What we love about Scandinavian style at Rockett St George is that it's a laid-back, uniquely versatile style that can be incorporated into a variety of decors without detracting from the features and pieces that you love. So to help you incorporate the very best of Scandi Living into your home we have put together a number of scandi mood boards and our Top 10 Tips to incorporate scandi style into the home...

Photography Credit: The Minimalist Port

Top Tip No.1 - Go natural. Scandi style is all about laid-back, simple living and so if you want to incorporate Scandinavian living into the home then it's important to keep this thought at the forefront of your mind. Whether you want to go all-out with scandi style or just inject accents of scandi into the home, we would recommend opting for natural materials such as wooden surfaces, leather armchairs, sheepskin rugs and striking monochrome decors.

Top Tip No.2 - Scandi style is often, but not always, accompanied by a minimalist look and if minimalism is your thing we really recommend investing in some showstopping artwork that you adore as this will give your home it's own unique stamp that is personal to you and your family. If you are a renter and cannot attach fixings to the wall then why not prop artwork and stunning mirrors against the wall for a showstopping effect?!

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Top Tip No.3 -  For those who want to go all out think minimalism with a distinct twist. Opt for clean lines and uncluttered spaces that are given warmth and personality by dressing the room with textures such as deep pile rugs and cosy sheepskins.

Top Tip No.4 - Contemporary furniture gives the scandi style its unique stamp. If understated sophistication is how you would describe your personal style then opt for wood and leather mid-century furniture that you can dress with geometric cushions to create a laid back, serene vibe.

Top Tip No.5 - Colour. If you're not restricted to white walls then you don't have to stick to a monochrome colour scheme in order to achieve the scandi look. In fact, you can really work with colour and still achieve the scandi look! The trick is to let the walls do the talking and keep your accessories and furniture to a minimum and voila ... scandi style achieved!

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Top Tip No.6 - Go Geometric! Geometric wallpaper, decor, furniture and soft furnishings are all contemporary, attention grabbing designs that will spice up a minimalist decor.

Top Tip No.7 - Fill your home with a mixture of faux greenery and living plants to inject a fresh and modern look into your interiors. What's so lovely about Scandi style is the combination of modern and natural. So fill your home with house plants potted in a chic, geometric vases ... a cheap and simple way of incorporating the look into your home.

Top Tip No.8 - Warming metallic hues such as coppers, golds and nickles can do wonders to a rented home that is painted all white. Mix metallic accessories with monochrome furniture and rugs and watch as your home transforms into a relaxing space that you will want to spend time in.


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Top Tip No.9 - Pimp it up! If maximalism is more your thing, then combine your interiors with the scandi look for an eclectic, showstopping look! Mix your faux skulls and sheepskins with deep pile rugs and create a cowboy look ... a spectacular scandi twist!

Top Tip No.10 - Last, but not least .... Lighting! Typically Scandinavian countries get around 6 hours of daylight in the winter months so it's obvious why it is so integral to Scandinavian interior design. If your room is north facing or you are not lucky enough to have large bay windows then consider large pendant ceiling lights which spills light into your living space. Just remember to install a dimmer switch!

For more Scandi Decor Inspiration check out our Pinterest Page: Scandi Style



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