Everything You Need For Easter Entertaining

Everything you need for Easter Weekend

Make the most of being at home this Easter with our essential easter entertaining guide.

Easter weekend is nearly here and we want to help you celebrate the weekend as best you can. So, below are our one-stop-guide to everything, you will need for easter entertaining.

 Easter food prep and recipes

We're foodies at Rockett St George, so food and drink is hands down the best part about Easter entertaining!

From delicious Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun Recipies to our easy tips to cheat your Easter food, browse our top easter foodie ideas below:


 Easter table decor

Once you've got a delicious set of dishes for everyone to enjoy it's time to style your Easter table! At Rockett St George we believe the more creative, imaginative and wild you can be with your table settings the better. Unexpected delights really help to create a party spirit, not forgetting that it's totally insta-worthy too. Check out our ideas below for creating an Easter table and our Easter bunny napkin folding ideas.

Get your garden ready

Get your garden ready for warmer days with our two-part blog series on how to revamp your Garden. One thing is for certain - if it's warm enough to be in our gardens this Easter weekend, that's where you'll find us. So here are some easy ideas to bring the indoors outside and make the most of the spring sunshine. Click on the icons below to get your garden ready for easter.


A four day weekend is a great excuse to update your home. But you needn't have to completely redecorate! There are little display tricks, design hacks and easy switches that you can make to breathe new life into your home interiors. From accessorising with rugs to quirky door handles and everything in between, check out our ideas below.



How To Style Your Coffee Table In 10 Easy Steps

An essential piece of furniture; your coffee table, side table, or nest of tables are an excellent focal point for any room in your home.

Image: The home of Shelley Carline as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Always on the lookout to create extraordinary interiors, this got us thinking - how do you take an essential piece of furniture and turn it into something show-stopping?!

The secret... combine a beautiful piece of furniture with something unusual, humorous or vintage and et Viola - a 'style spot' has been created! Creating your tabletop style spot is great fun and you can easily complete it in an afternoon. So to help you style a coffee table in your own home we have come up with our top 10 ideas and tips that are also great if you are renting and want to add personality and make an impact in your home.

So, let's get started - Read on to discover how to create a coffee table style spot...

Tip 1: It's all about that base

Products Featured: Gold Drip Coffee Table £215.00

Building from the ground up

Whether you have space for a smaller side table or large coffee table, make sure you pick the right table for the space you have. If you are feeling really adventurous opt for a slightly unusual design such as a geometrical shape or something with a quirky design. We love this Gold Drip Coffee Table which instantly creates a talking point. Alternatively, you can take something simple and beautiful, such as a marble coffee table and transform it into a style spot by dressing it with exciting accessories.

Which leads us on nicely to Tip number 2 which is all about styling and placement...

Play around with heights

Play with heights and layers to transform your style spot into a real showstopper. Using books as your base and then layering your favourite treasures on top is a super-easy way to start things off. Vary the dimensions and scale with different sized candles and candlesticks. It really is quite extraordinary how this can transform your coffee table into an eye-catching extravaganza so do give this a try.

RSG Top Tip: Instead of putting the tallest items in the centre of the table, why not create an asymmetrical display and build the heights at one end of the coffee table? This looks particularly good if you have a large coffee table and don't want to fill the entire table.

Now onto a detailed look at the items you might choose to display...

Add Some Personality

In our opinion, humour and wit is a style spot essential. Having a quirky item displayed, such as a face vase or gold peace hand ornament, has a transformative effect and most importantly it puts your unique stamp on your home interiors. This is a fabulous way to express yourself in your interiors... The wilder the better.

RSG Top Tip: Odd numbers is a style secret that we swear by. Instead of sticking to symmetrical designs go for things in three - trust us, it's a great way of creating structure and distinguishing your favourite items.

Another interior styling secret is up next...

Adding Texture to the Table

Add texture and different materials to create something that is more visually interesting. By layering tablecloths or perhaps a textural ornament, such faux coral, you can create a tabletop display that is totally instagrammable.

RSG Top Tip: Why not station a statement chair next to your style spot? It's texturally pleasing as the materials combine to create a beautiful style spot. Why not try the Rose Pink Velvet Petal Armchair?

Now, a little word about colour...

Adding Pops of Colour

Some of the best examples of coffee table style spots are ones that cleverly incorporate colour. Whether you go for a colour pallet for the whole table or choose just a pop of colour, this will make your table styling all the more striking.

Alternatively: You can stick to one hue. Take it from us, a black side table with black accessories and candlesticks is a super sleek and sexy look. The fabulous Sally Faye wrote a whole book on the beauty of All Black Everything so it's an ideal solution for the colour-phobes out there.

So, you've applied all of our tips so far - something still missing? Well yes, now we need to add some vitality to the mix...

Tip 6: Breathe Life Into Your Style Spot

Products Featured: Striped Goblet Pot - 3 Sizes Available From: £8.00 | Wiggly Dog Sculpture £32.00 | Antique White Snail Shell Display Ornaments - 2 Sizes Available From: £28.00

Are you Faux Real?

We know we harp on about this a lot, but adding greenery is so transformative in the home and can quite literally breathe life into your interiors. You can keep it low maintenance by opting for one faux plant sat amongst your other treasures, but we think a better option would be to go all out and immerse your side tables with an abundance of green plants (faux or real) and fabulous trailing ivy.

RSG Top Tip: Sit a tall floor plant next to your coffee or side table display to create an epic high and low scale ...a total 'wowzer' in our opinion!

Talking of wowzers - let us move on to tip 7.

Tip 7 - Create a min-bar.

Products Featured: Circular Art Deco 3-Tier Drinks Trolley £250.00

Create a mini-bar

We had to include something booze-related, didn't we!

We love a bar cart display, but if you're looking for an alternative to a drinks trolley why not create a mini-bar on your coffee table?! A marble tray would be perfect for this and will instantly add structure and symmetry to your interiors. NB: this might work best in child-free homes! What's more, this will help you to avoid creating a 'cluttered' style spot, by zoning of your smaller treasures into organised 'groups'.

If your side table is a little smaller like the Two-Tier Leaf Side Table then you could even create an entire mini bar from your side table. We think the key here is to choose a side table in an interesting shape and colour that will easily draw the eye. Then collect your most beautiful barware to display. Anything that is not lovely or detracts from the style spot should be hidden away.

RSG Top Tip: Side tables with two layers or that have glass 'shelves' are brilliant choices for small spaces and rooms as they create the illusion of space.

Next up, we're getting sentimental...

Tip 8 - Add Your Treasures

Product Featured: Set Of 3 Brass Picture Frames £24.00

Add sentimental treasures and trinkets.

Treasures and Memories are a style spot must. Photos, art pieces, shells collected from the beach, your children's art project...the pieces that have a sentimental value to you should be on display.

For us, it's like having a life-sized memory box and so take the time to select and refine the items that are most important to you. We've written a whole blog post on curating and displaying the items that mean the most to you called The Art of Display.

Our penultimate tip, will have you glowing...

Don't forget to illuminate your style spot.

There are so many options when it comes to lighting - Accented light, candlelight, table lamps, chandeliers... Whatever you decide to do make sure you illuminate your style spot. Style spot or not, lighting is absolutely key to styling your space. It is the finishing touch that can make or break your home interiors. Lighting has a real effect on the atmosphere and your mood in the home. So take time to consider how you are going to light your style spot. (Find out what other aspects of your interiors can affect your mood, here).

Our preference has got to be low lighting. Install a dimmer switch or use candlelight and create a chilled and sultry style spot. Perhaps dot the candlesticks around the table or use accent lighting to highlight your style spot.

And here we are, you've made it through to our final top tip...

TWO tables are better than one...

For our final tip, we're bringing it back to the base. But this time, we want to talk more about making your style spot more usable but without compromising on style. Your accessories are not the only thing that can transform your coffee or side table into a trendy style spot. Nesting tables offer more flexibility as having more than one surface makes all your hard work both functional and beautiful. We live by the motto that everything in your home should be beautiful - even the useful stuff. So, opt for a table with an interesting design or shape to make it stand out from the crowd. The set of 2 circular brass & glass coffee tables is one of our best sellers for this exact reason.

We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing your coffee table style spots on Facebook and Instagram - use our hashtag #rockettstgeorge to share yours!

Want to see more? Check out our Table Top Tips - Styling Pinterest Board for inspiration.

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Coffee Table Styling Tips That You Need To Know

There are five essential coffee table styling tips that you need to know to create an impactful and showstopping Coffee Table display.

Easy to follow our advice is all about mastering the nursery slope of interior styling: The Coffee Table. From mastering the art of layering to adding that extra something special to your display, our coffee table styling tips will easily help you create the display of your interior dreams. Keep on reading to discover more...

Top 5 Coffee Table Styling Tips  

close-up image of a dark living room with a styled coffee table featuring plants, vases and candles.

Image Credit: Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar. 

The coffee table is the focal point of your living room and often where a lot of your free time is spent, so it's important to fill it with the things you love. However, it can be easy for a coffee table to look overcrowded, so we've put together our easy tips for you to create a coffee table display.

Tip #1 - Layer your objects

Play with height and scale when you style your coffee table. This can be with just about any object, but a particularly easy trick is to stack your coffee table books and magazines. Regularly rotate your books and magazines to mix things up and use your book or magazine stacks as the perfect base for your decorative objects, house plants or candles.

Other ideas include mixing large candlestick holders with smaller candlestick holders for variation in height or opting for vases of different widths and heights and filling with an array of foliage and plants.

A final idea would be to opt for two coffee tables rather than one. Or better yet, three coffee tables! Nest of tables are your friend when it comes to creating layers as you can neatly position the tables under each other and then accessorise with beautiful display ornaments. Some of our favourite nest tables include our Round Nest Of 3 Marble Side Tables, Art Deco Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table and the Set Of 2 Circular Glass & Brass Coffee Tables.

RSG Top Tip: Make sure you mix in humorous or quirky objects. These pieces are attention-grabbing and will inject that extra wow-factor into your display.

Tip #2 - Vary your textures

To really create a stylish coffee table display it helps to mix up your texture. From ribbed vases to smooth ceramic objects these details may seem fairly insignificant but we promise that the effect can be dramatic! Textural objects to add to your coffee table display include shells, pineapple ornaments, faux coral, greek busts and glass vases.

Tip #3 - Build nature into the display.

A coffee table is a perfect spot for bringing the outside in. As interior design obsessives, we often move things around from week to week depending on how we're feeling. So sometimes this slice of nature is a terrarium, other times a faux plant or a few seasonal blooms. Even mixing in faux coral or opting for a natural rattan coffee table is a great way of incorporating nature in the home.

Tip #4 - Stylish storage and trays are a must

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, the coffee table can easily become cluttered and overfilled. But, there's an easy solution to this problem ... trays and storage!

Compartmentalising sections of your coffee table will help to create a more structured and pleasing aesthetic. Our top ideas include sectioning off your coffee table with a tray or trinket tray such as our Ethnic Black & Natural Woven Display Tray or the Beautiful Brass Dragonfly Trinket Tray. You can then fill your tray with candles, vases and plants creating a jaw-dropping focal point.

Even better, our Multi-Tray Marble & Mango Wood Coffee Table comes with built-in trays in both wood and marble that are perfect for all of your storage needs.

RSG Top Tip: Rather than positioning your tray in the centre of the coffee table, place it to one side. Asymmetrical designs are more pleasing to the eye and it's a trick that interior designers all use.

Tip #5 - Create an atmosphere with candles

Finally, set the tone and get in the mood with beautifully scented candles. Not only do candles infuse your living spaces with lovely scents, but when alight the flickering flame draws the eye drawing attention to your coffee table display.

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Jane Rockett’s Top 5 Styling Tips For Your Home

There are 5 styling tips for your home that can work wonders.

When it comes to creating amazing displays and insta-worthy style spots, it can be tricky to know where to start. So we called upon interior design expert and co-founder of Rockett St George, Jane Rockett (follow her on Instagram - @rockettstgeorge), to round up her top decor styling tips for your home. Easy to follow, the styling tips that Jane has shared with us in this blog are the rules that Interior Designers and Stylists swear by.

Discover what her top 5 styling tips for your home are below...

Jane's Top 5 Styling Tips For Your Home

1. Mix things up with different heights and sizes

Our first styling tip for your home is to get creative with heights and sizes. Now, undoubtedly this may be a simple tip but the impact created by variations in heights is not to be underestimated. It prevents a space from becoming one-dimensional and a bit flat. Here are a few ideas that Jane recommends for mixing things up:

  • Layer your candlesticks. Prop candlestick holders on vintage books to add extra height or vary your candles e.g. opting for a mixture of tealights, pillar candles and candlesticks. She also recommends opting for beautiful, quirky and unique candle holders to add extra wow-factor to your display.
  • Fill vases and plant pots with different plants, grass and florals. House plants are genius for creating impact with different sizes and scale. If you struggle to keep plants alive or want a lower maintenance option then consider opting for faux plants instead. The impact is just as spectacular and with so many life-like faux plants out there it can be hard to tell the difference!
  • If in doubt, go for oversized or giant artwork and mirrors. Statement pieces in themselves an oversized mirror with an ornate surround or an incredible giant artwork will never fail to turn heads. Hang them above your styled console tables and mantlepieces. The variation in size and scale adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to your home decor.

2. Textures, textures and more textures.

Onto the next styling tips for your home - textures!

Textural variations add depth and interest to your display. In fact, we'd go as far as to say that a style spot is not complete without a mix of textures. Now, you don't just have to stick to the usual textures, for example, rugs and cushions to create impact. Instead, why not opt for textural objects of interest?

Some of Jane's top textural ideas include:

  • Textured pieces. From ribbed vases, bobble jugs, art nouveau vases to faux coral ornaments it helps to mix in a few textured pieces. This is particularly key for drawing the eye to an area of interest.
  • Glass objects. Glassware reflects light and glistens in your living space, not forgetting that the transparency of the glass makes it a wonderful neutral to enhance your style spot. So, when it comes to styling your space try to add in glass decanters, glass vases and glass candlestick holders.
  • Mix in metals. Adding an edge to your space, metallics are a must for your style spot. Opt for brass accents, copper tones and matt metals for the ultimate raw and edgy look.
  • Nature is the absolute daddy when it comes to glorious textures. So be sure to incorporate different grasses and plants for a wild textural look!

3. Keep it tonal

Creating flow and unity in your home, keeping your colour scheme tonal i.e. using complementary colours in your displays is always a great idea!

Crucially, keeping your colour scheme tonal, for example using a mixture of complementary neutrals such as blacks, grey, warm browns, metallics and whites, has a positive effect on your mood. No matter what complementary colours you choose the tone-on-tone colours will help promote of a feeling of calm and relaxation in the home. More on how colour makes you feel can be found in our blog or our book - Extraordinary Interiors In Colour.

But, if you want to really turn heads you could throw in a colourful surprise. Examples include a statement colourful art piece, giant colour pop vase or a spectacular colourful fringed chandelier. All of these examples are the finishing touches to your styled home that can make all the difference.

4. Odd Numbers

Jane's penultimate styling tips for your home is odd numbers. Think in ones, threes and fives when curating a display on your sideboards, coffee tables, display cabinet and shelves. Whilst uniformed displays with matching numbers look pleasing to the eye. It can make your home feel like a show home or hotel room. Instead, mix up your display ornaments in odd numbers. It's super interesting and it will keep eyes transfixed on your display spot.

5. Always include something that makes you smile

Finally, and most importantly you've got to add humour and quirk. In fact, we would argue that if you follow just one rule then let it be this one. Pieces that entertain, make people laugh and turn heads are genius at taking your styled space from great to showstopping. So don't hold back! Here are some quirky objects that Jane recommends:

More fun and quirky ornaments can be found in our Home Accessories Department.

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10 Mins With: Jane Rockett

Jane's Top 5 Style Spots

Jane Rockett's Top 5 Favourite Interior Stylists

What An Interior Stylist Is And How To Become One | By Lucy Gough

How To Create Coffee Table Style Spots In 10 Easy Steps

How To Master The Art Of Display In Your Home

There are three words to live by to master the art of display in your home...  curate, curate, curate!

When it comes to creating a magical and inviting home it's the finishing touches, aka your display pieces, artwork and ornaments that add the extra wow-factor. Think of it as your golden opportunity to create a home that is uniquely personal to you. Of course, not forgetting the fact that it is the FUN part of the decorating process!

Something that you can continue to change, curate and revamp over the years, here our Top 3 Rules to help you style your space…


The most effective way to curate a display in the home is to create a focal point or as we like to call it a 'style spot'! A curation of your most treasured pieces in one visually impactful display it is without-a-doubt showstopping! You can create a style spot in so many ways. Our favourites include a shelfie, a cabinet of curiosity, little details, art walls and unexpected surprises.

The Shelfie

shelf art of display featuring vases, candlesticks and photos

Image: The Home of Helene Morris as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer Debi Treloar

Not everything needs to be hidden away. In fact, we love open storage display units or beautifully curated objects on top of sideboards, shelves, mantlepieces and cabinets.

Really easy to create, fill your shelves with your favourite vases, candles, quirky ornaments, faux house plants, artwork or if the shelves are in the kitchen your stacks of bowls and plates, your favourite mugs and chopping boards - whatever you love should be on display! Gently overlap items bringing some slightly forward but give everything enough space so that you can see each item. There is nothing worse than cramming too much onto one shelf - group items that go together and save other items that you love for different spaces around the home.

two images of shelf art of display.

The homes of Tina B & Jane Rockett as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar

Other useful tricks for your #shelfie display is to play with heights. Choose objects and ornaments that vary in dimensions and scale. Be sure to add texture and different materials, and most importantly, make sure you add a humorous ornament that will never fail to make you smile!

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities

close-up image of display pieces in a cabinet of curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities in the home of Jane Rockett as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photography: Debi Treloar.

A cabinet of curiosity is another clever way to display your most treasured pieces. Co-founder, Jane Rockett, has curated her own Cabinet of Curiosities in her living room. She's filled her vintage cabinet with unique flea market discoveries, time-worn shells plucked from beach trips, treasured photographs and mementoes from her travels. Cabinet of Curiosities are traditionally thought of as encyclopedic collections of extraordinary objects or 'wonder rooms' which are designed to tell stories. So, with that at the forefront of your mind take the time to go through your pieces and pick out the items that have sentimental value to you.

Beauty is in the detail

detail image of display pieces

Niki Jones home. Interior Designer: The Vawdrey House as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small.

Another tip for mastering the art of display in your home is to not forget the little things! Quirky cupboard knobs, door handles, animal ornaments, even the frills on your cushions will make a huge difference to your decor.

Little details make the difference with the art of display.

Deborah Vos and Kate Learmonth's homes as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer Debi Treloar.

The Gallery Wall

living room with picture wall art display

Shelley Carline's home as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar.

Nothing quite makes an impact as a picture wall does! So, there are a number of different ways that you can display your art:

  • Hang your art prints on one feature wall.
  • Display your art prints on a corner wall for a unique and interesting perspective.
  • Around doorframes for an out-of-the-ordinary look.
  • On your shelf display.
  • Or you could even lean your artwork against the walls. This is an especially useful trick if you are a renter and cannot hammer nails into the wall!

We recommend then laying your chosen art prints out on the floor so that you can visualise your picture wall. Add in mirrors, quirky wall hangings, faux animal heads, fairy lights and other accessories to embellish and accessorise your gallery wall display. Don’t forget to frame your prints in beautiful or vintage frames to complete the look.

For more tips on how to display your art visit our blog: How to display your artwork.

Images: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. (Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99) Photography by Debi Treloar. The home of Kate Learmonth and Lucy St George.



Taking your display style up a level, why not curate collections in your home? A selection of accumulated artwork, quirky ornaments, vintage pieces, books... you can curate a collection of just about anything that you love!

Quirky Collections

Mastering the art of collections, the images feature a handbag display and mona lisa art wall.

Wall of Mona Lisa's in the home of Tina B. Featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Eclectic collections are a genius option for mastering the art of display in your home. Featured in the Rockett St George book, Extraordinary Interiors, the fabulously theatrical Tina B considers herself to be a 'collector'. A quick look around her home absolutely confirms this.

With shelves full of British Vogue that Tina has collected since 1983 (including a large number of vintage and 1970s Vogues!), pin badges picked up from boutiques and fairs, an entire wall of Mona Lisas (the original painting was picked up at Portobello Market when Tina was a student) and a glass cabinet filled with Vintage Biba jars - Tina is quite the established collector!

We made a film about Tina's collections which you can watch on Rockett St George YouTube:

'Everyday' Collections

kitchen with a brick wall and kitchen items on display.

Co-founder, Jane Rockett's home as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar.

We love collections that have been slowly curated over the years and so often these collections have a beautiful sentimental value to them that is priceless and timeless. However, if you are just getting started on your curated collections journey don't let this scare you off. When you take a moment to reflect on all your homewares you'd be surprised to see how many collections of beautiful things you already have.

art of display with everyday objects in the kitchen.

Fred Musik and Helene Morris homes as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar

For example, your kitchen breadboards. We all have a selection of breadboards and you can so easily curate a collection with this kitchen essential. A great idea if you are short on space or if you are a renter and you're not keen on your kitchen tiling, it's a great way to create an impact in the home.

Bookshelf Styling Collections

Bookshelf display with the book spine turned away to create an aesthetically pleasing shelf.

Kate Learmonth's home as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Another easy way to master the art of display in your home is your bookshelf! We all have stacks of books that we've read and enjoyed over the years so, why not re-purpose them as a display feature? There are two easy ways to create an insta-worthy book display:

  1. Colour code your bookshelf. Arrange your books by colour, it's looks great and will jump out at you as soon as you walk into the room.
  2. Or, alternatively, hide the spines of your books and turn them the other way on your bookshelf so that you can only see the pages. Kate Learmonth has done this in her home and it's a real head-turner.
two colour coded bookshelves - a great display idea.

Nicolas & Alexandra Valla home as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar

To complete the look, style it up with quirky bookends and beautiful display pieces and viola... a beautifully curated collection!

Vintage or Vintage Style Collections

vintage coral, skulls and ornaments on black shelves.

Kate Learmonth's home as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar.

A mix of eras in your home decor should not be underrated. Vintage glassware, mirrors, pin badges, coral or otherwise adds depth and interest to your home and so if you've got em... flaunt em!

One of the best ways to source vintage pieces is to go treasure hunting at local car boot sales, flea markets, boutique fairs and on eBay! But if you haven't got the time to trail markets for vintage pieces then consider opting for vintage-style pieces. You can easily source vintage-style pieces from homeware stores like Rockett St George. What's more, unless you or your house guests are antique dealers, no one will know the difference!

vintage accessories styled in the home

Alexandra & Nicolas Vall and Tina B's respective homes as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.


An eclectic art display encouraging you to break the rules with your homewares

Image: The home of Lucy St George as featured in Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Debi Treloar.

Ultimately mastering the art of display in your home is all down to being fearless with your choices. Yes, we all like to share images of our homes on Instagram but at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is YOURS. So own it, baby! If someone doesn't like the way you style your home... so what?! They don't have to live in your home... you do! 

Rules are there to be broken. So leave no surface unturned and don't be afraid to be daring and bold... show off in style darlings!

Curate the home of your dreams at Rockett St George.

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How To Declutter Your Home After Christmas

Top 5 Eco Decluttering Tips for After Christmas

In the 12 days after Christmas, our homes can be virtually unrecognisable. The mayhem of Christmas has well and truly taken its toll, and by this point, we've completely given up tidying. But as your house guests begin to disappear back to their normal lives - This is the perfect time to declutter your home.  So, we wanted to share our festive top tips for how to declutter your home after Christmas, but with a twist... An Eco-friendly twist. We are always looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly in the home, and by weaving these good habits into your post-Christmas clean up, you'll be reducing your impact on the planet too.

Tip 1 - What To Do With Your Christmas Tree

What to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas

When the time comes to pack away the fairy lights, tinsel, and baubles - don't forget to dispose of your real Christmas tree responsibly. Your local authority will have a special drop-off point or collection service for real Christmas trees in your area. Check their website using your postcode for full details. Once the tree is gone and the pine needles hoovered your home will feel fabulously clutter-free.

Tip 2 - What To Do With Old Christmas Cards

recycling ideas for old Christmas Cards

It's surprising how cluttered your home can get with Christmas cards lining every surface. But it feels like such a shame to get rid of those really beautiful or cute Christmas cards. But don't worry, there are tonnes of creative things you can do with them. For any that do not have glitter or non-recyclable materials on them - simply pop them in your recycling. But for any extra special or non-recyclable cards - why not keep your favourites and upcycle them for next year? Our favourite ideas include; Turning them into gift labels or tree decorations for next year; Creating paper Christmas bunting or paper chains; Keeping the cover to make your own for next year. All of these tips will help reduce the need to purchase more next year.

Tip 3 - What To Do With Leftover Food

What to do with left over food from Christmas

We can all be guilty of buying too much food at Christmas. And then there are the endless boxes of chocolates and tins of biscuits that are given to you by friends and family. Just remember, you don't have to eat it all...! If you have leftover food after Christmas then why not declutter your home by donating or dropping it off at your local food bank. Your donation could mean the world to a family in need.

Tip 4 - It Is Okay To Re-Gift

Can you re gift unwanted presents

Re-gifting your unwanted Christmas presents is nothing to be embarrassed about. It simply makes sense. Whether you keep them in a safe place to dig out for upcoming occasions or know a person who would love it - regifting means those items are not going to waste. And unless you have a very honest friendship - don't forget who bought it for you in the first place so that you don't accidentally regift it to them!

Tip 5 - What To Do With Old Christmas Wrapping Paper

how to recycle Christmas wrapping paper

Once the gifts have been torn open there is always a mountain of leftover wrapping paper to wrestle with. Recycle what you can, but for any that cannot be recycled, we suggest saving it to wrap your delicate Christmas decorations in. It will protect them and keep them safe when you're packing them away for next year.

Bonus tip: if you have the space for a sideboard we recommend investing in this key piece of storage furniture for 2020. Not only do they look great - they offer you abundant storage to keep clutter out of sight and also double as a display surface for a collection of your new favourite things!

Do you have any eco or decluttering tips? We'd love to hear from you! Use the comments box below to tell us your top eco/decluttering tips!

7 Steps To Prepare Your Guest Room For Christmas

Prepare your guest room at Christmas in 7 easy steps.

Through many years of hosting at Christmas, we think we have nailed how to prepare a guest room for the festive season. So with this knowledge in mind, we want to share with you our top guest bedroom tips. Along with this, you will find some of our co-founders own guest bedroom tips for Christmas as featured in The Metro. Keep reading to discover how our easy ideas will help you make the most of your spare room or even your own bedroom.

An Instant Spare-Room-Revamp

lifestyle image of floral headboard on dark green background

Product Featured: Oriental Black Floral Headboard £475.00

If you change or update one thing in your bedroom or guest room, let it be a new headboard. A work of art in itself, this lovely floral hand-painted headboard will create a show-stopping focal point in the bedroom. It will also never fail to make your guests smile and they will adore sleeping in it. If you're also planning a slightly bigger revamp, why not incorporate some of the beautiful colours from this piece into the rest of the room with cushions, throws, bedding, or even paint on the walls.

Create a Glowing Atmosphere

ornamental and unique table light for the bedroom

Products Featured: LED Cubic Frame Battery Operated Table Lamp £35.00

We couldn't talk about how to prepare a guest room without mentioning lighting. Let's face it - we all look better in low-level lighting! The best mood enhancer going, soft glowing light should be your best friend when it comes to bedroom decor. We always talk about the importance of lighting and recommend fitting dimmer switches on all central lights. But we also love the magic that fairy lights and vintage style bulbs can add to a room. Ornamental or sculptural table lamps look really cool on a bedside table. Play around with different shapes, sizes and scales for a designer look - the quirkier the better!

"Fairy lights are also a failsafe way of achieving a more luxe feel by shining a sparkly glow around the room." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Add Luxurious Layers

linen bedding with soft throws and velvet cushions on the bed

Products Featured: Lisbon Soft Linen Duvet Cover - Slate Grey from £135.00, Various Cushions from £55.00, Cotton Pom Pom Blanket 200x300cm - Black With Gold Stripe £145.00

A super-affordable way of upgrading your bedroom or spare room is to add cushions and throws. We love to layer different fabrics, such as velvet, linen and woven cotton for a super-luxe and textured look. Perfect for colder months, pile up blankets and throws for a cosy and welcoming display that your guests will want to dive straight into!

"I always add extra cosy throws and cushions to make the bedroom feel warm and snuggly." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Ban Boring Furniture

wall mounted bedside table saves space in the bedroom

Products Featured: Mango Wood Wall-Hung Bedside Shelf £135.00

Some furniture is essential in the home and aside from the bed, bedside tables are a must. Great for small spaces, a wall-mounted bedside table will give the illusion of more space. But if you're after something a little more unusual go for something with character, such as the Oriental Gloss Black Bedside Table (also available in White). Whichever style you choose, try to buy a bedside table with a drawer or shelf storage as it's always handy, even if your guest is staying just one night.

Keep it Soft Underfoot

soft moroccan berber rug in the bedroom

Products Featured: Original Moroccan Berber Large Rug - Morocco £950.00, King Size Four Poster Iron Canopy Bed £850.00, Malmo Washed Cotton Duvet Cover - Soft White £98.00, Bureau-Style Black Mango Wood Bedside Table £230.00, Gold Dome Table Lamp £150.00, Antique Style Black Multi-Drawer Storage Cabinet £995.00.

The ultimate way to make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay is to give them a gorgeous rug to sink their toes into. A bedroom without a rug is simply not complete and will look cold and unfinished. A great interchangeable piece, you can swap your rugs from room to room throughout the year making this the perfect investment piece. We love Original Moroccan Berber Rugs for the bedroom which are beautifully neutral and luxurious.

"A rug underfoot not only adds texture and depth to the room, but it also helps the room feel like a retreat." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

Beautifully Scented Candles

life is beautiful scented candle for the bedroom

Products Featured: Rockett St George Life Is Beautiful - Amber Rocks Candle £34.00

One of our best guest bedroom tips has got to be scented candles. Not only do candles give off a sexy, warm, and flickering ambient glow; but scented candles can help set the mood in any room. We recently launched our own Rockett St George scented candle collection with new and improved paraffin-free wax ingredients. So you can scent your bedroom guilt-free with a beautiful scent that will last for hours.

"Smells are really important in the home, especially at Christmas because smell connects us to our memories and emotions. I like to put a Christmas scented candle and some matches in my guest bedroom as it gives off a gorgeous scent, even if left unlit. My favourite is our Bliss & Mischief scented candle which has a sensational mix of pomegranate, pepper & spices on a bed of spicy woods. When I stayed in Marrakesh recently, the housekeeper used a room spray before we arrived which was so beautiful - I'd like to try this with a warming wintery scent this year." - Jane Rockett (The Metro).

A Treat to Make Them Feel Special

an eye mask makes a great guest bedroom gift at christmas

Products Featured: Mademoiselle Butterfly Eye Mask £10.00


Make your guest feel special by leaving a special token gift in their room. It will be a lovely surprise and if you opt for something like our fabulous eye masks which will also ensure they have a good night sleep too. As they're not at home surrounded by their own comforts, something like this will be really appreciated - especially if you don't have blackout curtains or blinds.

"As a special treat, hang a mini Christmas stocking at the end of the bed and fill with something naughty like chocolate or even some fluffy socks. It always goes down well and makes your guest feel really special." - Jane Rockett (The Metro)

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Cute Christmas Stockings Ideas

Some of the best stocking fillers in our minds are the cool and cute accessories that make you smile. While stockings may bring back memories of childhood, you’re never told old for a fabulous Christmas stocking! Another reason we love stockings is because of how unique and personal they are – no two are ever the same! With that in mind, keep reading for our edit of cute Christmas stockings ideas for your loved ones.

The beauty of this timeless tradition is that you can be much more playful with your choice of presents. Maybe it’s the gift wrap or process of choosing every present, but there is truly something special about a stocking! There’s no deny that cute Christmas stocking ideas come in many incredible shapes and forms. So, here’s an edit of our favourites that will wow your loved ones with the wonder of the festive season….

Cute Christmas Stocking Fillers For Animal Lovers

An easy winner when it comes to all things cute, animal-inspired presents are a must-have!

While an actual pet is often out the question, these gorgeous gifts are just as cute and much less maintenance. Maybe you’re after the perfect present for the cat lover in your life or a tropical design inspired by travel? Either way we’ve got you covered! Because nothing says cute quite like a Sausage Dog Silver Storage box, get ready to say aww…

Products featured: Hand Painted UK Made Owl String & Scissor Holder: £30.00, Set of 6 Glass Animal Magnets: £12.00, Serene Leopard Candle Holder: £24.00, Black Cat Candle Holder: £18.00, Customisable Pussy Cat Pet Treat Container: £10.00, Dachshund Sausage Dog Silver Trinket Box: £30.00


Tea Time Gifts

Finally, an excuse to drink more tea! An essential for all of us at Rockett St George HQ, tea time is the best time.

Another of our super cute Christmas stockings ideas, tea helps start the day and deserves to be sipped in style. As a result, a cute mug of teacup and saucer makes the perfect gift idea for almost anyone! For the ultimate English experience, pair your tea time present with luxury tea leaves from Fortnum & Mason.


Products featured: Champagne Teacup & Saucer: £25.00, Old Bag Tea Bag Saucer: £12.00, Gin Teacup & Saucer: £25.00, Gold Rim Shell Teacup & Saucer: £12.00, Absolutely Flawless Mug: £12.00, Stripy Teacup & Saucer Black/White: £17.95


Cute Christmas Stocking Fillers For The Home

Often, it’s the little things that make the most impact in your home. Therefore, when choosing your gifts this year, don’t forget the small and seriously cute home accessories that make a statement.

While we all love something sparkly, presents for the home can be used every day of the year. From candles to cute everyday objects and special occasion table settings, here’s a few homeware heroes for your Christmas stocking…

Products featured: Set of 4 Scented Drawer Liners: £10.00, Sleeping Beauty Flower Pot: from £12.00, Antique Style Hand Place Name Card Holder: £8.00, Hand Painted UK Made White Dove Symbol Of Peace Candle Holder: £28.00, Cuddly Bear Silver Egg Cup: £29.00, Lazy Rabbit Cupcake Plate: £12.00 


Treasured Memories

Finally, there’s no better present than one that captures treasured memories for you to come back to. Maybe we’re feeling a little sentimental, but it is Christmas after all!

So, for the last of our Cute Christmas Stockings Ideas we recommend focusing on personal gifts and mementos. Whether that’s a trinket tray for treasured jewellery, or a frame for favourite photos, we guarantee they’ll love these gifts! Another top tip from us, for beautiful personalised picture books and stationery sets, head to Papier.

Products featured: Hand Marble Trinket Pot: £35.00, Beautiful Brass Dragonfly Trinket Tray: £24.00, Leopard Picture Frame: £20.00, Gold Leopard Photo Frame: £18.00, Palm Tree Trinket Dish: £10.00, White Ceramic Heart In Your Hands Ring Dish: £18.00


Furthermore, don’t forget to explore our fabulous Christmas Stocking Fillers For Him, Her and create the best games night ever with our Christmas Stocking Filler Games.