At RSG, we think a day dedicated to showing your loved one how much you love them is something to be celebrated. So to get you into the mood we’ve come up with a selection of gift ideas that are romantic, surprising and a little bit naughty...

1. Let Your Love Glow


Flirt your way to a good valentines day with the seductive red neon heart light. A brilliantly unusual valentines gift that will surprise and delight your loved one! Display your neon light as a feature point and add an ooze of red to your interiors which will certainly lighten up your valentines evening...

2. Breakfast in Bed

valentines-gifts_gold-tea-eggGold Egg Tea Infuser £9.50

Treat your valentine to breakfast in bed on the most romantic day of the year. Tea is a British favourite and your partner will be thrilled by this kind gesture on Valentine's Day Morning!

3. ...Served in Style

Stripy Teacup and Saucer - Black White / Pink/White £17.95 ( Available to purchase at the RSG Pop-up shop at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge on the Fourth Floor).
You can’t make great tea without a decent teacup to go with it! Sold in its own little gift box the black stripe and pink stripe teacup and saucer is an understated and yet thoughtful way of celebrating your love.

4. Bring the City of Love to Them


Opt for a gift that is completely different, stylish and ideal for an interiors god or goddess! Paris is the city of love so what better way to romance your date then by bringing Paris into your home?!

5. A Big Softy

Sweep your valentine off their feet with the glorious Love Cushions. Available in a passionate red, devoting blue and a lustful mustard the three cushions add a fun ‘pop’ of colour into your home.

6. Love Me Forever Or Never...

valentines-gift_-love-me-forever-or-never-plateLove Me Forever or Never Plate £54.00

Display your love on the wall for all to see! Hanging plates look really fantastic as a standalone feature or as part of a picture wall. Love Me Forever or Never is a bold statement and declaration of love that will make your valentine swoon.

7. Fashion Fix

valentines-gifts_-bella-freud-cushionBella Freud Merino Wool Cushion - Close to my Heart £160.00

British fashion designer Bella Freud has crafted an iconic black cushion that is the perfect dark and sultry valentines delight! Wrap in black tissue with a ribbon and watch your dates face light up with adoration when they unwrap this beautiful cushion.

8. Heart to Heart

valentines-gift_-anatomical-heart-vaseAnatomical Heart Vase £67.50

An inspiring love token inscribed with the words ‘Till Death Us Do Part’, this hand glazed vase is a romantic surprise that firmly declares your devotion. The vase doubles up as a sharing cocktail jug, so mix up some sex on the beach and let the fun begin!

9. Be my Mr Valentine

valentines-gift_-mr-valentine-art-printMr Valentine - Art Print £40.00

Nothing says it better than art! Whoever your Mr.Valentine may be, treat them to a gallery-quality art print that is the perfect gift for a gentleman or art-lover.

10. A Little Slap and Tickle...

valentines-gift_sensoryHandheld Feather Duster £21.00 Black & Gold Boudoir Eye Mask £10.00

We've done the thinking for you here and come up with a creative treat for your loved one. Try a naughty sensory experience that is guaranteed to be an exciting Valentines Evening that you won’t forget! Need we say more?!
For more delightful gifts head over to the RSG Valentine’s Gift Section.


The London Design Festival is always a great way to treat your creative senses, and this year we were lucky enough to get involved and showcase some of our latest designs.

[wpvideo iH6dDzpx]


The installations, designs and room sets at LDF are so inspiring for your own home decor, but translating the ideas isn't always easy. So, taking inspiration from just three of the events that we visited during the festival, we have put together our top tips on implementing a botanical vibe into your interiors - something that is bang on trend and in demand right now.

1.First up - Plants! Our Tropical Paradise at the Hoxton Shoreditch

Planting can be a laborious thought for some, and if you're not particularly green fingered, we share your pain! We've invested in a variety of incredibly realistic plants such as ferns, aloe plants and lyca palms that require zero care. You can go totally mad and refuse to use anything but faux - but we like to mix in some easier to care for plants that add freshness to a room. Our fakes are almost as good as the real thing, but if you'd like to dip your toe into the world of gardening then Palms or Yucca plants are fairly hardy and easier to look after. Just water every few days and they should stay luscious and green!

To transform the courtyard space at The Hoxton we started with lots of planting - from huge towering palms to smaller and more delicate plants to create depth and texture. The space is a fresh, calm and relaxing space where visitors can stop by, grab a coffee and soak up the warm atmosphere.

Asif Khan's collaboration with MINI saw the artist create three 'Forests' that lay between work and home to help people relax, create and connect. Each space was constructed with corrugated plastic sheeting and layered with lots of living plants which immediately softens the hard exterior and 'grey-ness' of outside. It creates an escape and sanctuary for city goers, which is exactly what your home should be for you at the end of a long day.

2. Next, sort the lighting...


Lighting is always the most important aspect of creating or enhancing the atmosphere in a room. We always include Lighting in our top tips, but it's often left until last for many. We decided to use our beautiful Palm Tree Floor Lamps to light the space in the courtyard, fitted with LED vintage style giant bulbs to give a warm glow throughout the day and into the night. The monkeys and neon lighting provides a bit of fun and give off a softer light that immediately makes you feel at ease and creates a talking point.

Asif Khan used LED lights in the walls of his installations which almost twinkle and glow at night and add to the magical feel of his space.



We popped along to see our friends at Bert & May during the festival who have beautiful sets within their studio space. They show how even a few simple changes can bring together the most instagram-able interior possible! They have hung their falling plants from the ceiling and mixed in vintage-style flex lighting with exposed bulbs, which instantly and easily creates a botanical-inspired space.



3. New vs. Revamp


You don't always need to throw everything out and start from scratch to achieve the look you want. Try painting up a cabinet or stripping it back to wood which contrasts nicely with planting and soaks in the warm lighting to create ambience. If you do need to inject something a little more special into the space, choose something that is an investment. We used our beautiful Torres Cowhide Chairs at The Hoxton because they are natural they change as they age and become even more full of character. Each chair is totally unique and no one in the world will have exactly the same look, so it's something special to keep for years and even pass down in the future.

Visit our Tropical Paradise at The Hoxton Shoreditch until Saturday 24th September (81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU). If you'd like to share your botanical home with us simply tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@rockettstgeorge / #rockettstgeorge). If you have any decorating dilemmas, reach out to us on social media or by email and we'll try and create blog posts to solve your problems (email: sophie@rockettstgeorge.co.uk).


There's no feeling quite like uncovering a beautiful, one of a kind item in a sea of clutter and junk at a car boot sale. We could spend hours sifting through trinkets and trunks. Flea markets and car boots make brilliant days out for those lazy, good-weather Sundays, and makes a great change from trawling high street shops for the same old stuff. Vintage items have such character and bring stories into your interior that make for a more memorable home.

Rockett St George was born from a love of exploring flea market stalls and the eclectic jumble found in boot sales. Co-Founders Jane and Lucy have discovered amazing treasures that inspired them to provide similarly unique and quirky home accessories for other people. Unusual finds such as a velvety, broody-toned portrait found in a Berlin Flea Market by Jane or a Chanel Mirror at an antique fair by Lucy will inject personality into your decor. This feeling of bringing excitement and curiosity into a home is what Rockett St George are all about.


Sometimes it's easy to get lost among all the fabrics and furniture, so we've pulled together a guide for mastering the bend-over boutique!


Get there first! Whether it's the first day or just arriving early, it's important to beat the buzz for the best selection. You can stop by at the end of the last day to get the biggest discounts too!

2. £££

Make sure you've got cash to hand. There's nothing worse than having to put a gorgeous item back on the shelf because you've only got the plastic!


If it's furniture you're after, do the sensible thing and bring a tape measure! Once you purchase something - it’s yours - so you want to make sure you can squeeze it through the front door! That cabinet probably won't fit into your handbag, so unless you've come prepared with a van, it's worth finding out whether the seller offers pick-up or delivery options.


It's okay to get technical when negotiating on price. Ebay and Google will work in your favor! We've always got our phones close by and they are extremely handy for google-ing how much an item is really worth.


It's quite simple, all you have to really do is enjoy yourself! There's probably a lot to see, so if possible try and determine the layout before you go so you don't miss out anything special. Look high and low - you never know what gem might be hiding in that box over there...



Co-Founder Lucy St George has put together her favourite locations for seeking out old items and making them good as new…

1. Pure White Lines

Pure White Lines is where Lucy found the gorgeous Industrial Railway Mirror which originates from an old Prague railway. The business has already established reputation for specialising in dramatic one off pieces and has a stock turnover so fast that no two visits will ever look the same! If distressed painted furniture is your thing you'll love what they have to offer...


45 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX

2. Ardingly Antique Fair

This is where Lucy came across that stunning Chanel Mirror! Ardingly have 1,700 stalls housing thousands of goods from fine antique furniture to delicate ceramics. It has a reputation as one of the best UK antique fairs where you can find European decorative items.

South of England Showground, Ardingly, Nr Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 6TL

3. Newark Antique Fair

The Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair is world renowned. The ultimate place for treasure hunting, it is the largest event of its kind in Europe – a world-wide phenomenon! You will find things from chandeliers and rugs, to memorabilia and paintings, not to mention the finest of antique furniture.

Newark & Nottinghamshire Showground, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY

4. Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market is widely renowned for its cutting-edge fashion, but you’re sure to find an amazing range of vintage homewares too. Contemporary or classic, you’ll be spoilt for choice… Sunday's are best for Vintage homeware finds.

Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW

For incredible Car Boot finds, visit the Carboot Calendar and Carboot Junction for up-to-date listings around the UK. Bank Holidays are always brilliant for Bend-Over Boutiques, so we're very excited that one's coming up... Happy weekend and happy shopping!



This year we've decided it's about time to turn away from the florists and champagne* and get creative with our Valentines Day.

*Okay, we're obviously keeping the champagne...



Book a course at Go Ape. Yes, we mean it. If your partner still wants to go for a candlelit dinner with you after they've witnessed you clinging hysterically from a rope at a great height - they're a keeper! Use your V day treat as a chance to get a little adventurous and unleash your inner Tarzan!

Prices from £33



What could be more romantic than a beautifully written love song? Learn how to write an original song in an hour with cheeky, charming cabaret performer, ukulele player and singer-songwriter Tricity Vogue. All you need is yourself, an instrument (your voice, a ukulele, the spoons) and your smart phone. This is a seriously unique event that we're certain will make some memories (and some laughs...)

We've also spotted their Ukulele For Beginners class - put down those flowers and serenade each other like never before! You'll have a no.1 hit before you know it.

Song classes from £14, Ukulele classes from £18 via The Indytute



Why watch a movie in the cinema when you can play detective yourself? Really get to know each other this year at The Escape Game in Brighton. You and your valentine will be trapped inside a room and have 60 minutes to escape using problem solving and good old fashioned intuition. There are two mad missions to pick from: we think this would be a perfect double date experience, as well as a fun thing to do before a night out. We dare you...

Prices from £45




Nothing says sexy like the twists and turns of sultry tango dancer. Now it's your turn. Take a look at London's Best Tango Classes and get ready for an energetic evening with your valentine! Tango is an intimate and exciting way to get to know someone, and an even better way to enjoy the company of someone you know well. If you're both rubbish, at least you can laugh about it afterwards over a meal...



Instead of sitting down for dessert at your favourite restaurant, why not try something a little more unusual? We've discovered a huge range of amazing offers on cookery classes to tantalize the taste buds and ensure you have a creative date ahead of you. We love the idea of sharing a new experience, and it's a total bonus that delicious food is involved. What could be more romantic than a little Artisan Sausage making?! We've got our eye on this Dim Sum class - yum.

Prices vary - via Edible Experiences



We always love the idea of bringing the outside in, so a carpet picnic is ideal for these colder months. You can get truly creative with your valentine. Blankets, cushions, candles, plants, wine, food, fairy lights... you can design the perfect little hideaway in the comfort of your own home. And you won't even have to move when you stick on a movie. We recommend stocking up on some great bar accessories to make homemade cocktails for a perfectly unconventional and memorable night in.