There is always a pressure to have new Christmas baubles for the tree every year.

But, have you considered alternative ways of using your decorations?!

A decoration is not just for Christmas, and with a little inspiration, you can use them before, during and after the festive period. Consider how you buy them and what other uses you can find for them around the home. We have created 3 top tips for making your decorations last forever!


Don't feel as though you have to jump on the throw-away bandwagon and buy everything you need in one go. Buy the decorations that you LOVE!

Sometimes it's better to buy a small selection of amazing decorations each year that you absolutely love. Better than buying a huge amount of cheap and cheerful decorations that lack personality.  Nobody is ever wowed by those ones!

So, if you're putting up your first tree this year or simply want to start a collection of decorations that you will keep forever, don't forget the power of fairy lights! Our co-founder, Lucy St George, swears by them and adds 3-4 sets to her tree each year to make it truly sparkle! That way you can build up a collection of amazing decorations over time without having a sparse or sad looking tree.

Bejazzled Leaf Beetle Hanging Decoration / Selection of Light Chains / Gold Glitter Prosecco Bottle


Make your decorations work a little harder!

Some decorations are so incredibly beautiful that they really don't (and shouldn't) need to be packed away for 11 months of the year. In fact, this was the inspiration behind our latest collection of decorations. We wanted to source beautiful items that could easily be displayed all year round and add some quirky fun to your home.

If you are a lover of the Gold Converse Style Baubles then these would look great hung on your shoe cupboard doorknob and on your teen's bedroom door. The Queen Bee decoration is another favourite and could be hung absolutely anywhere; adding personality to otherwise ordinary spaces. Another decoration that works all year round are our paper hanging stars - perfect for kids bedrooms!

Gold Converse Style Sneakers / Glitter Star Decorations / Queen Bee


Receiving a fabulous bauble for Christmas is actually a wonderful gift that is so often overlooked, but the best part is that it cements memories together.

A lovely idea is to set the dining table with a quirky bauble on each place setting. This not only creates a decorative addition to the table but also doubles up as a gift to your guest.

Hand-choose individual decorations to make it truly personal and add a thoughtful element to your Christmas table that everyone will absolutely LOVE and remember forever.

Newspaper Covered Octopus / Set of 8 Miniature Crackers / Royal Tiger

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board: Magical Christmas Decorations

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