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We never miss a chance to chat with the effortlessly cool radio DJ Jo Whiley (you can read our 10 Mins With interview with Jo here) so when she agreed to pick her fave Christmas tree decorations and gifts from our 2018 collection we were thrilled!  A national treasure, Jo tells us why she'll be shopping these items this year and who they are for...


1.Merry Xmas Bitches Christmas Jumper Hanging Decoration £14.00

"I’m going to buy a few of these for my Bridget Jones friends. I love both the colour and the sentiment..."

2.Silver Trailer Caravan Hanging Decoration (£12.00)

"This is for my husband. We call him Disco Steve because he always brings the party to wherever he is and he’s an old hippy at heart. He’s always yearned for an airstream so this will do until I can buy him the real thing."

3. Gold Wishbone Hanging Decoration (£10.00)

"I just think this is deeply stylish."

4.Newspaper Covered Octopus Hanging Decoration (£15.00)

"India, my eldest daughter is a food stylist and seafood fanatic. This is super cool and has her written all over it."

5.Set Of 4 Assorted Colour Chill Pill Hanging Decorations £14.00

"These look completely brilliant and would look ace dangling from a twig in a glass vase in an alcove or by the fireplace. Cass, my 17-year-old is all about style and design - his bedroom is a design shrine so these will be my gift to him."

6. Ziggy Hanging Decoration £14.00

"My son Jude is so utterly obsessed with Bowie and all he represented as an artist that I simply can’t NOT get him this. He will absolutely keep this forever. It’ll be very precious to him. He’s soppy like me - my Xmas twin. We argue fiercely every year about where the tree should go and where the baubles should hang. There have been tears on occasion."

7.Retro Boombox Hanging Decoration (£14.00)

"Oh yes... Umm... I always buy myself one too. I’m a DJ and a radio geek. This is mine, all mine!"

8.The Frida Kahlo Inspired Hanging Decoration (£14.00)

"I squealed when I saw this! My 9-year-old daughter Coco is obsessed with Frida and is a budding artist. I always buy my kids a bauble every year - it’s a soppy and sentimental [but very lovely] family tradition. She’ll LOVE it!"



1.Do The Hustle Glamorous Beaded Cushion £95.00

"God, I love disco. Always have, always will. I also know a few disco queens and they’ll be getting these for Xmas. Excellent interiors pressie."

2. Set Of 20 Little Feminist Magnets (£20.00) - Expected back into stock by the end of November

"The rebel girl’s books have been. A huge education for a whole generation of young girls like my daughter Coco and I love the idea of these peppering my fridge reminding us all of the brilliant endeavours of women past and present."

3. Twist & Shout: The Game With A Twist (£14.00) OR the Music Genius Playing Cards(£8.99)

"They look like they could be fun! We’re a proper party and gaming family and I’m always on the lookout for new games to play. This looks right up our street and will be perfect for our Xmas Eve party night."

4. Rockett St George Leopard Love Velvet Cushion £50.00

"I mean. What’s not to covet? There’s always been a bit of Bet Lynch within me and there’s definitely a space on my pink velvet sofa for this bit of luxe."

5. Pikes At Rockett St George - Club Tropicana Wham Shorts Cocktail Sharer £25.00

"I have several friends who will be getting this for Xmas. I stayed at Pikes once and the presence of gorgeous George and Andrew was tangible. This is utterly brilliant."

"The other item that I’d recommend is the Rainbow Baubles & Tinsel Garland (£22.00) - I bought a couple last year until you sold out and they are absolutely fantastic for bringing glitz and glamour to a space. I really really love them and would recommend them as an essential piece of Festive decor!"


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