When creating beautiful interiors in the home, it is the personal touches that have the most transformative effect. Adding mementoes, memories, pictures and anything that has a special meaning to you is absolutely crucial for creating a home that is unique to you and your family. You can style and store these special pieces in Cabinets of Curiosities, on stylish shelving or in your coffee table style spot. One such genius idea for displaying your most treasured pieces is in our NEW Favourite Things Pendant Light. Wonderfully unique, find out why we love this pendant light ...

Favourite Things_SquareAlexandra and Nicholas Vallas' Favourite Things Pendant Light from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, £19.99. Photography: Debit Treloar.

Spoiler alert!!! ... Rockett St George has written its first interiors book!

That's right, the fabulous co-founders of Rockett St George, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, have written their first book: Extraordinary Interiors. Releasing on the 10th of October the book will explore and guide the reader through tricky interior decisions, with lots of friendly and down-to-earth interior advice on how to create extraordinary interiors that remain faithful to your unique style.

Alexandra and Nicholas Vallas' Favourite Things Pendant Light. Photography: Debit Treloar.

What we really love about the book and what Jane and Lucy enjoyed the most in the process is the amazing case studies featuring, friends, colleagues and those that really inspire with their interior triumphs. One such home that Jane and Lucy visited during the writing process was Nicholas and Alexandra Vallas' mansard style home just outside of Paris. Filled with exquisite pieces, bold colours, show-stopping design and a whole lot of personality we will keep most of the Rambouillet home's best features on the down-low until the book is released... BUT, one such thing that they just could not get enough of was the Favourite Things Pendant Light.

Walk into Alexandra and Nicholas' Dining room and hanging above the dining table was three beautiful ceiling pendant lights ... filled with wooden toys! What Jane and Lucy quickly learned was that the lights were actually sold empty and that the couple had filled the light shades with their children's wooden toys! Beautifully sentimental, this is personal and unique interiors at its very best. So, of course, Jane and Lucy had to have these lights and luckily managed to source the lights for RSG!

Everyone at RSG loves, the Favourite Things Pendants and so we thought it would be fun to go round the office and ask what they have put in their Favourite Things Pendant Light...

Meet Abbie

Abbie is our fabulous Customer Service and Trade Account Manager (busy lady). She recently moved into her first apartment and just had to bring her favourite things along with her to turn the flat into a home!

Abbie_Product Picks1Favourite Things Pendant Light - White £260.00 Potted Boston Faux Fern £38.00 | Gold Peace Hand Ornament £15.00 | Serlina Faux Fan Coral £18.00

Abbie lives by the seaside and so she has opted for faux coral in her Favourite Things Light which takes residence in her dressing room reminding her of her favourite place. Sometimes though, when Abbie is feeling a little sassy she likes to switch it up and replace the coral with her Gold Peace hands - turning it either way to suit her mood! Abbie loves the unique versatility of the lights and the fact that she can mix it up whenever she feels like it.

Meet Tyler

Tyler is our wonderful Photography & Marketing Junior who alongside Jane is responsible for all of our beautiful product and lifestyle images.

tyler_Product Picks1Favourite Things Pendant Light - Black £260.00 Antiqued Hand Jewellery Holder £16.00 | Scooter Girl Wind Up Toy £18.00 | Gold Cherry Ornament £17.00

Tyler has loved pink, even before it became a 2017 trend and so, of course, her Favourite Things Lamp is filled with gorgeous pink pieces with her Pink FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera usually taking centre stage! From time to time, Tyler does like to mix it up and her miniature bulldog ornament (pictured) frequently appears in her Favourite Things Pendant, along with other quirky pieces such as her cherry ornament and jewellery hand.

Meet George

George has worked at Rockett St George for just over a year now as part of our warehouse team. However, in the last month, George has joined our fantastic Customer Service Team!

George is a self-confessed interior obsessive and spends his weekends moving things around in his bedroom to create a spectacular result! His Favourite Things Lamp can be found in his bedroom contrasting beautifully with his charcoal grey walls. George is an avid fan of the unconventional and loves mixing up his favourite RSG pieces along with his lucky black & gold Buddha statue.

George's three top picks from RSG to fill the Favourite Things Pendant Light with...

George_Product PicksLittle Gold Pineapple Ornament £9.95 Gold Metal Leaf Garland Light Chain £42.00 Gold Monkey Candle Holder £29.00

The Favourite Things Pendant Light is available in White or Black and you can shop it in the RSG Lighting Dept!

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