christmas scented candle and some matches in my guest bedroom as it gives off a gorgeous scent even if left unlit. My favourite is our Bliss & Mischief scented candle (£34) which has a sensational mix of pomegranate, pepper, and spices on a bed of fragrant woods. Delicious!

When I stayed in Marrakesh recently, the housekeeper used a room spray before we arrived, which was beautiful; I’d like to try it with a warming, wintry scent this year.”

– Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George. 



Fairy Light Decorations

Dress your Christmas table with fairy lights for a sparkly festive vibe.


“Fairy lights are a failsafe way of achieving a luxe feel by creating a sparkly glow around the room.

Use anything pretty or decorative and hang them on the bed head (if you have one) or on the wall above.”

– Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George. 

Christmas Fairy Lights

Use Fairy Lights to enhance and brighten your Christmas setup.



Texture & Layers

Creating texture and layers for a cosy feeling in the home of Lucy St George. Image taken from Extraordinary Interiors In Colour By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published By Ryland Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke.


“I always add extra cosy throws and cushions to make the guest bedroom feel warm and snuggly.

A patterned or textured rug underfoot not only adds texture and depth to the room, but it also helps it to feel like a retreat.”

– Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George. 



Christmas Crackers

Treat your guests to these fun Naughty & Nice Luxury Christmas Crackers.


"As a special festive treat, hang a mini Christmas stocking at the end of the bed and fill with something naughty, chocolate or even some fluffy socks. It always goes down well and makes your guests feel really special.”

– Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George. 



It’s always lovely when you notice someone has gone to an extra special effort for your visit. So, why not make your guests feel welcome and loved by making your own wreath or garland? It’s easy to do and so much fun!

We previously hosted a fantastic Garland Making workshop at Liberty London with the floral masterminds that are Bloom & Wild. Here is our guide on How to Make Your Own Christmas Garland with top tips from Bloom & Wild’s florist and styling tips from our co-founder Lucy St George!

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