It's party season baby!

Tis the season to get your glittery glad rags on and dance the night away. So, if you're hosting a party this year then you're in the right place... we've got all the essential tips you need for your Christmas or New Years party.

This year we are channelling Ibiza to kick off the party season and in particular the amazing Pikes Hotel. Famous for its parties and the location for Whams 'Club Tropicana' this place is sending all the right vibes to get us in the mood. An Ibizan inspired party would not be complete without obligatory cocktails, and of course, to feel right at home a drinks trolley to display your spirts and glassware on.

The beauty about this is that curated Drinks Trolley Style Spots are so easy and simple to create but are incredibly impressive and impactful to look at. So we have curated our Top 3 Ibiza Party Tips below to impress your guests and generally have a good time!

Top Tip No.1. Get Yourself The Mother of All Drinks Trolleys

At Rockett St George we think that drinks trolleys are a household essential!

Not just for Christmas, Drinks Trolleys can be repurposed throughout the year. So, as the name suggests fill it will drink and cocktail essentials! Alternatively, you can use it as an additional side table or surface in your living room. Place a lamp on top and fill the shelves with ornaments and plants. If your drinks trolley is found in the kitchen then it is most likely full to the brim with your favourite tipple. So, be sure to invest in one you will love for years to come.

For a Pikes Style Christmas and New Years Party, there are a few easy things that you can do to repurpose your drinks trolley for the occasion.

  1. Move your trolley into a prime spot in your home at Christmas. Make sure it is accessible to all your guests by choosing your style spot. This may be in the kitchen, living room or dining room, but wherever you choose, create a party space for any potential guests to gather round.
  2. For New Year's Eve, having a drinks trolley means you have the perfect place to congregate when the bells chime for the New Year.  if you usually hang out in the Kitchen on New Years then why not move your trolley into the kitchen? You can then be ready to be on hand to serve up your best boozy cocktails.

Ultimately, however having a drinks trolley at your party means that guests, family and friends can help themselves to drinks leaving you more time to P.A.R.T.Y!

Top Tip No.2. Stock Up On Boozy Barware Essentials

Pikes Parties are known for being boozy and so its absolutely essential to stock up on plenty of barware, cocktail mixers, glasses and booze.

We love to create a make-shift bar on our drinks trolleys so here are our top ideas:

  1. Starting with the essentials, get your hands on an ice bucket, some pinchers to pick the ice up with and lots of your favourite spirits. We have some lovely barware at Rockett St George including a Lavish Gold Ice Bucket, Elegant Vintage Style Clear Glass Decanter or our Skull Decanter & Two Salt Shots (a great gift idea too). All of these pieces will add elegance and style to your drinks trolley.
  2. Glassware! Now if you don't want to risk your favourite glasses being smashed on the night of your party then consider a plastic champagne flute. Don't worry, we're not recommending a disposable plastic flute! We have some beautiful Golden Plastic Champagne Glasses that you can reuse for years to come. Plus, they won't smash if your guests drop them. Now that's what we would call a win-win.
  3. However, if you simply cannot drink from anything other than the finest glassware then we have some lovely glasses too! Our Swirl Wine Glass - AmberSwirl Wine Glass - Nude or the Handmade Clear Conical Stem Wine Glass are all beautiful glasses that will make your drinks look fab.
  4. Booze baby! Obviously, you can't forget the booze. Stockpile your favourite spirits and fizz and don't forget some non-alcoholic beverages for the non-drinkers. Sipsmiths does some lovely non-alcoholic liqueurs that taste just like the real deal.


3. Embellish and Accessorise to the Max

Now for the fun part!

So, your drinks trolley is looking fab filled with booze and sparkling barware, now its time to accessorise. The magical finishing touch that will make your drinks trolley stand out at your party, follow our quick and easy steps to embellish your party style spot.

  1. Starting with the backdrop hang tassel garlands, glitter star garlands, hanging honeycomb balls or hanging star decorations above the trolley. Its very easy to do and will catch your guest's eyes as soon as they walk into the room.
  2. Then, using your favourite foliage or faux ivy (we prefer faux purely because of how easy it is to use) wrap it around the trolley sides for a festive spruce up!
  3. Next, get your hands on some light chains. We have a Gold Metal Leaf Garland Light Chain or Clematis Metal Garland Light Chain that would look just lovely intertwined with the greenery on your drinks trolley.
  4. Follow the call of the disco ball! In pure Pikes style, you've got to have a disco ball. Style disco balls next to your drinks trolley display for the ultimate party feel. We have a number of disco ball themed accessories that would work perfectly for this including our Golden Disco Ball Decoration, Mirror Ball Disco Wreath,  Disco Ball Cocktail Sharer  and the Mirror Disco Ball Fever.
  5. Be quirky! Pikes Hotel is Queen of Quirkiness! So don't be afraid to be a little imaginative with your Drinks Trolley Display! From a quirky Rock Gold Hand Ornament, Blue Party Sheep and a Lady Wall Hanging - the more imaginative you can be the better.
  6. Finally, confetti and glitter! Finish your Drinks trolley style spot off with a sprinkling of festive confetti and glitter. We have some Happy New Year Confetti that would be perfect for this.

And there you have it! A fabulously festive Pikes Party in 3 easy steps!

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