DIY Ideas for Alternative Wedding Flower Displays

It's crucial not to overlook the importance of flowers when planning your wedding day. Whether displayed as centrepieces, hung overhead or bunched into beautiful bouquets, flowers set the mood and so it's essential to really take the time to consider what kind of atmosphere you would like to set on your big day.

To save money why not create your own flower displays? We know it can be a little bit daunting, especially when you have so much to tick off on your to-do list, but it can really be a lot of fun and it is a great way to put your own unique stamp on your wedding decor. What's more, there really is no reason to do it alone! As the days and weeks get closer to your big day you will find that so many of your friends and family will want to chip in so it is the perfect opportunity to delegate!

To help you create truly stunning flower displays we have called upon our amazing co-founder and ex-florist, Lucy St George, to come up with four display ideas that will WOW on your big day....

1. Display it up high...

Overhead flower displays are chandeliers with a spectacular twist! Flower chandeliers are a really inspiring and versatile arrangement that can be pimped up or played down to suit your individual tastes. Hang flower chandeliers over the table, in the entrance and over the dance floor and you'll be delighted by how the arrangement uplifts the room.

If you are looking to create an ethereal/bohemian look then weave delicate blossoms between eucalyptus and greenery. Alternatively, if you're going for a more gothic look why not dot red roses into faux ivy? There really is infinite possibilities with such a display, but remember to consider weight if you are making your own overhead flower arrangements. The structure of your arrangement will need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the flowers, especially if you are dressing it up with candles. If in doubt, opt for less not more!

Lucy St George Top Tip: Haven't got time to create a flower chandelier? Then fill hanging baskets and plant pots with flowers and plants for an easier, but by no means less spectacular look! 

 2. Let the vase do the talking....

Whoever said that the flowers should take centre stage? This is a brilliant idea for those who are on a tight budget as all you need is some simple flowers and a collection of your favourite vases and voila: a beautiful display with an added side of personality!

What is even better is that you really don't need to spend a single penny on your vases. Ask friends and family to donate their favourite (and preferably most quirky) vases and create beautiful centrepieces with the mix. Not only does this cover your 'something borrowed', it's also a brilliant way to get everyone involved which will hopefully take the pressure off in the final few days leading up to your big day.

Lucy St George Top Tip: If you are feeling quirky, why not use a teapot, display stand or an extraordinary vase (like our anatomical heart vase) for your display?  It's a really fun way to bring a bit of humour to the day and it's a great talking point for your guests.

Dress it up...

Potted plants are a really interesting alternative to traditional flower arrangements. Not only do they look really beautiful they are also great for creating inexpensive style spots that you can dot around your wedding venue. To add a bit of light why not weave fairy lights onto a Bird of Paradise plant? Or wrap flower chains up the trunk of floor plants?

Lucy St George Top Tip: If your wedding reception is outside, why not dress the trees with beautiful fairy lights and lanterns? It a stunning backdrop for your wedding photographs and will keep the dance floor lit up all night long!

Centre of attention displays...

Amazing centrepieces are hard to beat and there is real scope to add some personality to the table. With so many ideas and options to chose from you can spend as much or as little money as you want and still end up with a dazzling centrepiece! For an easy and super-impactful centrepiece, what about a tall palm tree with pretty fairy lights wrapped around the trunk? It's tall enough to make sure everyone can still see each other from across the table and they create a real wow-factor when you walk into the room.

To command the attention of your guests we recommend thinking outside of the box. Instead of a vase why play with different sized vases and mix tealights with towering candlesticks. We think that unique display stands, such as our bird feet display stands, offer a striking contrast when paired with your favourite flowers.

Lucy St George Top Tip: For an interesting twist on traditional bunches of flowers why not fill vases with eucalyptus and dot flower stems in the bunch here and there? Avoid symmetry for a more attention-grabbing display.

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