Wedding gifts top our lists as one of the best parts of wedding planning ... for obvious reasons! But what if you already have the basic household essentials, such as crockery and glassware? At Rockett St George, we have the perfect answer to this conundrum: go for something quirky! For our last blog in our #WeddingSeries we have come up with our top alternative wedding present ideas that are a little bit out there, wonderfully unique and will totally WOW...

Products Featured: Cheeky Monkey Bookends (exclusive to VIP customers until Monday April 10th 2017) £120.00 Faces Brass Side Table / Stool £195.00 Distressed Faces Dresser £425.00 Rafael Monkey Table Lamp £145.00 Metal Gold Flamingo Table Lamp £99.00 Recycled Glass Display Head £22.00 Flamingo Wall Hanging - Pink £98.00

We couldn't start our Wedding List suggestions without mentioning our most quirky and unique pieces! A total game-changer these attention grabbing goodies are the perfect (and most memorable) wedding present that you could ask for.

RSG Products Featured: Brass Trumpet Spider Pendant Lamp £550.00 Glazed Nose Vase £28.00 Geometric Daytona Cabinet £850.00 DecoFabulous Gold & Black Bibana Lamp Shade from £295.00 Green Marble Bird Feet Display Table £335.00 Natural Cowhide Rug - Biscuit Beige £265.00 Casino Two-Tier Drinks Trolley £250.00

If you already kitted your house out with kitchenware, bedding and other home essentials then the Luxe gifts are for you. Non-essential these quirky pieces will liven up your decor and inject a little charm into your home interiors.

RSG Products Featured: Glazed Peaceful Faces Flower Pot from £9.99  Cotton Tassel Cushion - Slate Grey £70.00 White Cotton Lace Tablecloth £59.00 Layered Green Leaf Bowl £42.00 Gold Measuring Spoon Set £14.00 Set Of 2 Fish Serving Platters £14.40 Parrot Salt & Pepper Shakers £16.95

Forget boring kitchenware, vases and other household essentials - at Rockett St George we think that even the most functional item can have a quirky little twist. Whether it be gold measuring spoons, face planters or parrot salt and pepper shakers there is always a way to transform normal household essentials into something spectacular!

RSG Products Featured: Harry Hippo Candlestick Holder (exclusive to VIP customers until Monday 10th April £42.00 Gold Hippo Wall Planter £37.00 Beautiful Egg Cup £12.00 Luna Rock Silk Cushion by Elli Popp £109.00 Anatomical Heart Vase £67.50 Brass Clip-On Table Light £59.00 Antique Copper Turtle Door Knocker £52.00

Cliché it may be, but sometimes good things really do come in small packages. Fill your wedding gift list with lots of small and unique pieces that you can display around the home! It's a great way to inject a little fun into the home, plus it's very accommodating to your guests who may have a smaller budget but would still like to get you a spectacular gift!

RSG Products Featured: LED Neon Light - Kiss Me £270.00 LED Neon Light - Star - White £195.00 LED Neon Light - Flamingo - Pink £195.00  Love Me Forever or Never Plate £54.00 LED Neon Light - Personalised from £225.00 Personalised Wedding Date - Mr & Mrs Milk Bottle - Bottle This Moment £30.00 Cinema Style Message Board £45.00

Personalised wedding gifts are great fun and serve as a lovely little memento that you can treasure for years and years reminding you of your big day. With so many pieces out there that can be personalised you really are spoiled for choice: make a statement with neon, display it up high with wall art or keep it cute and simple and say it on a milk bottle!

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