Whether you want to create an epic uni room or if you are a parent looking to create a homework zone for the kids then you will know the importance of having a workspace that not only meets your functional needs but also gets you or them inspired, motivated and ready to work. With the kids back to school and uni starting in only a few weeks, now is the perfect time to get everything organised and set up so that you can make the most of your workspace or create a beautiful workspace for your kids. At RSG we love trailing through Pinterest and so we've created some mood boards, along with a get the look to get you inspired to create a workspace wonder...

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For kids workspaces, the object is to inspire. We all know how hard it can be to encourage your kids to do their homework and so the emphasis should be on creating a bright, inspiring environment that is calm and serene mitigating any stress. We have found that this is best achieved by hanging beautiful artwork, investing in some good desk lighting and colourful stationery is the best way to get the kids super motivated. We know there will always be the concern that these things might distract them whilst working, but we think that so long as you keep the space clutter free then this is unlikely to affect their performance.

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Teens are more self-sufficient and so can usually motivate themselves to work ('usually' being the operative word here). So the aim of the game is to create a practical workspace that is isolated from distractions so that they can really concentrate. Whilst most teens have their own unique style, we think that accessorising their workspace with things that they love, combined with the practical pieces can create a really cosy, comforting and most importantly space where teens will actually want to hang out!

If you don't have space to create a home office for teens, a desk in their bedroom works just as well and with a bit of strategic planning, you can effectively make a work space that is functional. The key is to focus on handy storage solutions, such as magazine racks and baskets. Don't forget that good lighting is key, but if your teen is not a fan of stark overhead lighting, then accent lighting or a stylish table lamp would be the perfect solution.


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If you are heading off to uni at the end of the month, then the likelihood is that they you will be moving into uni halls. Uni halls are a great part of the whole university experience, particularly when it comes to socialising - but one thing that they do lack in (apart from the cleanliness) is beautiful interiors. Usually, the layout and design of a university room is very plain, simple and functional. At RSG we love to get imaginative with decor and so a university room is the ultimate interiors challenge.

Whilst, it is likely that you won't be able to paint the walls (any renter will know the pain of having to stick to white decor) the one thing you can do is get to work with accessorising the space and most importantly the desk to bring a little home from home. So create visually pleasing displays with textures, by throwing sheepskin rugs over the back of the office chairs, use cushions for back rests and then accessorise with art pieces, faux greenery and plenty of storage pieces such as baskets and magazine racks. It's worth investing in these pieces so that you can use these pieces throughout your whole university career and beyond!

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