Top Christmas Decor Trends For 2020

No matter what your interior style there is always a top Christmas decor trend that you will love.

So, we're here to highlight the top Christmas decor trends 2019! From Rockett St George's Rock'n'Roll Christmas Trend to our Whimsical Christmas Decorating Trend we've compiled our top trend ideas that will inspire you. Don't forget to share your favourite trend with us on Instagram - @rockettstgeorge / / #rockettstgeorge.

1. Rock'n'roll Christmas 


Shop Rock N' Roll Decorations | Rockett St George

Products Featured: Red Lips With Cigarette Hanging Christmas Decoration, Red Pearl Cherry Christmas Tree Decoration, Lips Rainbow Tongue Christmas Tree Decoration, Set Of 4 Assorted Colour Chill Pill Decoration, Red Lips Christmas Tree Decoration.

If you're an interior rockstar that follows the call of the disco ball then this is the festive trend for you!

The crux of the trend is to have fun and not be afraid of being a little 'out-there' with your decor. Colours to choose include black, golds and silver with a hint of glitzy red too. As such, we recommend our stunning the Black Starburst Light Chain to elevate your rock-n-roll look in any corner of your home.

So, for dressing your Christmas Tree with rock'n'roll decorations don't be afraid to go for a mixture of styles that will stand out from the rest. Daring and delightful in style, these glamorous decorations would also look amazing displayed on a shelf or dining table too. Injecting an ultra striking vibe into your decor.

 2. Colourful Christmas 


The Beautiful Rainbow Bauble Garland | Rockett St George

Inject fun and creativity into your home this Christmas with colour. A colourful Christmas doesn't always have to be over the top. As such, there are so many ways to inject some beautiful colours into your space this year.

Specifically, this trend is about embracing the colours of the rainbow and not being afraid to experiment with a colour pop. For this reason, this is a really family-friendly choice that all the family will love. So, decorate your fireplace with a colourful garland such as our Ochre Paper Tassel Garland, Large Rainbow Baubles & Tinsel Garland or the serene Rainbow Bauble Garland.


Get Creative With This Honeycomb Ball Large Wreath | Rockett St George

Next up, decorate your staircase, your fireplace, and walls and ceilings with pinwheels and pom-pom balls! Indeed, you can create quite the impact with these colourful pieces. So stock up on our Set Of 4 Hanging Holographic Silver Foil Pinwheel Decorations and Set Of 2 Honeycomb Ball Decorations In Berry Pink, Mustard and Green. For something utterly extraordinary, click here to view our blog on how to make this dazzling extra-large rainbow wreath displayed above.

For a colourful Christmas tree stock up on a mix of quirky and colourful decorations. Great ideas include our Rainbow Roller Skate Christmas Tree Decoration, Queer A.F Christmas Tree Decoration, Gold Rhinestone Decorative Grasshopper.

3. Minimalist Christmas 


Elegantly Accessorising For A Minimalist Christmas | Rockett St George

Products Featured: Antique White Ceramic Small Serving BowlAntique White Ceramic Footed BowlAntique White Ceramic Bowl, Champagne Glitter Ball Garland

Our next top Christmas decor trend is the minimalist Christmas Tree Trend. Similarly, this Christmas decorating trend is timeless, elegant and it's here to stay for 2020!

Crucially, minimalist Christmas decor isn't about having a bare house with little decorations. No way! It's more about slow collecting your treasured pieces over the years and displaying them in your home. Not only does this mean that you are surrounded by the things you love, but it also eco-friendly. Because you are not buying a whole new set of decorations for your home every year, your choices become more considered. What's more, it's better for your bank balance too!

Our favourite top Christmas decor trend decorations for your home include our more luxurious decor. So, why not choose some sumptuous pieces that bring joy to your interior.

4. Quirky Christmas Decor Trend


The Gold Naughty Gnome Christmas Decoration | Rockett St George

If you know Rockett St George, then you'll know that we like to have fun with our decor! Especially with one of our favourite accessories, the Naughty Gnome.

As such, we, of course, couldn't miss out the quirky Christmas trend. The aim of the game is to have fun, let your freak flag fly and just be adventurous. We only decorate for Christmas once every year, so don't take it so. seriously. Instead, have a little fun and push boundaries.

For the trend, why not go for our Meowie Bowie Cat Christmas Tree Decoration, Green Glittered Leaf Christmas Tree Decoration and the Jesus Birthday Cake Christmas Tree Decoration. Finally, to top your tree, opt for the Lips Christmas Tree Topper to add an extra wow factor to your unique scheme.

 5. Whimsical Christmas Trend


The Champagne Gold Glitter Christmas Tree Decoration | Rockett St George

Finally, our last top Christmas decor trend is Whimsical Christmas. We love a magical looking scheme, so these Champagne Gold Glitter Trees are perfect for this. Moreover, this playful and fanciful trend is a great alternative to the Scandinavian Christmas decor trend. So, opt for quaint and amusing decor including the Christmas Tree Decoration Made From Paper Stars and Angel Wings Candle Decoration to add a tranquil yet glamorous touch to your decor. To elevate the look, why not create a stunning style spot with the Pair Of White Antique Distressed Angel Wings Wall Art styled with the Copper Cluster Light Chain. You will not regret it!

So, for your whimsical tree, we love accessories such as the Peace Dove Hanging Christmas Decoration, Golden Foot With Wings Hanging Christmas Tree Decoration and the White Pearlescent Eye Bauble Christmas Tree Decoration. These show-stopping pieces will never fail to impress amongst your Christmas interior!

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