Meet the amazing Lisa Potter-Dixon! As head make-up artist for Benefit Cosmetics Lisa is one of the UK's most sought after make-up artists and a brow expert! Aside from working as Benefit Cosmetics Head Make-up and Trends Artist Lisa has written a best-selling book, Easy on the Eyes, runs make-up tutorial on her YouTube Channel and works with some of the biggest names in the industry... it's not uncommon for Lisa to work 70 hour weeks!

When not at work Lisa lives at home with her husband in London and over the last four years the couple have renovated their entire house (with lots of RSG goodies) and we were lucky enough to talk to Lisa all about her renovations, career and she's even given us some make-up tips!

1. As one of the most well-known and influential make-up artists in the UK, we’d love to know how and when you first got into beauty and make-up?

I’ve been surrounded by makeup since I can remember! My mum was a model in the 80’s so there was always a blue eyeshadow or pastel pink lipstick to play with! My four younger sisters were my first models, much to their joy. My two younger brothers were not quite as happy to have blusher smeared on their faces! I continued creating looks with makeup throughout school and university, mainly as a hobby, helping out at school plays. It wasn’t until I started working for Benefit that I really saw the potential to follow my makeup dreams. The rest, as they say, is history.

2.What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your job as Head Make-Up and Trend Artist for Benefit Cosmetics?

I love my job, and I love my team, but the long hours and travelling do become a lot at certain times. Some weeks I can rack up 70 hours without even sitting down! My husband is a Saint! For me, the most enjoyable part is making women feel great. Whether she be a superstar or a stay ay home mum, the power of makeup is astounding. It can really make you feel great.

3.What has been your career highlight to date?

Ah man, this is a hard one! There’s a lot! My first lead show at London fashion week, My first book becoming a best seller, seeing my work in print never get old, and meeting Chaka khan and applying 4 pairs of false eyelashes to her eyes will always be a highlight!

4.We are obsessed with your Instagram and YouTube channel which is full of beautifying tips and tricks. What would your 3 top tips be for achieving the perfect brow?

Thanks so much! Social channels are really a labour of love, that’s for sure. I am obsessed with eyebrows, they make such a difference to your face. My top tips would be:

  • Get your brows waxed and tinted every 4 weeks (yes tinted, this will make them look thicker and fuller instantly). Get this done at a Benefit brow bar. Benefit really are the authority when it comes to eyebrows. They’ve been waxing and styling them for over 40 years!!
  • Always put less product at the front of the brow. A few hair like strokes with a brow pencil will do. Too much will make them look stuck on.
  • Use a fibre gel. These beauties are so quick to use. Go away from the hair first and then back with the hair. This will make the most of the product. Gimme brow by Benefit is my fave. It mimics the appearance of real hair, so makes your brows look thicker and fuller instantly.

5.What does 2017 have in store for you?

My second book is out on April 13th, I’m so excited. It was SO much work, but I Hope it helps more women become confident with make-up. It’s called The Make-Up Manual is a guide to all things skin, brows and makeup, for all ages, all skin types and all levels of makeup expertise. Always remember ladies, it’s just make-up, you can always take it off!

6.We couldn’t do a Q&A without asking you about your home… Tell us about it - What is it like? What is your personal style?

I love my home, I pretty much own half of Rockett st George! I wouldn’t say I have one style. I’ve designed my house so that you don’t know what to expect around the next corner! It’s bright, bold and, well I think, pretty damn beautiful. There’s always something new to see, usually animal related!

7.What is your favourite room in the house, and why?

That’s a tough one. I love them all for different reasons! I think I’d have to say my front room and dining room. We recently knocked through the two rooms and I copper leafed the arch, and the RSG Giant Gold Palm Tree Light takes centre stage!! I love these rooms because it’s where our friends come to hang out and eat. A lot of laughter happens in those rooms.

8.What was your childhood home like? Do you think you have taken elements of inspiration from your childhood home?

My Mum is creative. She always did our homes up from scratch. She loved buying floral wallpaper and cutting round the flowers and making it into a border. We have very different tastes now but I definitely have her creativity.

9.Is there anything in your home that you would like to change or renovate?

THE BATHROOM! The last room to be done! (we’ve renovated our entire house over the past four years). It’s going to happen by the end of the year. I’m going for a copper and emerald green vibe.

10.Finally, name 3 RSG products that you love!

JUST 3?! OK… My 5ft 8 gold palm tree light, my giant flamingo artwork (sadly we no longer sell this artwork but we've popped in our flamingo paper mache head that is equally cool) and Mikey the monkey the hanging light!

RSG Products: Flamingo Wall Hanging - Pink £98.00 Hanging White Monkey Wall Lamp £205.00 Palm Tree Floor Light £540.00

Quick Fire Questions

  1. I am happiest when… I’m with my husband and friends, sat by the fire sipping on prosecco.
  2. My favourite magazine is… ELLE. Always has been, always will be.
  3. My dream holiday would be… An adventure to St Lucia, swimming, horse riding and just chilling with cocktails. This is happening in October and I CAN’T WAIT! Thank you, Airmiles!!
  4. My ideal day would be spent…. Swimming in the morning (its part of my routine at the moment as I’m training to swim lake Geneva in July in a relay team)! Brunch with Theo, walking Snoopy my dog in Bushy park and then dinner and drinks with the girls.
  5. My personal motto is… Believe in yourself otherwise, no-one will
  6. My guilty pleasure is… Cheese and Rocky (III to be precise)! Oh and harry potter!
  7. The last film I saw was… Lion-what a wonderful film! It should have won at the Oscars.
  8. My favourite book is… The book thief
  9. In five years’ time, I want to be… As happy as I am now
  10. The three things I can’t live without are… (Theo and friends are obvious ones so I’ll try and think outside the box) Shoes, coffee, sequins

Check out Lisa's amazing YouTube video of her unwrapping her new Palm Tree Floor Light:

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