Kate Watson-Smyth is rocking it!  Working as a journalist for 25 years, Kate has written for the national press including the Independent, the Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. She launched her blog madaboutthehouse.com in 2012 and it has since won several awards, including the Vuelio No 1 UK Interiors blog in 2015/16 and 2016/17 and she is the author of not one, but two books: Shades of Grey and Mad About The House! An amazing woman, Kate has a distinctive and unique style. Her walls in her home are adorned in luscious dark shades of grey (and more recently a rich, deep plum!) and styled with carefully curated accessories, colour pops, vintage furniture and of course plenty of characterful and quirky pieces that we just love. With such an authentic and beautifully thought out home, we could all take a little inspiration from the brilliant Kate Watson-Smyth. So we've caught up with the Kate to see what Rockett St George products she would choose so that you can shop it too! Check out Kate's choices below and if you want to know more about Kate, her work, home and more then make sure you read her #10MinsWith blog.


"When you are looking to buy new things for your home it can help if you visualise a corner and try and build out from there. So perhaps you might be able to afford everything on your list or you might start with one thing and then add the next one when the next pay cheque comes in and so on."

1. The Lovers Velvet Chair - Golden Glow

"So, because I am inherently, quite lazy and a bit tired I am going to start with a chair. Well two actually. Because I love things that don’t quite match, and these chairs would be brilliant in a bedroom – in opposite corners – but would go equally well in a sitting room instead of a small sofa as that would give the flexibility to have them close together or further apart. Lovers or Lover’s Tiff as it were - in golden glow because I love that colour at the moment." 

2. Black Parrots Snake Cushion - Black & Gold

"Next up a cushion - not because this chair needs one for comfort but because it’s a good styling trick. Every room should have a drop of black and I’m a huge fan of Black Parrots so this will work perfectly." 

3. Set Of 2 Highgate Side Tables

"Going to need a table next to my chair to rest my coffee or wine depending on the time of day. This one will be perfect - I love the ultra-thin tops." 

4. Handmade Moroccan Black & White Side Plate - 18cm

"For the biscuits..."

5. Set Of 6 Tinted Rose Pink Wine Glass Goblet

"And the water/champagne..."

6. Traditional Candlestick Style Antique Bronze Floor Lamp

"Now a light to see by..."

7. Anna Hayman Designs DecoFabulous Gold & Black Bibana Lamp Shade

"With this shade"

8. Make It Your Own Table Lamp

"And because the light should always come from more than one source..."

9. Original Moroccan Berber Rug - Marrakesh - 240cm X 170cm

"This all needs to be on a rug..."



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