We were so inspired by Jane's recent travels to Morocco that we just had to create a mood board! Moroccan interiors are distinctive for their bold colours, unique patterns and a variety of textures making it the perfect aesthetic for creating a laid-back, relaxing atmosphere in the home. But what we love most about Moroccan interiors is it's eclectic and authentic nature - no home ever looks the same. So to celebrate this beautiful style we have put together three mood boards and our ten top tips to create the Moroccan look in your home...

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Top Tip No.1 - It's important to remember that you don't have to create an entire space solely dedicated to Moroccan theme. Instead, pick the unique treasures and incorporate them into your decor. Moroccan inspired pieces are often so versatile that they really can suit a variety of decors.

Top Tip No.2 - Layer it up with plush cushions, throws and rugs. The more layers the better and if you really want to jazz it up opt for playful beaded cushions like our Benni Cushion!

Top Tip No.3 - Choose candles and lanterns over ceiling lights. Low lighting really enhances the Moroccan vibe so have fun filling lanterns with different sized and scented candles and even drape fairy lights from the walls and ceilings for a stunning effect!

Top Tip No.4 - The eye is in the detail. Patterned pottery, candle holders, bowls and other accessories are really eye catching and it's the perfect opportunity to put your own unique stamp on your Moroccan creation.

Top Tip No.5 - Don't be afraid of colour. Moroccan living is all about a rich colour palette so really work to that. The bolder the better!

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Top Tip No.6 - If you want to keep the colour scheme muted that's okay too! Play with inky blues, deep greys and blacks and then embellish with metallic accessories. In our opinion candle light always looks better against dark walls!

Top Tip No.7 - Go outdoors. Moroccan living is all about creating a beautiful courtyard space. A great summer party idea, decorate your outdoor area with rugs, cushions to sit on and lanterns of course! You could even wrap fairy lights around trees and floor plants for a magical party scene.

Top Tip No.8 - Etched tiles, geometric pattern and decorative pieces add a unique charm to a Moroccan themed aesthetic. We love a tiled wall and when styled right it can be an absolute showstopper!

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Top Tip No.9 - To really capture the distinctive traits of Moroccan decor it's important to make the whole effect look effortless (even if you spent hours creating it). Morrocan interiors is a relaxed and laid back decor so play with heights, textures and shapes and don't worry about the small imperfections - it only adds character.

Top Tip No.10 - Metallics are a must. Think old golds, brass, bronze and nickles which create an authentic and traditional Moroccan vibe. What's more, metallics suit most decor choices so whether you decide to go big with bold colour or stick to a darker, moody aesthetic the metallics will complement and enhance your decor choice.

AND.... Have fun! The beauty of Moroccan style is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment and get creative and it can be very forgiving of mistakes! So give it go and transform your interiors into an eclectic hive of creativity!


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