It comes as no surprise to us that MTV cribs and countless editorial articles on celebrity homes are so popular because really ... there is nothing better than a good snoop around Hollywood actor's home! Whilst our obsession is mainly to see how the other half lives, we also love to look at peoples houses because more often than not home interiors give you an unprecedented and intimate look into someones personality and style.

Photography Credit: Architectural Digest

The latest Hollywood home to come across our radar is the amazing Julianne Moore's New York Townhouse. Julianne Moore and her husband Bart Freundlich took on a significant challenge when they bought their home in the West Village, Manhatten. Featured in the Architectural Digest, we were absolutely in awe of the home, the decor and the amazing garden! So to take a closer look at her home, we've gone through each room with a few words, along with a bonus get the look mood board so that you can steal her style too!

Photography Credit: Architectural Digest

When Julianne Moore and her family moved into their home they were posed with the design challenge of restoring their home to its former glory. Once a five-storey home the house had been turned into apartments, but fortunately some of the original features such as the front-and-back parlour configuration, fireplaces and staircases remained intact. Julianne Moore told the Architectural Digest that “there was enough character left that we could bring the house back to its Greek Revival roots without destroying the soul and texture of the building".

Julianne Moore's Living Room - photography credit: Architectural Digest. Rockett St George pieces featured: Deep Pile African Benni Rug BEN02 from £330.00 Cruz Opal Pendant Light £140.00 Braided Wall Hanging - Natural, White & Black £25.00 Gold Spot Black Velvet Swivel Tub Armchair £495.00

One such change that Julianne made to the home during its 15-month renovation was to move the lounge/living space to the bottom floor. She has beautifully furnished the room with deep dark walls which marry beautifully with the striking white walls and traditional shutter windows. To add warmth, the room has been furnished with a cosy deep pile rugs, leather lounge chairs and a deep blue velvet sofa. We love the mixture of textiles in this image which is not only very pleasing to the eye, but it also gives the room a lived-in, cosy, family feeling. To accessorise Julianne Moore has opted for a large macrame wall hanging, a quirky foot ornament, giant feature artwork and the large overhead shade finishes off the aesthetic perfectly.


Julianne Moore's bathroom - photography credit: Architectural Digest. Rockett St George pieces featured: Eames House Bird - Charles & Ray Eames - Vitra £138.00 Black Water Hyacinth Storage Basket £120.00 Large Natural Wooden Effect Decorative Hand Ornament £39.00 Limited Edition Sea Heart Art Print £59.00

Julianne's fireplace is evidence of years of curation. The characterful pieces placed on the beautiful black marble fireplace add personality, humour and playfulness to the decor. Whilst the traditional etchings on the fireplace and giant artwork add an element of seriousness and sophistication to the living room.

Julianne Moore's Kitchen - photography credit: Architectural Digest. Rockett St George pieces featured: Tapas Bar Leather Stool - Short £85.00 Genuine Sheepskin Rug - Silky Dark Grey £59.00 Antique Brass Side Table £180.00 Cloud Play II by JR Goodwin - Etching Paper or Canvas from £930.00

Julianne moved the kitchen from the bottom floor up to the central floors to encourage the family to use the living space more. By moving the kitchen the actress has created a space with plenty of natural light, which is warm, welcoming and open ... exactly what the kitchen should be! The kitchen has a timeless, contemporary feeling to it with a touch of vintage luxe. We particularly love the giant artwork hanging above the sink, which adds a touch of drama and luxe sophistication to the room. Like the living room, the use of textiles and patterns are carefully considered adding a cosy and inviting dimension to the room.

Julianne Moore's bathroom - photography credit: Architectural Digest. Rockett St George pieces featured: Square Marble Tray 30cm x 30cm £55.00 Faux Ivy Plant In Tall White Pot £35.00 Indigo Blue Cog Vase £15.00 Eloise Poster £45.00

We love the art-deco style of Julianne's bathroom the large marble tub (that's practically the size of a jacuzzi) and marble sides and fireplace ooze class and style that is simply timeless. The actress has then added accessories, a pop of greenery and a feature art pieces that add an eclectic twist to the decor.

Photography credit: Architectural Digest

Our absolute highlight of Julianne's home, however, is her city garden. Rich in greenery the water feature and pebbles brings nature to the inner city and she has managed to create a place of respite, tranquillity and in our opinion a little bit of heaven!

In her own words, check out what Julianne Moore has to say about her home...

Read the entire article on Julianne Moore's New York Townhouse in the Architectural Digest.

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