4 Ideas to Make Your Home Sparkle this Christmas

Everyone looks better by fairy light...

Christmas is the glittering time of the year that we just love. With Christmas a mere 6 weeks away (can you believe it?!) it's the perfect time to start considering how you are going to decorate.

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It probably comes as no surprise to you that at RSG we love an eclectic Christmas... think a mixture of unique and quirky pieces with a lot of glitter and golden luxe pieces mixed in! So one thing that is essential to ensure is that we take the time to carefully consider our lighting choices to suit the festive spirit. At Christmas (and year-round) we think that light chains are the ultimate lighting choice. Rather than washing the room in an uninspired bright light, fairy lights create pockets of soft, subtle light that creates beautiful shadows and effects around the room. So without further ado, we have come up with our top 4 ideas to make your home sparkle this year...

Fairy lights are not just for Christmas Trees! Oh no, there is so much you can do with your light chains to transform your home into a Christmas Emporium! Co-founder, Lucy St George is the queen of dressing what she already has. Whether it be a faux zebra head draped in lights or a flamingo spruced up with a Santa hat ... at Christmas time Lucy is in her element!

What is so clever about dressing what you already have is the fact that firstly, it's inexpensive and secondly, it effortlessly achieves that Christmas maximalist look that we all love. If you hate overhead lighting that does nothing for the ambience of the room then by dressing your room with fairy lights you can create that warm Christmas glow effortlessly.

RSG Top Tip: Do the unexpected. Yes, light chains look wonderful wrapped around staircases and hanging from the walls but it's the quirky twists that look really spectacular! Dress ornaments, artwork and fill your lanterns / domes with fairy lights for a spectacularly festive look ... RSG Style! 


You can have so much fun creating feature pieces and artwork with your light chains! In keeping with the idea of decorating what you already have you can adorn your art pieces and picture frames in your home to give it a merry makeover.

Even better, if you are feeling super creative you can create your own artwork! In recent years we have seen the revival of the dodgy dinner neon becoming a household favourite and so why not play with this typography artwork and create your very own light chain art?! We've taken the Sparkle Typography sign above (top right) and wrapped our Cluster LED Light Chain around it, which if we do say so ourselves looks really rather good! You could even create words from the light chains themselves!

RSG Top Tip: When it comes to creating an eye-catching Christmas display its all about size and numbers. In interior design, things always look better in threes and if you play with heights and volume you can really create wonders.... the general rule being the more the better!


Don't let anyone dull your sparkle! F**k no, Christmas is all about letting your glitter flag fly and in our opinion its the perfect opportunity to take creative risks with your Christmas decorations ... after all, Christmas decorations are only temporary!

So why not add a little more romance to mistletoe and embellish it with glittering light?! We often speak about style spots at RSG and how styling zones in a room is a really impactful and dramatic way of creating a display. In a way, mistletoe is like style spot, demanding the attention of those who are near it, so in order to create a little drama, we recommend hanging the mistletoe up high and embellishing it with hanging light chains coming down the wall or door frame. To top it off you could even drape greenery from the ceilings to create a winter forest effect.

RSG Top Tip: Why not suspend a horizontal wreath up high to create a chandelier effect display?! Accessorise the wreath with mini-baubles and then wrap a light chain around the wreath for a glowing display. Really go to town with this to create a maximalist and attention-grabbing piece. 


Last, but certainly not least, the Christmas Table!

The Christmas Table is our favourite festive decorating challenge. With so much beautiful food on display, we simply cannot resist making food art!

We wrote a blog last year on how to create a beautiful Christmas Table and one of the key aspects of this blog was to create a focal point. A focal point is something that draws the eye and grabs your attention, its the first thing that your guests will see when they sit down at the table at your Christmas party or on Christmas day. So the key to creating a master focal point is to embellish, embellish, embellish! We love a little greenery such as faux ivy in the centre of the table, along with candles and candlesticks and to top it off wrap light chains around the ivy or snake the chain down the centre of the table for a twinkling display.

What's more, if you want to go all out then why not create a hanging display over the table?!

RSG Top Tip: For a super original and quirky decorating twist, why not wrap your fairy lights around the table legs? It's a super subtle twist that looks absolutely fabulous!

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