Fred Musik is fearlessly himself. Not afraid to take risks on new creative pursuits and projects Fred's life has been wonderfully varied, interesting and quite frankly the complete opposite of boring! Living in Hove with his partner Mark and their bulldogs, the pair are both into health and fitness, interiors and creative projects. Living in a gorgeous Hove Townhouse that Fred and Mark have slowly done up themselves, we popped by to ask Fred what pieces he loves in his home for the second film in our series about inspirational people and their homes!

1. Glass Decanter Table Lamp With Natural Hessian Shade £295.00 | 2. Global Wicker Tray £42.00 | 3. Eagle Span Porcelain & Metal Ceiling Light £210.00| 4. Set of 3 Teak Paddle Breadboards £42.00 | 5. Masked 2 VII Art Print By Amber Devetta From £45.00 | 6. Mirror Disco Ball Fever £300.00 | 7. Deep Pile African Benni Rug £750.00 | 8. Faux Potted Areca Palm £260.00 | 9. Antoinette Velvet Metal Framed Chair £460.00 |  10. Scandi Runner £70.00

So without further ado, this is what Fred Loves...

Find out more about Fred in our #10MinsWith Interview and check out his and Mark's beautiful home in the Rockett St George book: Extraordinary Interiors.

Keep an eye out for the next episode!

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