When our brilliant co-founder of Rockett St George,  Jane Rockett, first moved into her Sussex house she extended the back of the house to create a large dining room that extended onto her courtyard. Jane's priority was to ensure that plenty of natural light would flow into her dining area and so she installed large skylight and floor to ceiling windows.

The effect was truly magical and Jane has spent many hours sitting on her leather Maxx chair reading and staring out into her pretty courtyard. In fact, Jane would call the effect created almost meditative because it is a space where she can sit away from the distractions of the outside world and clear her head. It's also where Jane comes up with creative ideas and plans for Rockett St George, so the space really has a special significance to her.

Jane feels particularly inspired at sunrise and sunset when the beautiful sunset colours are at their most glorious!

So when AEG approached Jane to do a house tour and a collaboration on her view from her window, she jumped at the opportunity!

The generous amount of natural light in Jane's workspace always reinvigorates and inspires Jane when she is hard at work.
Jane always keeps a stack of her favourite books next to her sun spot which she can spend hours flicking through.

AEG and Rockett St George have collaborated so that you can win this limited edition print of Jane's dining room view and an AEG WX7 window cleaner to clear away all those distracting smudges and dirt!

WIN THIS PRINT: Jane's view from her window!

To compete: Take a picture of a windowless wall in your home and tell us why you’d like to give it more life. Don’t forget to tag the post on Instagram with #myviewbyAEG. Three lucky winners will be chosen on the 15th of May and will be contacted through a DM. Best of luck!

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Watch Jane's video on her view in collaboration with AEG:

[wpvideo 0roV64wr]



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