At RSG every product tells a story and the designer Ritzenhoff Glassware Collection is no exception. Ritzenhoff, a German family-run business, is celebrating its 25th year in artisan glass making and as soon as Jane and Lucy (co-founders of Rockett St George) heard that Ritzenhoff were releasing a selection of Collectable Drinking Vessels to mark their 25th year, they had to have them. So, we have cherry-picked a selection of our favourite Milk, Gin and Champagne glasses to add to our collections.

As lovers of great story telling, here is a little more about the Ritzenhoff Collection and why Jane and Lucy decided to bring them to RSG …


After 25 years, the Milk Glass is back and ready to launch the Ritzenhoff 25 Year Collection. Available in six different designs, the simple but brilliant principle for the Milk Glass is to use the opaque white of the milk to create a blank canvas for the individual artists and designers to express their ideas. Designs are exclusively featured in Black, making this glass the perfect monochrome style statement!

Retailing at £16.50 each, the Milk glasses are available by Hugo Guinness, Mark Andrew Webber, Peter Pichler, Sieger Design, Studio Job and Tina Berning. Meet some of the designers below:

Shop the collection: Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Peter Pichler £16.50 Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Tina Berning £16.50 Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Sieger Design £16.50 Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Hugo Guinness £16.50 Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Mark Andrew Webber £16.50 Ritzenhoff Milk Glass - Studio Job £16.50


Jane and Lucy selected five designs of the Ritzenhoff Gin Glasses to feature at Rockett St George. Whilst each glass is uniquely designed by the individual artists, what ties the collection together is the slick mirrored chrome of the Gin Glasses which highlights the designs ranging from geometric to playful, whilst the black and yellow colour scheme create a direct association with Gin's constant companion, tonic water.

Retailing at £22.50 each, the designers selected for Rockett St George are Claus Dorsch, Studio Job, Pauline Deltour, Studiopeople and Piero Lissoni. Meet some of the designers below:

Ritzenhoff Blog_ Designer Profile_Studio Job

Shop the Collection: Ritzenhoff Gin & Tonic Glass - Claus Dorsch £22.50 Ritzenhoff Gin & Tonic Glass - Pauline Deltour £22.50 Ritzenhoff Gin & Tonic Glass - Piero Lissoni £22.50 Ritzenhoff Gin & Tonic Glass - Studio Job £22.50 Ritzenhoff Gin & Tonic Glass - Studiopepe £22.50


Stylish, extravagant and classical - The Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute is available at RSG in five beautifully unique designs. Each flute features a hexagonal base which is inspired by elegant cut-crystal glasses. In pure black, ornate gold and platinum, each design is a perfect stylistic match for the sparkling beverage.

Retailing at £19.50 each, the Champagne Glasses are available by Sieger Design, Neri & Hu, Marlies Plank, Nerodiseppia and Patricia Urquiola. Meet some of the designers below:

Shop the Collection: Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Sieger Design £19.50 Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Marlies Plank £19.50 Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Neri & Hu £19.50 Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Patricia Urquiola £19.50 Ritzenhoff Champagne Flute - Nerodiseppia £19.50

Here's to a damn fine drink!

To shop our entire collection, head to Rockett St George

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