Anna Hayman is a true creative through and through. Her passion for high-end craftsmanship evolved from her families heritage in woodturning that Anna has combined with her love of 'thirties meets sixties' pattern.
DecoFabulous Gold & Black Bibana Pendant Shade from £295.00
When Jane and Lucy ( co-founders of Rockett St George) first met Anna and saw her showstopping patterns and designs they immediately knew that Anna's designs would be an instant hit with Rockett St George customers! So RSG and Anna Hayman Designs put their heads together and have come up with some sultry and decadent lampshades and wallpaper patterns of Anna's most popular designs that you can now shop on the RSG website.

To celebrate this unique collaboration, Anna has taken 10 minutes out to talk to us all about her business, home and favourite RSG products...


 1. Let’s start at the very beginning tell us about yourself and your business?
I am an unstoppably creative person who has built a business around my passions and lifestyle. I design prints primarily for the home, and also enjoy styling, interior design and photography. I launched ANNA HAYMAN DESIGNS last year and have been having a wonderful time exploring different products.
DecoFabulous Green & Orange Palm Print Pendant Shade from £295.00
2. What do you enjoy the most about your work and why?
To be able to explore flights of fancy really, for instance finding a piece of inspiration, then manifesting that into a print with my own handwriting in my own style, is unspeakably satisfying. I am sure I will go on doing it forever.
3. Your gorgeous lampshades have recently launched on our website. Tell us, what was the inspiration behind the designs?
I wanted to create some products to really show off my prints, and bring a feeling of decadence. I’ve always loved a bit of mood lighting, and the Biba era, but wanted to add a bit of a deco edge as well, hence the shape of the frames and the tassel details.
DecoFabulous Green Talon Lamp Shade and DecoFabulous Orange Talon Lamp Shade both from £295.00
4. Describe your personal style? How have you incorporated this into your home?
I am currently redecorating every room of our 1920’s home which we bought last Summer. Each room features and is based around a different print. The style is a mix of deco and sixties/seventies and I’m really pleased with how it is shaping up. I’m getting finished for Artwave (a local open houses event) in August so have a tight deadline, which is good or it would go on forever!
5. What piece of art, artefact or furniture in your home has a special significance to you and where did you get it?
A special piece is a knole sofa covered in a patterned cut velvet I found on eBay. We must have looked at 2000 sofas, and both knew instantly this was the one. I shared it on Instagram and an IG friend who strangely enough has the same sofa believes it to actually be a Biba fabric, which would make sense. It has the most beautiful vintage colours.
6. Tell us what should every home have?
This is the first home we’ve had with a working fireplace and it makes a huge difference in the winter, I don't know if I could not have one now, it’s so cosy and centering.
7. Have you recently redecorated or do you have any plans to redecorate your home in the future? If so, what did you do / what are your plans?
We are slowly removing woodchip from every room, and discovering old plaster which is a gorgeous colour, so have gone for washes of colour over it instead of flat paint which gives a lot more depth and variation of tone. We have also just discovered a hearth with pretty navy tiles under a carpet so are keen to rejuvenate that.
8. Where do you get your interiors inspiration from?
It sounds obvious but Instagram and Pinterest are daily ports of call for me, so looking around there as well as old art books constantly informs me what to do next and helps me build colour stories, as well as of course the house itself and what it dictates, which is hard to avoid in a period property.
9. What is next for Anna Hayman Designs?
I am being asked more and more lately to design bespoke prints for particular projects, which is interesting, so I will carry on with those, and extend my lighting and wallpaper ranges. I also have a clothing project on the boil for next year which I’m keen to get moving on, as wearing and seeing people wear my prints would be a real dream come true.
Gold & Black Bibana Wallpaper £95.00
10. Finally, name 3 RSG products that you love!
I’m crushing on some metallic pieces currently, I’ve spied a gold oval platter with grey which I want as a pot stand, and I love the charcoal wire pendant lamp. And the large wicker chair. I could go on…!
Margot Charcoal Wire Ceiling Light £99.00 Classic Rattan Peacock Chair £765.00 Glossy Noir Platter With Gold Rim £31.00
Quick Fire Questions
1. I am happiest when… I’m drawing with my two lovely boys.
2. My favourite magazine is… Cabana
3. My dream holiday would be… Pangkor Laut
4. My ideal day would be spent…. Making art and enjoying family time
5. My personal motto is… Nothing really matters
6. My guilty pleasure is… Clubbercise
7. The last film I saw was… La la land
8. My favourite book is… Orlando - Virginia Woolf
9. In five years’ time, I want to be… Working in my new garden studio
10. The three things I can’t live without are… My linocutting tools, my Art books, my piano.
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