Industrial Style Living

A guide to Industrial style interiors for the home.

There is something seriously cool about exposed brick walls and pipes, metal and wooden surfaces and vintage furniture that makes industrial chic living so inspiring. Recently, our obsession with industrial/warehouse homes has gotten slightly out of hand, so much so that we've spent hours on Pinterest oohing, ahhing and pinning our favourite looks! So to indulge our industrial decor obsession even further we've created a series of mood boards and come up with our Top 10 Tips that will inspire you to incorporate a little warehouse living into your life...

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Whether you are a die-hard fan of industrial living or prefer to incorporate a few industrial pieces into the home, the kitchen has got to be the ultimate place for industrial living inspiration! For those who want to go to town with industrial style then opt for striped back brick walls, wooden floors and large industrial ceiling lights to create a warehouse vibe. We recommend sourcing some tin tiles and using them as a splash back for an edgy twist on industrial living!

The beauty of industrial decor is that you don't have to go all out with it. You can incorporate industrial style with ease as it really can be mixed with a variety of decor styles. If your kitchen is traditional then mixing in some industrial leather stools can really spice up your decor without detracting from your kitchens natural features.

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Incorporating industrial style into the living room is where the fun really begins! You can spend hours mixing vintage furniture with convex mirrors and quirky storage units. Really take your time on this and don't be afraid to experiment with different heights and textures - the beauty of accessorising a room is that it can be undone. We recommend rooting through car boot sales and flea markets as this is where you are bound to source the most unique items.

To add warmth to the living room layer sofas with sheepskins and dress your floors with cowhide rugs. Avoid heavy curtains and blinds and instead, let natural light pour in. Create style spots and display feature artwork to really tie the whole room together, but remember not to detract from the natural features of the room - sometimes less really is more.

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We really love the minimalist vibe that industrial style effortlessly creates in the bedroom. The bedroom is a room of relaxation and escapism and incorporating industrial furnishings and decor into the room reinforces this mood. Think iron bed frames, brick walls (brick wallpaper looks just as good) and your favourite artwork leaning against walls. Be sure not to forget greenery: we prefer faux flowers as they really brighten up the bedroom!

RSG 10 Top Tips for incorporating Industrial Style into the Home:

  1. Storage, storage and more storage. Nothing detracts from industrial style more than clutter. So get inventive: source industrial cabinets and display shelves and hide away anything that you don't want to be seen!
  2. Mix vintage with contemporary. Think reupholstered chairs with industrial lighting and repurposed coffee tables with cowhide rugs.
  3. Adorn your ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms and even headboards with tin tiles! Leave them bare or paint them to suit the look that you are trying to achieve.
  4. If you want to create a brick wall, but don't want to spend time and money stripping plaster then opt for brick wallpaper! It looks just as good - we promise!
  5. Flea markets, car boot sales and eBay are the BEST places to search for vintage / one-off pieces that give industrial style its unique character.
  6. Natural light is really important in industrial / warehouse living so steer clear of heavy curtains and blinds that will stop the sun from pouring in.
  7. Ceiling lights, floor lights, table lights .... the more unique the better! Play with different heights and sizes and even install a dimmer switch for a sultry, moody look.
  8. Feature mirrors and artwork is essential for putting your own unique stamp on industrial living. Lean artwork against walls, hang quirky mirrors up high and even create a picture wall.
  9. Don't forget colour! Industrial style is all about muted, natural tones. Think matt blacks, deep browns, soft greys and off whites. Whilst a pop of colour here and there adds character, be careful not to over do it!
  10. Remember that texture adds warmth to industrial living. So layer sofas with sheepskins, dress floors with cowhides and fill armchairs with throws and cushions.

For more Industrial Luxe Inspiration check out our Pinterest Board.

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