As die hard fans of the 'dark side' it might come as little surprise to you that we have a secret obsession ... an obsession with pink! Be it all out pink or accents of pink throughout the home, we are loving this soft and delicate pallet. So to celebrate our new favourite hue we have created a mood board, pinterest page, shopping page and included our top 10 tips to add pink to your home interiors ... after all pink does make the boys wink! 

pink tub

No.1 Paint the town ... pink! There is nothing that we love more than when someone is fearless with their interiors. If you really love the colour pink (regardless of the trend) and it creates the mood in your home that you want then there really is no reason not to go all out and paint the walls pink! With so many hues and shades out there, you will be able to easily source the shade of pink that best suits you.

No.2 Say it with neon! We are crazy for neon at RSG and in our opinion neon lighting is the ideal way to add a little unexpected party glamour to your home decor. Opt for a pink neon and light up your space in a beautiful pink hue!

Pink Luxe


No. 3 Keep it cosy. Jane and Lucy recently sourced linen bedding for RSG and we all instantly fell in love! Linen bedding is now our bedroom essential and whats more if you get it in pink it just looks F.A.B! However, linen or no linen ... pink bedding adds instant impact to the room and it's the perfect non-permanent solution to adding pink into the home.

No.4 Get glam. Metallics, golds and copper look unreal when paired with pink, plus it adds a little sophisticated glamour to your interiors. Even better, some copper pieces emit a pink glow ... we think of it as the 'grown up way' of styling pink.

No.5 Pink and Black - the perfect pairing! If you love dark colour such as black and greys then you'll love the drama created when you pair pink and black. A dark or monochrome scheme avoids creating a decor that is too girly. So use a black backdrop and style it up with pink accessories or visa versa... either way, your interiors will look simply stunning.

Pink Accents

No.6 Wallpaper it up. Not for the faint-hearted, if you love bold pattern and blushing pinks then wallpapering your walls in a pink hue if for you! With so much wallpaper out there there is so much to get really creative and create show-stopping interiors.

No.7 Statement pink pieces. Create an absolute WOW factor in your home decor by opting for a pink furniture. A pink cocktail chair or sofa would look stunning and it's a brilliant way of being a little fearless in your home decor. Psst ... check out our recent style spot blog for top tips!

No. 8 A dreamy pink bathtub. This is an oh la la piece that will inject a little FUN into your home interiors! So if you're thinking of updating your bathroom, then we think a pink bathtub with gold or copper taps would be a fantastic colour combo and will inject a little luxury into the room. You could even go all out and use pink metro tiles for a soft, delicate and relaxing decor.

No.9 Go nude. If pink is a little too 'out there' for you then why not opt for a nude pallet?! Be it nude statement pieces, nude coloured walls or nude soft furnishings - nude is a lot easier to incorporate into your home decor, without having to upheave the rest of your interiors to incorporate the colour.

No.10 Have Some Fun! Like with all obsessions you just have to have a little fun, get creative and inspired and see what you can create. If you're feeling a little nervous about incorporating pink into the home then we highly recommend sourcing your inspiration from Pinterest. There are lots of ideas out there to get you inspired. So go on .... be brave and embrace a little pink!

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Shop the Pink Trend here and get inspired by checking out our Pink Makes The Boys Wink Pinterest Page


  • […] The beauty of using pink in the home is that the warming undertones of the soft colour are the perfect pairing with just about any interior style. Looking fabulous with blacks, metallics, minimalist styles and maximalist styles, pink is a modern-day neutral! To use pink in the home you can go all out and make a statement with loud and bright pinks which are perfect for creating impact and energy for creative spaces such as workshops or kitchens. For a more refined aesthetic, think nude and pale pinks such as our Bohemia or Broderie Wall Paints, both of which have warming undertones that can make you feel nurtured and safe in your home. For more tips, check out our blog - RSGSTYLE: PINK MAKES THE BOYS WINK. […]

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