Valentine's day is nearly upon us and single or not, we've all got love on our mind. So whether you are celebrating Valentines, Galentines (with all your girl or guy friends) or you're a complete Anti-Valentine, we've come up with our complete Valentine's day guide for you to make the most of February 14th! To set things off we have come with a fun quiz to help you determine what your Valentine's Day personality is, along with your date, flowers, and gift ideas and more...



An eclectic mix?! You're a little bit of everything  - read on to see each type of Valentine and check out our Valentines gift guide for love tokens for every type of lover!

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Yes, a little romance is welcomed, but you prefer a refined and sophisticated day that's dedicated to passionate love rather than anything too cheesy. As an Alternative Valentine, nothing makes you happier that dates that deviate from the status quo and gifts that are a little bit different and oh so naughty! So if you are an alternative Valentine, then look no further than our Valentine's Day guide for the Alternative lover...

The Alternative Date

 Get out and about and go on a day-date walking-tour around London to fill your minds with fascinating facts about London in The History of London in 4 Drinks. Check out the alternative Cabaret show at Circus for an awe-inspiring show with dinner and welcome cocktails included, or enjoy a feast for the eyes with the incredible neon displays at Gods Own Junk Yard.

The Perfect Flora

Lisianthus (Image from Pinterest)

As an alternative valentine, your love token of choice has got to be something a little different. Flowers are no exception and you'd prefer something unique like a potted terrarium, faux plant arrangement or Lisianthus. To make it extra special, we recommend making your own terrarium as an extra special Valentine's Gift!

The Perfect Film

As an Alternative Valentine, you adore original, thought-provoking cinematic triumphs and nothing pleases you more than films that are a little bit different and imaginative. So if you're planning on an evening in this Valentine's Day then Carol, Moonrise Kingdom or 500 Days of Summer are our top picks for you!

The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for the Alternative Valentine is something unique and a little bit eclectic! The perfect gift for you would be the I Fucking Adore You Art Print which is wonderfully original making it an ideal alternative Valentine's gift. For more Alternative Valentine Gift Ideas make sure you click on the link below.

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If you are a 'no-fluff' lover or you simply hate valentines day, then you're an anti-valentine! Even if you are in a relationship, you'd rather not make a fuss about Valentine' Day. So what can an Anti-Valentine do on the most romantic day of the year?! At RSG, we say that you should celebrate it Anti-Valentine's Day style!

Anti-Valentine Dates

If you're planning on an anti-valentines date, then it's got to be original, unique,  a little bit dark and a whole lot of fun, of course! This Valentine's Day we recommend going for cocktails at Evans & Peels Detective Agency or heading underground for the Bleeding Hearts Ball and if you really hate Valentine's day, then a cosy evening in watching an anti-valentines film would be perfect for you!

Anti-Valentine Flowers

For the Anti-Valentine red roses are a cliche. Instead, you prefer black roses, a cactus plant and poison ivy (of the faux variety!!) as your Valentine's flower of choice.

Anti-Valentine Films

There's nothing that puts us off love more than these three films and so if you are really in the anti-valentine mood or fancy a film that's the complete opposite of romantic, then look no further than these dark and dramatic film choices!

The Anti-Valentines Gift

Just because you're an anti-valentine doesn't mean that you should miss out on the gifts! Oh no, there are so many dark and eclectic pieces that reject the traditional red and pink gifts that pop up around V-day, including this rather fabulous Black Parrots Velvet Black & Gold Snake Cushion.

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If you are totally lovestruck and a day dedicated solely to love is your idea of heaven then you're a total romantic! Valentines and everyday is a day to share the love and for you, it's the perfect day to hang out with your favourite person. So if you're a total romantic, then our ideas below will ensure that your day is extra special...

Date Ideas For The Total Romantic

Afternoon tea at Sketch, a romantic rooftop film at The Berkeley Rooftop Cinemas or Swing Dancing classes is the ideal romantic activity to get you lovers in the mood!

Flowers For The Total Romantic

Peonies (Image From Pinterest)

As a total romantic there's nothing that you love more than a big bouquet of peonies! Even better you can win the Romantic Juliet bouquet from the Real Flower Company, with delivery in time for Valentine's Day! Check it out here.

Films For The Total Romantic

If there's nothing that you love more than an epic love story, then The Notebook, La La Land, and Pretty Women is the perfect film choice for a total romantic!

The Totally Romantic Gift

Roses, chocolate, a romantic date - the total romantic loves it all and so the gift has got to be just as special as everything else on Valentine's day! As a total-romantic, you love heart shaped gifts and little love tokens, but the unexpected is what really makes you swoon and so the Love Heart Neon is the perfect gift for you.

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You like Valentine's Day, but what you enjoy most is making fun of it all and having a good laugh! Join the club! At RSG, Valentine's Day is just as much as it is to be celebrated as it is to be mocked. Whilst it's great to be sincere, we also think it's great to have a little fun with it ... it is a commercial holiday after all! So if you're planning a cheesy Valentine's, then check out our guide for the ultimate date night FUN!

 An uber-cheesy dinner for two?! Or a naughty night in. For the Cheesy Valentine, a date has got to be a whole lot of fun so that you can quite literally laugh your way into bed! So why not stay in a love boat for the night on the canal or check out the food-sharing menu at Oriole or even listen to a night of Lovesongs at Proud Camden. The cheesier the better! 

Flowers for the Cheesy Valentine

Red Roses (Image from Pinterest)

Nothing is quite as cheesy romantic than a bouquet of red roses! Traditional and a little bit cliche that's why you love it!

Cheesy Romantic Films

A guilty pleasure of ours has got to be those cheesy classics that are an instant feel good. The perfect pick for couples and singles alike, if you're planning Valentine's night in then one of these classics has got be your top V-day pick!

Big and bold as a cheesy valentine there is nothing that you love more than gifts that shout about your love for all to hear! Kiss Me Neons, heart-shaped plates and kiss stickers ... the cheesier the better!

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Single and happy about it?! You should be! Now's the time to shower yourself in self-love and celebrate your Valentine's Day with your friends - your real soulmates! There's no need to bury yourself in bed with a movie and chocolate (although, that can be fun too) when you can get out there and celebrate with your mates! So if you are a single-tine, we've got your Valentine's Day sorted!

Single-tine Dates

 There are so many Single-tine activities to get involved with on Valentine's Day. We recommend saying a happy goodbye to dry January and going for cocktails with your mates, hosting your very own Valentine's dinner or party at home or going to a comedy show, such as The Break-up Monologues, to laugh away any Valentine's Blues.

Single-tine Flowers...

If you're a single-tine why not treat your best mates to a beautiful bouquet or alternatively yourself to a beautiful vase full of faux flowers that will last a lifetime!

Hilarious Films for the Singletine

There's nothing like a hilarious comedy! The perfect film selection for singles and couples alike, what better way to see Valentine's Day out.

Single-tine gifts...

Just because all those in relationships are receiving gifts on V-Day doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! We think it's the perfect opportunity to 'treat yo self' to something special, nevermind getting yourself something you need go for something you want, such as statement artwork, display pieces and lighting.

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