A stack of pancakes anyone?! YES PLEASE! 

One of our favourite days of the year is nearly upon us... Shrove Tuesday! A day to indulge in carbs and not feel bad about it - what's not to love?! So whether you prefer a healthy batter, vegan batter or the good old traditional pancake mixture we've come up with our Top 10 Pancake Toppings for you to indulge in! What's more, we've included a list of our top places to eat pancakes around the country if you prefer to do the eating rather than the cooking!

Happy eating! x

Pancake Mix Two Ways

 1. Traditional Pancake Mix - Mix 100g Plain Flour, 2 x Eggs, 300ml Milk and a pinch of salt.

2. Healthy Pancake Mix - Using 200ml milk (can be dairy, almond or soya - whichever you prefer), 1x Banana (the riper the better), 1/2 tsp Baking Powder, 2 tbsp Flour (Gluten Free if preferred) and 100g Oats! (recipe via @justtheaverageman)

The Toppings

No.1. Mocha Pancakes

Guaranteed to wake you up in the morning mix instant coffee powder, melted chocolate, sugar and butter in a blender and layer each pancake with a generous serve of the mixture. The complete opposite of healthy, these Mocha Pancakes are devilishly good!

No.2. Pizza Topping Pancakes

Pizza for breakfast is a naughty and usually hungover indulgent treat. To prepare your topping spread tomato puree and then layer mozzarella slices on top. Then go CRAZY with pizza toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, capers, pineapple - the wilder the better!

No.3. A Halloumi Extravaganza

Halloumi, chorizo, garlic mayo and spinach ... need we say anymore?!

No.4. Go Savory With A Twist

Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese – unusual, but seriously good!

No.5. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes 

These pancakes are UNREAL. Mix cream, maple syrup, cinnamon and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and serve a generous dollop on your pancake stack.

No.6. You'll Either Love It Or You'll Hate It

Cheese and marmite - is there really a better pairing than that?!

No.7. Sexy Combo

Melt dark chocolate and sprinkle chilli on top for a hot and spicy effect!

No.8. One for the Vegans.

Prepare the pancakes with your favourite nut milk, banana and flour and then go crazy with maple syrup, banana and kiwi – YUMMY!

No.9. Hummous Lovers Delight

Hummous, Beetroot and Watercress = Sublime!

No.10.  Spicy Fajita Pancakes

Love a fajita?! Lightly fry onions, garlic, chillis, chickpeas, cauliflower and spinach. Once cooked place the ingredients in the centre of the pancake and then wrap as you would a normal fajita. To finish dollop natural yoghurt and coriander on top for an oh so delicious dish!

Where to find the best pancakes

@three.stack - Brighton

And if you prefer to do all the eating, rather than the cooking then check-out these restaurants that serve Pancake Stacks of your foodie dreams...

No.1. Jackson & Rye, London

No.2. Three Stack, Brighton

No.3. Moose Coffee, Liverpool

No.4. Olive & Rye, Leeds

No.5. Breakfast Club, London

No.6. Loudons, Edinburgh

No.7. The New Club, Brighton

No.8. Penelope's, Manchester

No.9. The Book Club, London

No.10. Brew & Brownie, York


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