When it comes to beautiful design and luxury interiors Grant Pierrus is the leading authority. Otherwise known as the Interior Style Hunter, Grant has had a rich and vibrant career starting out in marketing and then merging this talent with his passion for exquisite design and interiors.

His Blog, Interior Style Hunter, has grown exponentially since it first started just over two years ago, bringing his reader's valuable tips in the blogs 'Design Rules' and interesting interviews with leading designers. Not just constraining himself to one sector, Grant also runs a marketing agency for interiors designers and so he is at the forefront of cutting edge design, constantly discovering new and exciting designers and brands.

Grant's Interior Styling project for Christie’s Inc.

With such a portfolio of skills we just couldn't wait to find out more about the Interior Style Hunter, his career and his favourite Rockett St George pieces...

Daily Interior Inspiration from the Interior Style Hunters Instagram. Image from @opinterior

No.1 Let’s start at the very beginning. What first sparked your passion for interior design?
In my early 20’s while doing property development in Cape Town, I realised that I could really influence mood and enhance the way that a space felt by the materials and finishes used in a space. I’ve always been attracted to design and had a very strong opinion about colour and an appreciation for spaces that have been designed with intention.

2. Your blog, Interior Style Hunter, is an award winning interior design blog that has a very impressive readership. When did you first start the blog and what was the inspiration to create it?
The blog started just over two years ago, it was a way for me to explore this industry and find a place for myself in the sector. When I started out, I really wasn’t sure what that was going to be, but letting it evolve and exploring different options has naturally built an influential position in the sector.
It was really hard starting out, I didn’t know anyone in this sector and I didn’t feel that writing was my strong point, but when you’re passionate and determined anything is possible.

Interior designer, Charlotte Crosland's Home in the Interior Style Hunter Interviews

3. How has your blog evolved since you first started it?
Absolutely, I’ve realised that Interior Style Hunter has grown to be way more than a blog, it’s become a platform for the interior design sector. The current set up and design of the blog isn’t able to serve its new audience, so we are currently in the process of redesigning the website to really push the boat out and create this new platform. As well as editorial, I also run a marketing agency for interior designers and we get a regular stream of readers asking us to introduce them to the right designer for their project, so our new platform is going to be adding all these elements to the Interior Style Hunter brand.

Daily Interior Inspiration from the Interior Style Hunters Instagram. Interiors designed by French designer @tristanauer as seen in @archdigest

4. You focus on luxury interior design and brands in your blog. We have found that the word ‘luxury’ can have a plethora of meanings and interpretations. What does luxury mean to you?
Everything in London seems to be luxury nowadays. I personally don’t like the word luxury as people who really do appreciate and live with the best quality never use the word, but you sometimes need this word to get your message across.
For me, the word Luxury means that you have an appreciation for an experience or the way something is made. It’s the story behind a product or service that truly makes something special. If you resonate with that, then that defines luxury for you.

5. We love your ‘design rules ‘on your blog. What three top tips would you give to someone who is looking to inject a little luxury into their home without breaking the bank?
Head straight to the markets and trawl online sites, the best designer vintage and second-hand furniture are often cheaper than buying new pieces from the high street. Do your research and go look for it.

Interior Inspiration from the Interior Style Hunters popular feature - Design Rules

6. Tell us a little about your home. What is it like? How have you worked the décor to suit your unique style?
I’m very private about my own space as so much of my life is broadcast online. I like simple and neutral colours with a lot of texture. But the feature in my home is always the art. I love bold, strong art that has an opinion.

7. Talk us through one of your most recent projects. What did you do and what was the inspiration behind the project?
We often get asked to do room sets for design shows and we are currently planning one for the House & Garden Fair in late June. We are going to be layering navy blues, a lot of textures and shapes, it’s very experimental, but it’s going to look amazing.

Daily Interior Inspiration from the Interior Style Hunters Instagram. This image was styled by NC Interiors (for Greenhouse Interiors) and photographed by Annette O’Brien via @adoremagazine

8. If money were no object what piece of furniture, artwork or luxury item have you always wanted?
A private yacht filled with expressionist art and custom made furniture.

9. What’s next for Grant Pierrus?
I’m always learning, and I’m really pleased to announce that I’m going to be guest lecturing at KLC School of Design, it’s as much a learning process for me as it will be the students I guest lecture.
I’m also planning to expand my business quite radically in the next year… watch this space.

10. Finally, name two new RSG products that you love?
I love desk lamps and this one is very cute and very chic and the Gatsby Marble Drinks Trolley - everybody should have bought a drinks trolley by now, they are such versatile pieces to have in the house.

Little Brass & Ivory Desk Lamp and Gatsby Marble & Brass Effect Drinks Trolley

Quick Fire Questions

  1. I am happiest when... I’m exploring a new place or in a spa with my closest friends.
  2. My favourite magazine is... Elle Décor or CN Traveller.
  3. My dream holiday would be... a week in a seaside villa on a Greek island with all my family and friends.
  4. My ideal day would be spent... exploring an art gallery
  5. My personal motto is... give as much value as you possibly can.
  6. My guilty pleasure is... Bond Street.
  7. The last film I saw was... Lion while on a flight to NYC.
  8. My favourite book is... always the newest book. I have so many books I couldn’t possibly choose. I’m a chronic reader.
  9. In five years’ time... I want to be a better version of who I am today.
  10. The three things I can’t live without... my mobile phone, a really great bag and my passport.


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