Christmas Decoration Ideas - Our Top Suggestions For Your Christmas

With so many Christmas decor ideas out there, it can be difficult to choose your favourite decorations AND create a stylish and coherent look at the same time. So each year we aim to inspire you with only the best Christmas decoration ideas and group them into themes to help you choose. This always results in the ultimate Christmas display and will have your friends and family swooning over your tree. Because Christmas is the most magical time and decorating is one of the most exciting parts, we always love to find the most unique and quirky ideas to make you smile. So read on to discover our Christmas decoration suggestions and get inspired for the festive season.



Fashion-inspired Christmas decorations are great fun and will make your tree take on a whole personality of its own. We love our Anna Wintour Inspired Decoration in this year's collection. She adds class and sophistication and looks great teamed with the best selling Leopard Print Bauble, Fashion Heels decoration and glittering Martini Glass. Not just for Christmas, we love to hear that each year many of our customers use their decorations to adorn door handles and cupboard doors. What a fantastic way to make use of these cool Christmas decorations!

Top Tip: For this look, try to stick to the theme and include any items that relate to fashion. We've included a Lipstick, Oh La La, and Red & Gold Lips decorations to add to the look.



We love a pop of bright colour these days! And there is nothing more fun than adding it to your Christmas tree for a unique look. Totally on-trend right now, we found ourselves inspired by the fabulous Sarah Akwisombe and her vaporwave-style. We love the idea of adding a brightly coloured Rainbow Baubles Garland in Small and Large. Playing with scale in this way will add a new dimension to make it a truly colour-popping display.

Top Tip: This is a super-stylish display so try to stick to the colours of the rainbow and mix with Gold, Black & White to give it depth.



A totally chilled and peaceful vibe, we love these boho-inspired Christmas decoration ideas. Super calming and best suited to those who prefer a more muted colour palette, we're sure you will love our Pretty Boho decorations. Perfect to display all year round, the decorations in this idea would look super cute hung on door handles or cupboard doors. The string of bells particularly versatile and can be used in a beautiful garland as well as used as an alternative to ribbon for wrapping up Christmas presents. One of our most loved tree decorations is the fabulous Friday Kahlo inspired Bauble which will add a creative element to your tree.

Top Tip: Use subtle hints of gold and silver to bring more neutral and natural colours to life for this idea.



Well, what can we even say about these awesome Christmas decorations? They certainly speak for themselves and will definitely give your tree attitude! Our co-founder, Lucy St George, will definitely have some of these on her tree this year. As a lover of everything Black, Gold and Glamorous - we cannot wait to see these feature in your home. The great thing about this theme is that you can really go to town and be as naughty as you like... It's Rock and Roll, baby!

Top Tip: Use a sexy colour palette of Red, Gold & Black to give this look edge. Throw in a few of our really special keepsake decorations such as the Ziggy and Freddie Mercury Inspired Bauble for added cool.




The richest of all our decoration ideas - these beautiful jewels will be the crowning glory of your festive decor. A fabulous mix of glimmering rhinestones and bright gold will add character and charm to your decorations. They are also something a bit different and will blend with your existing decorations beautifully. There's no need to pack these away after Christmas is over. Super on-trend, snakes teamed with dazzling ladybirds, grasshoppers and beetle decorations will look great in a cabinet of curiosities. Why not add them to your Christmas table display? Add to a garland to run down the centre of the table - everyone will love this quirky touch.

Top Tip: Style your more extravagant key-piece decorations together in clusters of 3 around the tree. Mix with an abundance of plain baubles in your chosen colour palette for a luxury look.


So there you have it - our complete guide to The Best Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2019. If you liked our blog do let us know by commenting in the box below.

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