The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide which is as unique as you are!

That's right the festive season is upon us and so it's time to think about the presents that you will be gifting! At Rockett St George we love to break the mould with one-of-a-kind gifts that will spread smiles. From fabulous stocking fillers such as naughty tea towels and card games to special gifts for your loved ones such as a beautiful wall art or a quirky ornament, we have the best gifts for Christmas at Rockett St George that will help you make your Christmas Extraordinary.

The Top 9 Gifts For Handsome Heros

This year give your favourite man in your life something better than socks and explore our Gifts For Men Guide! From quirky and hilarious display pieces, books, giant mugs and candles click below to shop!


1. Shaken: Drinking With James Bond & Ian Fleming £15.00

2. Beard Grooming Kit £27.00

3. Giant Traditional Style Mug - Hero £22.00

4. Whip Me Out Tea Towel £9.95

5.  Pikes At Rockett St George - Club Tropicana Wham Shorts Cocktail Sharer £25.00

6. Abseiling Man £24.00

7. Decorative Gold Lion Padlock £45.00

8. Do The Hustle Glamorous Beaded Cushion £95.00

9. Mr Wonderful Sandalwood Candle £25.00

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Men.

The Top 9 Gifts For Stylish Women

Spoil the lovely lady in your life with beautiful treasures that she will love. From trinket pots, beautiful wall art, quirky coasters and so much more, click below to shop.


1. Useless Magic: Lyrics And Poetry By Florence Welch £20.00

2. Butterfly Lady Fine China Plate £39.00

3. Fun Money Coin Purse £16.00

4. Distressed Bronze Angel Wings Wall Art £95.00

5. Rockett St George Scented Candles - Love Is The Drug £34.00

6. Set Of 4 Beaded Coasters: Rock, Pop, Glam & Punk £18.00

7. Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Sieger Design £19.50

8. Hand Marble Trinket Pot £35.00

9. Lovely White Lady Vase £12.00

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Women

The Top 9 Gifts Teens Will LOVE!

Whether they are a teen or tween, the millennials can be a little tricky to buy for ... especially with so many new trends! This Christmas 2018 surprise them with one-of-a-kind gifts that break free from trends! From fabulously beaded cushions, typography stickers, cinema message boards and so much more, click below to shop!


1. Oh La La Stars Travel Mug £25.00

2. Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous £9.95

3. Golden Eye Vanity Mirror £36.00

4. Boring Typography Stickers £5.95

5. LED Angel Wings Neon Light £60.00

6. Luxe Cinema Style Message Board - Black/Gold £45.00

7. Peace Hand Glamorous Beaded Cushion - Black £95.00

8. Spotted Leopard Coin Bank £65.00

9. Christian Lacroix Maison De Jeu Trinket Tray £38.00

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Teenagers.

Get Down With The Kids with Our Top 9 Gifts


Surprise the little ones with lovely gifts! From animal motif mirrors, plates and coin banks and so much more, click below to shop!

1.Unframed Zissou The Bear Fine Art Print £40.00

2. Woven Storage Animal - Elephant £55.50

3. Aramis The Crouching Mouseketeer Lamp - Gold £73.00 | Porthos The Sitting Mouseketeer Lamp - Gold £73.00 | Athos The Standing Mouseketeer Lamp - Gold £73.00

4. Samuel The Silver Penguin Coin Bank £29.95

5. Porcelain Wall Light - Bunny £64.00

6. Wild Ceramic Plate - Courtney Cat £12.00

7. African Style Wooden Zebra Head Wall Art £25.00

8. Bear Mirror £45.00

9. Bunny Plate £21.00

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Kids

Je T'aime... Top 9 Gifts For The Ones You Love


Give your lover a Christmas to remember! From cherub wall shelves to beautiful mugs and everything in between, click below to get inspired!

1.Bella Freud Merino Wool Je T'aime Jane Cushion £160.00

2. Thieves Like Us - New Order Art Print - Choose Framed Or Unframed £84.00

3. Heart Hands Ornament £98.00

4. Gold Eskimo Kiss Snow Globe £11.95

5. The Lovers Velvet Chair - Blush Pink £499.00

6. Unframed I Love Us Art Print £65.00

7.Giant Traditional Style Mug - Lover £22.00

8. Anatomical Heart Vase £67.50

9. Pair Of Cherub Shelves £32.00

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Lovers.

Top 9 Lip-Smacking Gifts For Foodies


Bon Appetit darling! Whether your friends and family are food lovers or masterchefs in their own right these fabulous gifts are perfect for them! From foodie books, to coffee makers and beautiful breadboards, click below to shop our lovely selection.

1.BON APPÉTIT Fine China Plate £39.00

2.London Coffee: The People, The Places, The Stories £20.00

3.Magnolia Floral Tea Towel £12.00

4.Set Of 2 Brass Peacock Spoons £18.00

5. Ink Dipped Mango Wood Chopping / Bread Board - Large £36.00

6. Dashing & Dandy Gentleman Fine China Plate £39.00

7.The Bandit Handmade Mug & Gift Box £19.00

8. Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Sieger Design £16.50

9. Coffee Drip Stand, Gold, Glass £120.00

10. And more, in Gift Ideas For Foodies.

Top 9 Most Inspiring Gifts For Creatives



For the creatives at heart, these fabulous crafty, eclectic and unique gifts will inspire and delight! With a selection of books, journals, pencil sets and cards click below to shop these beautiful gifts!

1. Colour Me Good London Adult Colouring Book £10.00

2. Sharp & Blunt Proud Pencil Set £6.00

3.Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George £19.99

4.Tattoo Tarot Cards: Ink & Intuition £14.99

5. Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up £35.00

6. Set Of 4 Vintage Letters Napkins: Love Letter From Charlotte Bronte, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde & Virginia Woolf £49.00

7. Christian Lacroix Frivolities Notecard Set £24.99

8.The Write Words Greeting Notecards & Booklet £15.99

9.Christian Lacroix Voyage Journal: Paris, Madrid, London, Arles, New York, Tokyo £39.99

10. And more in Gift Ideas For Creatives.


ROCK ON! The Top 9 Gifts For Music Lovers

Spread smiles from ear to ear with musical gifts that will rock their world! Music lovers everywhere will love these music-inspired pieces from Tea Towels to Disco Ball Cocktail Shares and Rock Hands! Click below to shop!

1.Unframed The Beatles A Hard Day's Night Record Cover Collage By Alison Stockmarr £180.00

2. Come Together - The Rock Bands Game £14.99

3. Bowie A To Z: The Life Of An Icon From Aladdin Sane To Ziggy Stardust £12.99

4. Rock Icon Tea Towel - Madonna £15.00

5. Rock Gold Hand Ornament £19.00

6.Vogue X Music £50.00

7. Pikes At Rockett St George - Blue Party Sheep £99.00

8. Pikes At Rockett St George - Disco Ball Cocktail Sharer For 6-8 People £495.00

9. Unframed A Clockwork Bowie Art Print £48.00

10.And more, in gifts for music lovers.




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