Modern, gothic, naive impressionist style, Seed Of Memory Art is iconic in its own right.

Painted by the incredibly talented and creative, Rebecca Sophie Leigh (aka @seedofmemoryart ), Rebecca first got in touch with us on the recommendation of fashion and homeware designer Matthew Williamson (check out his 10 Mins With interview to discover more about him), after displaying her art prints at a private viewing in Primrose Hill hosted by Sadie Frost.

Her incredible portraits with whimsical detailing, subtle colours and intricate brush strokes caught co-founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George's eye immediately and so we were over the moon to start selling Rebecca Sophie Leigh's artwork at Rockett St George a few years ago (discover Rebecca Sophie Leigh's incredible artwork here).

Unframed Angel Art Print £250.00, Unframed Eden Art Print  £250, Unframed Ella Art Print £250.00, Unframed Grace Art Print £250.00


So, we recently caught up with the fabulous Rebecca Sophie Leigh to talk about her work, her home and her favourite Rockett St George products. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. You are a natural born creative. When did you first discover your love of art and design?

When I first stepped inside an art supply shop in Notting Hill three years ago to shelter from the rain, I began to explore the shop's range of paints and brushes and decided to buy a starter kit and give it a go!  It was love at first brush stroke!  I come from a very creative family too.

2. There is an interesting story behind how you started selling your gothic impressionist style portraits. Tell us about it?

I sold my first portrait from a shop window on Kings Road, Chelsea to Royalty.  That’s where it all began and then the wonderful Sadie Frost offered to host my first Exhibition in Primrose Hill which was a huge success.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from the ’20s and '30s era, old movies and of course the incredible artists Matisse / Kees van Dongen and Modigliani – whom I had never heard of until my work was compared

to their style.

4. What is a typical working day like for you?

A typical working day for me is a juggling act between single motherhood and being an artist!  I start my day with school runs and I’m also very busy rushing back and forth to the printers/framers/ art supply shops and spend my life in the post office, shipping artwork, meeting clients to then rush home in time to prepare dinner for two hungry boys and help with homework.

5. Tell us a little about your home. What was it like when you first moved in? And, how have you transformed it?

I live in an Edwardian home. It was falling apart when I bought it nine years ago. It is full of imperfections and soul which I love, original oak floorboards and many a flea market find, open fireplaces and mainly chalky white walls with tones of green and blues added to doors and stair railings. It certainly has a heartbeat which is so important for creating a home that you love.

6. Which room in your home do you and your family spend the most time in? How have you worked with your interiors to suit this need?

The room where we spend most of the time has got to be the Kitchen. I began painting on the kitchen table which I’m now outgrowing fast. I can often be found feeding the boys and painting at the same table – multi-tasking at my best!

7. Which item in your home has a sentimental value to you and why?

The most sentimental item in my home has to be my first piece of artwork given to me by Ian Drury before he passed away. He was a wonderful artist.

8. What should no home be without?

No home should be without a wonderful painting.

9. What’s next for Rebecca Sophie Leigh?

I have a couple of shows in the pipeline in both Jersey and London and I am looking forward to seeing my work in a feature film coming out later this year!

10. Finally, name three Rockett St George products that you love?

Ochre Gold Velvet Chesterfield Sofa | Anna Haymans Deco fabulous Green talon lamp shade | Pearl Lowe Wisteria Midnight mint wallpaper


Quick Fire Questions

I’m happiest when … I hear my children laughing and painting of course.

My favourite magazine is... VOGUE ITALIA.

My dream holiday would be... visiting NYC at Christmas with my children as I’ve never been.

My ideal day would be... spent with all the people I’ve loved and lost.

My personal motto... Follow your heart.

My guilty pleasure...  chocolate, lots of it!

The last film I saw was... Rockett Man.

My favourite book...  A road less travelled which I really feel everyone should read.

In five years time, I want to be... even more content than I am now.

Three things I can’t live without... My family, good health and painting.



  1. Lisa de Bidaph
    Lisa de Bidaph
    I just love Rebecca’s portraits so much. Each character is so individual and soulful. I am lucky enough to own 3 pieces (and have my eye on a couple more at least!).

    Such an inspiring and insightful interview.

    Well done Rebecca keep doing what you’re doing :)
  2. Anna Straw
    Love Rebecca's work, what a lovely chilled out lady with a gorgeous home to match x
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